FoodByMaria shares beautiful Shanya's Apricot Dumplings Recipe!

Vegan Desserts

Apricot Dumplings with Shanya Raleonie

Yes, you read right.. it says Apricot Dumplings and damn baby are they ever gooooood.  Did I mention they are healthy, and plant-based? Good, now I did (glad that is over).

I take no credit for this recipe as it is from my friend Shanya’s blog ( You can find the recipe for this super simple and easy to follow recipe here!


Do not forge to watch the video she created for all of you! It is of her making the dumplings. I found it extremely helpful, and it really assumed me to watch her make them, whilst making them myself!


I hope you all enjoy this recipe by this beautiful girl as much as we did! Go show her some support <3

Love from your Greek Food Goddess XOX

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