I've teamed up with Grace & Consciousness to invite you to join us for an evening of RAW love on February 6th. February can be a time when we hear a lot about all kinds of romantic love, but what about your first love, YOURSELF? Join me and Kelsey Schiavon who will lead us in a workshop on Radiant Beauty,  and then I'll be talking about my journey to loving myself unapologetically. The evening will also feature some goodies for you and exclusive shopping with incredible, ethical and local businesses.
First things first, a new year does NOT mean a new you. I am sorry to burst your bubble, but baby, you must see... that's fucking bullshit! What, at the flip of a switch, do you suspect that your life will change? That your mind will suddenly function in a way that you've always dreamed of? That out of nowhere you'll wake up with the motivation, drive and determination to make your life the one you've always wanted? If you've figured it out, please let me know, because I'm dying to know. I understand that a new year brings on new inspiration and in fact, stimulates your mind to work harder and finally do what you've been meaning to do. But I guess what confuses me most is why can't we do that anytime of the year? Why do you need a fresh year to start?
Looking for some last minute gift ideas for the friends and family in your life? You've come to the right spot! Here are some of my fav products that I think make some of the best gifts for the outdoorsy ones, the vegans, the socially conscious, the people that have everything, and more. In order from left to right and top to bottom
On May 6th, 2017 I quit my job.... I was working as a professional waitress, like I did it for 14 years. I was so good at what I did that a customer of mine at the restaurant I was working nominated me for a White Hat Award and I received second place in all of Calgary. The day I found out I won, one of my bosses told me. He is genuinely such a kind guy and I was so pumped to hear from him that I was being recognized for my hard work. But life isn't all roses and rainbows, and it was in that moment, right fucking then, that I knew I needed to get out. My managers and shift leader didn't even recognize that I had won an award. They made no eye contact. Nothing. Sure they may have said congrats, but I can tell when people mean it and they sure as hell didn't.
Thats right guys, you read it right! 15% off at the most Chic, and Cute Beauty Salon in Calgary! The Vanity Vault Calgary is such a dream, and genuinely makes you feel like you're right at home.  They have an array of beautiful services, and products to offer to their clients, but the ones that stick out most to me are their Bio Sea Weed Gel Nails,  Natural LED Teeth Whitening, and Organic Tan Spray Tans!

To redeem this offer simply:

Call, or head down to Vanity Vault and use code FoodByMaria for 15% off the follow three procedures!

Cake Photo Credit: @sobeautifullyreal

Hello all you beautiful people! The time has come that I turn 28! This is going to be a FUND-RAGER PARTY put on by myself (@FoodbyMaria) and Morgan Belle at 80th + Ivy. The event (click here to see Facebook event) is dedicated to my birthday wish. For the second year I have chosen a charity to donate to instead of receiving gifts I don't need. All proceeds for the event will go to Alberta Healthy Services - Calgary Eating Disorder Program. As you know (or might not) I suffered from Bulimia for 6 years and would like to help people still suffering.
15129439_1782836908647135_7773983938050713056_o Hey guys! Here's a quick but sweet look into our recent photoshoot with our talented friend Tegan Jay Dutton. I can honestly say that these photo bring little butterflies to my belly and make me smile so big.  This is only a small fraction of the edited photos so you can expect more very soon! The last photo is my absolute favourite and I am sure you would all agree! Tegan's website is going live on the first of December but until then check out her Facebook Page! Love from Your Greek Food Goddess XOX
raquel13 Hello everyone, and Happy Saturday! Back with Photography by Raquel as a part of my Share The Love portion of the blog! This specific blog post means a lot to me as Raquel is one of my longest friends.  Her love for art, and photography is one of my many reasons why I am obsessed with her beautiful self.  I wish nothing but the best for you girl, you deserve all the happiness in the world and more. Raquel showcases her work on her Instagram (@rrcoolv), and just recently she started her own Society6 account, where you can get your hands on her amazing art!
bugs Hey beautiful people! I am sorry but you probably clicked this linked assuming I would be talking about how I grocery shop, or how many vegetables I eat in a day! Am I right?  Well you are all in for a little bit of a change, or a "plot twist" shall I say because this post it about the recent film I watched, Bugs On The Menu.  Bugs On The Menu is about, well exactly what the title says.  bring bugs to our menus, and diets. First I would like to thank the Calgary International Film Festival for bringing this beautiful film to us, and for opening mine and Andrew's eyes to so much more information.

All photos by: @brehaf

Happy First Birthday to FoodByMaria!

Oh my gosh, did I really just say that? I cannot believe it as already been a whole year since this blog started.

It was a year ago that I was literally scared shitless before posting that the blog had gone live.

It was a year ago I decided to buy a laptop because I figured it would further my blogging skills.

It was just over a year ago I finally grew the balls to tell my family that I was done with accounting.

It was just over a year ago that I also grew a set to tell them I was leaving 7 years of University Education behind to pursue a dream.