Vegan Food + How to Explore New York’s Best Accommodations

The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps and apparently the vegan mecca for food! New York baby! I love New York. I find it so vibrant, full of culture, things to do, vegan places to eat, and the chaos, and bright lights make it so exciting. I feel so safe in New York, it’s easy to travel around, and the list of benefits of this city seriously goes on and on.


Recently I visited New York for an event, and even though I’ve been before, I still fall more and more in love with this city every time that I visit. Their food scene is also unreal, especially for those on a vegan/plant-based diet like myself. I love cities for that, they always cater to every kind of dietary restriction possible, and they don’t just cater to it, but do it damn well.

Did you know NYC ranks in the top three for most vegan-friendly cities in the USA? 

New York is home to over 8.4 million people distributed over only 305 square miles. I’ve done a lot of traveling, especially over the last year to places like Greece, Israel, the UK, Barcelona, but even though I fall in love with everywhere I go, there’s just something special that New York brings to the table each time I visit. Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s incredibly multicultural with over 800 languages being spoken there, or the lady of the city, the Statue of Liberty standing tall almost like the cities protector. Every part of New York is fascinating and magical to me, and you truly can’t get bored here.

Where should you stay in New York City?

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On my most recent trip I stayed in a beautiful hotel called Hotel Hayden. This hotel was an adorable boutique hotel inspired by the high fashion of the Chelsea neighbourhood it sits in. What I loved about this hotel is how close it was to local landmarks like the Empire State Building and Madison Square Garden. It also had an awesome rooftop bar and restaurant, and a great bistro. I really enjoyed the vegan dolmades and the fava beans.

Try the vegan dolmades and the fava beans at the hotel restaurant! 

One thing about New York is that it comes with a price tag and you pay an arm and a leg for a room that hardly fits your suitcase. Hotel Hayden’s rooms were very spacious, they had awesome room service that even suited a vegan diet like mine, and cute bathrooms. It definitely has to be one of the cities hippest hotels.


Where should a vegan eat in NYC? 

Finding food that caters to any dietary restriction can be challenging in certain places, however, NYC is loaded with great options. Here are just some of the places I recommend:

  • abcV 
    abcV is a jack of all trades. They have furniture stores as well as a fantastic cafe serving everything from breakfast to lunch. Their menu is completely vegan, and they serve a great collection of cocktails as well.
  • jajaja Plantas Mexicana
    This place was just adorable and super Instagram-worthy. They are a Mexican joint serving tequila and Mexican beers with a side of fresh pressed juices, and vegan street food with options that satisfy both your comfort food craving and your health.
  • Lady Bird
    This super chic and trendy tapas restaurant serves a variety of vegan small plates for you to pick and choose from. I loved their variety of tapas they offered for us vegan folks. Definitely a must try!
  • By Chloe
    With a goal to eat with a purpose, By Chloe serves wholesome, plant-based foods that tastes delicious and is good for you. They use locally-sourced ingredients, all 100% homemade daily.
  • Avant Garden
    This restaurant will seriously make you swoon from the beautiful decor to the menu. Avant Garden serves vegan dishes with a fantastic list of global wines to choose from.
  • The Butchers Daughter
    This plant-based restaurant is not just a restaurant but also a cafe, juice bar and vegetable slaughterhouse. Just as a butcher would treat meat for cooking, this restaurant does it all when it comes to veggies. They chop, fillet, carve, all into beautiful vegan dishes.


A few other places I loved while visiting New York was Cha Cha Matcha for my fav green tea, and Broken Coconut for that focuses on dairy-free and vegan coconut yogurt. So good for grabbing a quick and healthy breakfast or snack.

It’s safe to say, I love New York. What are some of your recommendations for the city that never sleeps?

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New York City is one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the USA and I can't get enough of all the great restaurants I ate at on my most recent trip!


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