rootandbones Did someone say Ice Cream?!? Yep, I did! Made using natural food like cacao, fruit (banana) and maple syrup.  All you need to do in blend up all the gorgeous ingredients and you have yourself the most delicious and nutritious recipe, ever! This raw food recipe is a super simple raw food diet idea too - so add it to your favourites! Should I also mention that this recipe is extremely high in plant based protein (from the nut butters) and antioxidants (from the Reishi).
pizzahs2 What is this you see? Can you believe this a raw food recipe and not another potatoes or pasta dish? I can because this next Vegan Recipe is amazing and one of the simplest raw food recipes on the blog! The Chocolate Cherry Coconut Nice Cream is damn delicious, filled with fruit and super easy to make!
snowman Tis the season to make festive treats, share the love and spend time with your families! These little treats are so easy to make, super good for you,  help increase energy and are extremely fun for the whole family to enjoy!

My healthy festive treats are filled full with:

  • nuts
  • dates
  • superfoods
  • gorgeous spices
Not only are these festive treats going to leave you feeling great but they will also help you relax, reduce bloating and regulate your blood sugar!
melon Raw Melon Skewers are exactly what you need if you are looking for a fun, healthy, kid friendly treat at your kids next party, or gathering! Although, this treat may take a few extra minute to prepare with a melon baller, it is certainly well worth it! There is truly no better way to assure your children get their vitamins, and fruit than by throwing it on a skewer. This little treat is also a lot of fun for your kids to make with you! And while you are you can teach them a little bit about Melons, and their positive benefits to their growing bodies!
WATERMELON Watermelon is in season, so why not turn them into healthy Chocolate and Coconut Pops?? All I can think of when I look at these beauties is Summer, BBQs's, and good laughs with friends outside in the backyard.  So imagine the memories you would be creating for your little ones when you spend a few minutes making these with them, and then enjoy them together! There is truly something to be said about teaching children how to eat don't you think? What you teach them is eventually passed down as knowledge and creativity to their children, and a part of you is forever with your kids when they are off to Uni, and when they have their own family!

Hey guys,I introduce you all to a series of posts that I am putting together for you, and your little ones!


They are going to be:


Easy to Follow


and Fuss Free

Although I would love to stay and tell you more about what I have in store I am just here quickly to tell you all a little bit about this delicious, and simple "snack" that you could totally feed your kids this hot summer! Don't worry, I will give you more teasers in my next Snacks for Kids post soon! Back to this recipe... It is super simple to make, and literally probably one of the best combos ever! I mean who does not love fruit and chocolate? Especially when it is homemade and GOOD FOR YOU!
bleubs1 Hey everyone - but especially mamas + papas - and welcome to the Moms and Tots portion of the Site!! I decided to start up this "Simple Snacks for Kids" recipes portion because if your kids are anything like me when I was young then they love to get involved in the kitchen! So what better bonding time than Mommy + Daddy snack, and meal making time! This first snack is super simple, easy to create, and very versatile - you will see why! It involves my favourite combo of flavours.  Berries, Coconut Yogurt - any yogurt will work - and desiccated coconut flakes (use unsweetened).
nectarine Hmmm.... chocolate, oh chocolate.  Why must you be so filled with sugar, additives, and "fake" chocolate?  Before you say it, I know "Chocolate is ok now and then!" but why not make a chocolate that is good for you and your kids?

My Chocolate is:

  • Filled with Antioxidants
  • Made with three ingredients
  • Requires no heat or cooking
  • Not bad for you
  • Delicious
  • Fibre filled for healthy poops - yep I said poops
What is the best part about this Chocolate may you ask?
cherry Hey all.. back with another simple, creative, and healthy take on Snacking with Kids! This one is so easy it does not even seem ok to call it a recipe... but I guess that is a good thing, so I cannot complain!  You can basically use this idea and spin it on any fruit but I just decided to use these bad boys since I have not used Cherries or Strawbs in the Snacking sections yet.


Good morning my loves!!! How is everyone doing this beautiful morning? I reckon today is going to be quite a good day.  The to-do list has been made, my coffee is brewed and the sun is shining! Although my cyst does seem as though it wants the end of me today I am not going to let it get the best of my state of mind... pain is only as bad as you let it be. Anyway, I am super excited to tell you all about this super simple, and delicious little Coconut Parfait Jar! It takes 10 minutes to make, and is perfect for a breakfast or as a mid-day pick me up!