Bugs On The Menu. A film that will change the way you eat!

Hey beautiful people! I am sorry but you probably clicked this linked assuming I would be talking about how I grocery shop, or how many vegetables I eat in a day! Am I right?  Well you are all in for a little bit of a change, or a “plot twist” shall I say because this post it about the recent film I watched, Bugs On The Menu.  Bugs On The Menu is about, well exactly what the title says.  bring bugs to our menus, and diets.

First I would like to thank the Calgary International Film Festival for bringing this beautiful film to us, and for opening mine and Andrew’s eyes to so much more information.

Below are a few paragraphs taken from the Calgary International Film Festival Website to give you a better understand of the film, and how important it is that we get its message out to the world.

“This year’s Green Carpet Selection, BUGS ON THE MENU, travels worldwide to explore the health and environmental benefits of insect protein for human consumption. The Green Carpet Gala celebrates sustainability with a screening and after-party at Paper St. (across the street from Globe Cinema). Tickets cost $25.

Director Ian Toews & producer Mark Bradley in attendance!

The sound of crickets isn’t always a good thing, but to the entrepreneurs of Entomo Farms, it’s the sound of their rapidly growing business. The Goldin brothers raise cricket protein for human consumption, and they’ve seen their farm grow tenfold in two years. The surge of interest has been sparked by a 200-page UN report outlining the advantages of insect protein that has been downloaded seven million times. While an estimated two billion people eat bugs worldwide, it’s still not an accepted food in the West, and with the population projected to surpass nine billion by 2050, the time to consider alternate proteins is now.

BUGS ON THE MENU follows startup companies, such as Entomo Farms, Chapul and Six Foods, and highlights how these and other restaurateurs, cricket farmers, scholars and scientists are part of a movement to normalize insect eating in the West as an alternative to traditional, resource-intensive meat. By showing the benefits of raising insects for consumption across the board, this film is a well-researched and persuasive argument to open your mind and consider what our future diets will look like.” (CIFF, 2016)


Hopefully based on what you have just read you are more inclined to do some research, and figure out how eating insects, and bugs just once a week (as a substitute to all the meat people consume) could help save our planet!

PS. Yes, you are seeing correctly the photograph above is of a lollipop, with insects! I did not have one because I do not eat dairy (besides feta and random cheese cravings) but I spoke to several people who did and they said they loved them! Thank you to Family Freezed for the amazing collaboration, they were a huge hit! 


Note: the expression on my face was a direct reflection of my thoughts towards going to a film about eating bugs.  I was so uncertain of everything I was about to witness and learn, but I knew I needed to hear it. My conclusion was that this world needs our help, if you are interested click here for some fun facts about just how much the meat industry is affecting our world. Also, to answer all your questions about this film please click here! I spent ages on their website reading about this film, its vision, and how it will change the world and how people eat.

I really hope this movie changed your outlook and what you eat, and how much.  We are not asking for drastic change, just small adjustments from everyone.



Love From Your Greek Food Goddess

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