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Hey all, it is mid week!!! You know what that means??? I am going to home to celebrate and watch an amazing woman marry her best friend.... which also means I am going to be dressing up like a lady - not in gym gear and high buns.  So although I really could give two shits about the colour of my teeth - and yes, I mean this honestly - I have managed to find a product that contains natural ingredients that help protect your teeth enamel.  So am I going to use it? Yep! And did I love it? Hell yea I did!

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Hello from myself and my back side on this beautiful Monday morning!! I am here to talk to you about something super important to me today.  Organic - ethical -, Vegan + Cruelty Free Skincare options.  I cannot help but notice the increase in Social Media exposure for shit-ass-quality products on the market today.  The worst part is, most people are buying into them! Why? Because as a society we are not educated enough about what actually happens during the process of producing our skin care products.

dropbottle "Detox Water"... the fad? the trend? the thing to do? I think no but yes all at the same time.  Drinking infused water certainly has its benefits, but do not think for a second that I am going to ignore the fact that people are doing it for the sake of saying they do it.  It is because they look pretty? Probably.  It is super hipster to walk about the city with a wicked bottle filled with colourful fruit? Fricking rights it is. So, are we all doing it for the right reasons? I surely hope so!



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Are you concerned about your skin care products? Whether or not they are ethically sourced? Good for you? Or if they test on animals?  If you are, then you are not the only one.  Over the past four years I have tried my hardest to make a huge transition from generic name brand skin care products to well sourced, and ethical companies. So far I am about 90% there, and  Whole Ingredients, for everyday self care! A beautiful product made out of Vancouver, Canada that is sure to change the way you see your beauty products and the way you take care of your body and your largest organ - your skin.

{everyday we eat to feed, or to fight disease}

Hey guys, so I have had a couple of requests from a few people asking me to talk about what I buy at the grocery store and market.  This post is going to seem long, but I swear this list is the simplest way for me to show all of you what I eat, and how I purposefully set up my grocery trips.


Over the past two years I have completely eliminated products from my hair care regime apart from three from Lush (R&B Hair Treatment, Shine So Bright, Hair Doctor). My whole life my mama has repeatedly been telling me "Maria, you have beautiful hair, I wish I could have that hair, everyone does", but me being young and naïve I took her words for granted and dyed my hair quite a lot which led it to not be the healthiest - some may not agree.  It took me awhile to realize the great potential my hair does have, and even longer to realize that the foods, fluids and products that I was consuming and using did indeed have a positive or negative impact on my hair.