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Benefits of Probiotics in Your Daily Routine

If you follow me, you know there is one thing I don’t shy away from, and that’s talking about my gut health and how important it is to have healthy bowel movements. Paying attention to your gut health is so important. A healthy gut contains healthy bacteria and immune cells that ward off infectious agents (aka the bad stuff). A healthy gut also communicates with your brain and helps promote your overall health and well-being. Sounds pretty important, right? So that’s why I want to take some time to talk about the benefits of probiotics and how they can assist with your gut health.

My go-to probiotic is Seed it’s seriously game-changing and a go-to in my daily routine. So I feel the need to share all the good things about Seed and how they’ve supported me in promoting a healthier version of myself. 

Bottle of Seed probiotics on a tabletop with flower petals

Who is Seed?

Seed a microbial sciences company pioneering applications of microbes to improve human and planetary health. They really focus on the science behind probiotics in order to create their Daily Synbiotic,  a precise 2-in-1 capsule that really helps. They work in collaboration with leading scientists and research partners from around the world to develop research-backed probiotics for outcomes across not just gastrointestinal health but also dermatological, oral,and nutritional health.

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What are probiotics?

The official definition from Seed is: “Live microorganisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host.”

But since we aren’t scientists, let’s break that down for us to better understand what probiotics are. First up is the “live microorganisms”. This refers to strains of beneficial bacteria that are consumed. These are “live”. I know this sounds weird, but essentially in order for you to really get the benefits of probiotics, the microorganisms have to survive all your stages of digestion and make it all the way to your colon where it does the work. 

What do they mean by adequate amounts? And what is the adequate amount? You’ll notice on the labels of probiotics that there are numbers like “billion” or “trillion” CFU or AFU. Each probiotic has a different dosage. For Seed, this dosage is arrived at through clinical study to determine the right amount. 

Lastly, the health benefit. So you’ve taken the live bacteria in the right amount but what are they doing for you? Seed ensures that the product has been clinically studied and shown to actually be beneficial. But we’ll talk more about the benefits of probiotics below. 

Seed probiotics in hand for the post about benefits of probiotics

What are the benefits of probiotics? 

  • Digestive Health
  • Gut Barrier Integrity
  • Gut Immune Function
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Dermatological Health 
  • Micronutrient Synthesis (this is a big term – essentially it supports natural B9 and B12  production)

My journey with my gut health 

In short, I take Seed because they seriously rock, they work, and the science behind the product is the best I’ve seen. It has seriously helped promote healthy bowel movements, glowing skin, and everything in between for me.

I have always had poor digestion, and in my early years of high school, I started getting constipated. On top of that, I suffered from Bulimia, and naturally, my digestion was awful. I was sick and had a poor microbiome. Fast forward to recovery, understanding food, and really focusing on high pro/prebiotic foods, my digestion has gotten better, but I still had some nutrient deficiencies. I went to a lot of doctors, and slowly things improved but when I started taking probiotics they really helped promote healthy digestion for me. 

Taking probiotics is part of my daily routine, and it’s evident that my body responds well to the support that they provide me with. 

Two Seed probiotics on a flower pedal

Why Seed? 

As you probably know there are so many probiotics on the market, but why I choose to proudly use Seed is because not only does it work so well for me, but it also: 

  • Is a 24 strain broad-spectrum probiotic and prebiotic formulated for digestive, gut immunity, and additional systemic benefits with their 53.6 billion AFU 
  • The way the capsule is created it’s a 2-in-1 which essentially means it’s a prebiotic outer capsule and probiotic inner capsule  that allows protection from stomach acid, digestion enzymes, etc. to help allow for successful and maximum delivery of its benefits to the colon (where the magic happens)
  • Sustainably delivered. Something that is really important to me in the products I use and stand for. Seed has a refill system designed to protect the probiotic but also be gentler on the earth through the shipping box which was constructed from ecological paper made from algae to the bio-based tray made from renewable ingredients (to name a few)

To me, probiotics just straight-up work. I am definitely a strong believer in them, and they’re something I could not live without (well I could live without them but my gut would not be very happy). Do you have something in your daily routine that you couldn’t live without? So curious what it is! Share below in the comments. 

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