The sad reality of most of our lives is that we sit, all day, at our desks, working away, and essentially letting our bodies slowly melt into a puddle in our office chairs. I'm sure you've heard it before that working at your desk all day could be killing you, and an estimated of 75-80% of Americans suffer from lower back pain due to our sitting-saturated lives. Prolonged sitting can also be linked to higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and depression, as well as muscle and joint problems. Some studies even say that this epidemic can be more dangerous to your health than smoking.
First, things first.  I know what you're thinking: "Maria, this doesn't seem like your style? You preach self love and you tell people to accept themselves the way they are".  Sure, I do! I love everything about my message and all my beliefs, but when it comes down to it, I have to listen to my followers and help them. The number one question I am asked is: "How do you stay fit and do you have any tips to natural weight loss?"  Why would I ignore my peoples requests?  Who am I to deprive YOU of some really important information?
Injuries. We all have likely had one at some point in our lives. Or maybe we have been dealing with one for years of our lives. Weather your injury stems from sport, work, an accident or just every day life, they can seriously impact your life and day-to-day. Back when I was 14 years old, I was in a really bad car accident and thankfully I didn't sustain any injuries (at least not major ones) and three years ago Andrew and I were in a minor accident which left me with a shoulder injury that I still deal with today. Recently some of you asked for me to share my recovery, where I received therapy and what I did to help me on my road to recovery which I'm still on today.
Nearly seven out of ten Americans experience sleep problems and while some changes in your sleep can be biological like aging, physical diseases, pain, etc., others can be associated with mental health disorders like depression or anxiety. However, commonly, sleep issues can also stem from bad habits and bad sleep hygiene.
Sleeping is not just about resting or taking a break, it's actually essential to our physical and emotional health. Proper sleep also helps us recover from illness and injury and not getting enough of sleep can be associated with health issues like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and depression. A lack of sleep can severely impact our daily life and eventually, our health.
I will start with saying that this was "the decision of a lifetime."
Going public was the scariest most challenging decisions I've ever had to make. I kept my past and story a secret for so long that it became normal and "comfortable" for me to live in fear and silence. There were days and moments when I was sick that I would find myself on my knees, making myself sick and thinking (or knowing) that this would be my life, forever.
I knew I was going to be sick my whole life, but I didn't want it to be that way. After writing my cookbook this summer a lot of memories, feelings and really dark emotions came back to life and I was reminded of every single fucking feeling I went through while I was sick. It was really embarrassing for me because I really love food and all I wanted to do was cook, and do what I loved, but I couldn't because I was bulimic.
Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) aka winter blues, seasonal depression or whatever you want to call it, is a disorder that affects people who usually have a normal mental health during the majority of the year with the exception to when seasons change or at particular times of the year (usually winter). SAD can affect your mood, sleep, appetite and energy levels, and overall take a toll on your body and every aspect of your life. When winter hits you may feel like an entirely different person. You can feel hopeless, sad, tense, stressed, lose interest in things you usually love. Although this can also affect people in the summer, usually SAD affects those in the fall or winter when the days become shorter (and colder in some cases).
It's that time of year again and I have some up with a different way to gift your family for the holidays.  Often people are very stressed this time of year and are hardly taking care of the person who matters most, themselves.  Give the gift of relaxation for your family and friends this year! What am I saying? Give your friends little customized Bath Oils and Bath Salts!
By now, you all know I went through a slight anxiety crisis this summer.  It was a fucking nightmare filled with ups and downs, skin breakouts and a slight depression.  Like guys, it was a weird summer, I actually peed myself.  My anxiety was so bad I had nightmares that made me pee myself.  I would wake up chocking from the fear of something happening to me or my family. One night, it was so bad, I had to wake up Andrew because I genuinely thought it was the end for me.  He googled the symptoms, calmed me down and reassured me I was just having another fear/panic attack.
It’s almost 2018 and usually around this time of year we start to make resolutions and promises to ourselves on how we want to improve in the new year. Often times we rarely stick to these because they aren’t always realistic. Instead of setting a goal that’s out of reach, how about setting a goal to work on yourself and improve your mindfulness and day-to-day routine to make you healthier and happier? Here are some ideas to get you started…
On May 6th, 2017 I quit my job.... I was working as a professional waitress, like I did it for 14 years. I was so good at what I did that a customer of mine at the restaurant I was working nominated me for a White Hat Award and I received second place in all of Calgary. The day I found out I won, one of my bosses told me. He is genuinely such a kind guy and I was so pumped to hear from him that I was being recognized for my hard work. But life isn't all roses and rainbows, and it was in that moment, right fucking then, that I knew I needed to get out. My managers and shift leader didn't even recognize that I had won an award. They made no eye contact. Nothing. Sure they may have said congrats, but I can tell when people mean it and they sure as hell didn't.