FoodByMaria shares how to stay Motivated, and what drives her Success


5 Tips To Stay Motivated And Help You Accomplish Anything

Well hello friends, about time I write about this motivation topic is it not? I mean after all it is my most asked question “Maria, how the hell do you do it? How have you not crashed from being so tired, and involved ALL THE TIME?” Is what I am asked a lot.  I guess I just got used to it but the more I thought about it I realized I am a product of my two biggest motivators.

My parents.  

*Yep, now I am crying*.  These two goof balls came to this country with nothing, and I mean that honestly.

My. Parents. Had. Nothing.  

They left Greece knowing there was something better for them out there, and they worked night and day to build themselves a better life. Everyday my dad would say to me “Talk is cheap, and Money Buys Whiskey”.  I am not entirely sure if I have interpreted his quote properly after all of these years but what I think he means is that people are going to say they’ll do something and never do it.  So allow your actions to speak more than words. With that being said I also believe it is very important to talk about your dreams with your friends.

Overall,  If you want something you have to work hard, commit to your goals + yourself, and greatest dreams.

Before I jump into the 5 ways I stay motivate I just thought I would leave you with a few quotes, and something I disagree with.

Success is a state of mind.  If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success.

It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop. 

If you can dream it, you can do it. 

Keep your eyes on the stars and your feed on the ground.

Strive for Progress not Perfection.

Take criticism, embrace it, and learn from it.

I hate the term “prove them wrong”.  You are not proving anyone wrong.  If you work towards a goal only to prove to something that you are worthy and able then maybe you were not capable to begin with.  Do it FOR YOU, and ONLY FUCKING YOU.  The moment you start working for yourself, and allowing your inner powerful beast to drive YOU is the moment NO ONE (not even their opinions) can hold you back.

Ok, so here we go! FoodByMaria’s 5 Tips to Staying Motivated So You Can Accomplish Anything:

1. Do Not Be All Talk:

 Be someone who always tries.  Be someone who never gives up. Go to sleep knowing you gave it your all.

You are more damaging to yourself to always say “I WILL” or “I CAN’T” than you are to never give up, always fail, and learn from the fall. Success is not as simple as this bridge.  You do not just cross it and achieve happiness you have to go through hell on the trek towards it.  Life is going to throw obstacles at you, but if you continue to learn, and see the light in every dark situation then you are one step closer to achieving your goals, and greatests dreams.

2. No One is Getting Out of Here Alive.  So I Am Here to Give It My All.

Some people choose to settle, I choose to push, and to be better than the person I was yesterday.

This reminder in itself is enough to motivate me to wake up every morning, follow My Organization Ritual, and start my day off right!


What you surround yourself with has the ability to motivate you without you even realizing.


For me, music is a huge contributing factor.  I listen to music 24/7, and for some reason music keeps me going, but most importantly it makes me happy!


Cultre is also something really important to me.  As mentioned above my parents came here with nothing.  It is in The Greek Culture to work hard (not that other cultures do not do so as well) and we were sort of trained at a young age to be hard on yourselves, never give up, and believe we can do anything – at least I was anyway.


The people you surround yourself with or are exposed to everyday.  It may sound a bit weird to say but my health motivates me. The fact that I can walk, see, hear and speak.  The simple, little things that we take for granted sometimes are the my biggest motivators.  If you are healthy, you are blessed.  TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THAT BLESSING, CHASE YOUR DREAMS, AND NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF. Next time you are out for a walk take a moment to look around, and observe the people who are not as lucky as you.  Allow them to help you see how blessed you are, and look further but to notice how some of these less fortunate people are so happy to be alive.

Disclosure: People who are less fortunate do not make me happy, they help me see what I do not always see.  They allow me to remind myself that we are all blessed, and should always work on ourselves, and achieving our goals, and being happy!

Photo by Deserae Evenson

4.  Focus on Yourself  – Stay Healthy, Eat Well, and Work Out

I am happy when I am healthy.  Working out, Eating Well, and Loving myself a huge factors to my success and motivation!

I find I do not have time to be sick, so maybe that is why I am never sick.  I stay conscious of my health, I listen to my body, and I 100% always remember to fuel myself with healthy foods, and burn energy at the gym! Come on, you cannot tell me feeling fabulous does not make you want to achieve more, and never give up on yourself?

5. Have No Chill – I mean I straight up talk to myself in my car about my dreams – and Be Self-Focused


  1. Energetic

  2. Outgoing

  3. A Listener

  4. Opinionated

Of course all within reason, and always be respectful but you have to make yourself known, and noticed.  If you think a certain way, or believe in something then do not be afraid to talk about it.  This works in so many positive ways but I find it works best for people who are shy, and more timid.  It helps you work on your methods of expression, and learning that it is ok to voice an opinion, have someone disagree with it, and you still leave the situation being ok with yourself!  The more you learn to express yourself, and love your opinion the sooner you will learn that you do not need anyones validation to live, and chase your dreams.

Motivated people are afraid of no one but themselves.  So take yourself out of your comfort zone, constantly feel on edge, and drive yourself towards a new goal everyday!

I really hope all these tips help you see that anyone, and everyone are capable of success, and of being motivated beings!

Check out my Health Page to read more about how I lead my life, learn from life, and see this world!

Love From Your Greek Food Goddess! XOX


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