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5 Simple Ways to be More Active and Move More

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The sad reality of most of our lives is that we sit, all day, at our desks, working away, and essentially letting our bodies slowly melt into a puddle in our office chairs. I’m sure you’ve heard it before that working at your desk all day could be killing you, and an estimated of 75-80% of Americans suffer from lower back pain due to our sitting-saturated lives. Prolonged sitting can also be linked to higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and depression, as well as muscle and joint problems. Some studies even say that this epidemic can be more dangerous to your health than smoking.

What do we do? We can’t quit our jobs, or change our career paths just because of this. We still need to get work done! So here are some tips that can help you get out of your desk and moving, especially for all of you that work from home.

Tip 1:

If you work from home, take your calls outside or on the treadmill. You don’t need to be seated for calls and you can ask for a recap via email after your call to make sure you got all the proper information. Wearing leg weights can also be a good reminder to get up and get moving.

Tip 2:

Wake up and stretch! Stretch for around ten minutes because it’s really important to wake up your muscles, body and mind.  Use this time to meditate, light a candle, drink your tea and just plan for your day. That blood flow is so important and will really kick start your energy!

Tip 3:

Take breaks to move! Set a timer every hour and stop working and move around for at least ten minutes. Walk around your office, walk around the block, even just stand up at your desk and do some light stretches. Do something that helps your body move and takes your mind off work for a few minutes.

Tip 4:

Walk to a coffee shop to do your work versus working from home or if you are able to from your regular job, work remotely. This helps create a new environment, breaks a bad habit of not moving enough, and fresh air always helps you think better and feel better

Tip 5:

If you are working from home, don’t wear your pyjamas! This seems tempting since there is not dress code in your house, but can you believe that this no-policy thing may be screwing you over? How will you know if your work clothes are snug or your jeans don’t do up if you never wear them? Also, wearing pyjamas instead of regular clothes puts you in a way different and less productive mentality.


Do a mini work out before lunch and after your work shift. This could be anythings from high knees, butt kicks, jump squats, sumo squats, quick feet. Do three sets, 20 reps, 30 second break between each. Then move onto a core workout, some arms (push ups, tricep dips) and even more full body like mountain climbers and planks.

Now reading these tips is one thing but changing your daily habits can feel next to impossible. Take time, and have patience. Ease into it! Maybe you only start by doing this for one day and work your way up. It takes awhile to formulate regular habits.

What do you do to stay active while working from home? Share below in the comments!

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