Kodiak Cakes Flap Jack and Waffle Mix, Whole Wheat Butter Milk edition went down in the kitchen this morning, and oh hot-damn did it ever taste good!

Filled with flavour, super fluffy, and only requires two ingredients, their Mixture and WATER!

So before you all get thinking about blowing things out of proportions I am not going to make a habit of eating things out of a box as I do not believe in that way of eating, but I am opens to experimenting, and trying new things! And this was a huge hit for me, and I know that Andrew will loves these ten times more than I did as he is a fan of proteins to help gain extra muscle in the gym!


Photo Credit: Lux Media Group

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Good morning everyone, and Happy Wednesday! I hope you are all having a productive week so far, and are staying on track with your healthy eating and self love and nourishment. I try my best to do as I preach, but I have been quite busy myself, but I do not think I would have it any other way - and yes, of course I stay on track!

So as most of you might already know or now know because of the post title... I am doing something pretty cool today!I do not actually believe what I am about to say but I will be airing live on City TV's Breakfast Television (click to watch the segment) this morning with the beautiful Jillian Belland. I can only imagine it to be the most thrilling experience, and one that I will truly never forget.  I am more than honoured to be recognized by such a lovely team, and to work alongside such a talented woman! Thank you City TV for this amazing opportunity, I am more grateful that you will ever understand.

We are going to start the segment by quickly introducing everyone to FoodByMaria and what she stands for. I have come up with a paragraph for all you to read, and hopefully enjoy! Also, click here to watch me live before you get further into the post and the recipes!
IMG_2729 Good morning guys! I am back real quick just to give you guys this really convenient idea of preparing bursts of energy in muffin moulds to add to smoothies!  I know I am constantly on the look out for easy ways to add a boost of energy and nutrients to my smoothies so this is what I came up with! Super simple, versatile, and will make your life a whole lot easier!  So here is the smoothie - or click here for more -  I would suggest with this flavour combo.
IMG_2056 Hey guys!! I am back with recipe four of five using the incredible SuperBeets!!! I decided to sort of incorporate two recipes into one with this one, as we suggest you don't cook with SuperBeets.. so I came up with Granola Squares, and Beet Chia Jam!! They are so nutritious, fuelling, and the perfect snack for people on the go, and topped with the antioxidant filled jam... well lets just say your definitely getting in a lot of your nutrients with this combo!   So not only are these bars and jam super east to make but they also last in the fridge for up to 2-3 weeks (really just depends on well things keep in your fridge... I find sometimes my fridge kill my vegetables a bit early, I hope I am not the only one...)
IMG_2236 Another breakfast you say, HELLLL YA! After all, it is my favourite meal of the day.  I made this delicious oat bowl as an experiment, and it turned out amazing.  I must say most mornings when I am not planning on taking  a photo of my breakfast there is not this many toppings on it.  If I have a high Cardio day then there certainly will be, but when I am watching my sugars (I EAT ALOT OF FRUIT and my naturopath told me I have to slow down and eat more cooked veg with my cyst right now.. hence why I've  been posting a lot more cooked meals recently...), I have to watch my breakfast toppings.  What I put on this breakfast is perfect, the only thing I would watch are the vegan maple chips.. those bad boys hide lots of sugar, but certainly do taste amazing!
IMG_2345-1 Hey sugas! I'm back with yet another delicious, and nutritious breakfast option. If you haven't noticed I am totally obsessed with chia pudding (as is my sister right now), its #trending in the Koutsogiannis family. I made this because I wanted to eat something that made me feel like I was somewhere sunny, and beautiful... don't take this the wrong way though, the weather we've been experiencing in Calgary is flipping amazing but nothing beats the beach, right?! So I came up with this amazing Tropical inspired Parfait!


Good morning all you beautiful people!!! First of all I want to apologize for not posting progress photos of my recipes.. it is something that is on my "to-do list" but will take some time as I need to get a good background that can be used indoors whilst cooking as I don't have time to constantly be running outside to get a picture of a whisk with foam on it - thats what people do isn't it? Ha.

So with that out of the way I want to introduce you to the first of five simple recipes that I have come  up with using the amazing product SuperBeets.  It has easily become one of my favourite pre work out, or even after products.  I feel so fuelled, energized and ready to pump some weights everyday before I take this pretty fantastic stuff.  So what better way to include this product into your diet than by eating it with breakfast before your work out!

Overnight_Oats Good morning all you beauties! (Sorry the slider photo isn't the right one, working on fixing it ATM, something is up with the sizing, and I am to technically challenged to fix it so I just went for another oat bowl pic (; ) I have included an overnight oat recipe below.... but before we get there I just have a little tribute to my sister that I want to share with all of you.
IMG_1388 Happy half-way-through January to all you beauties! So based on the title of this post you obviously all know today's topic.... my favourite meal of the day.   IMG_1342 I have a confession to make to all of you before I list the five reasons why I truly believe we all need breakfast. I NEVER USED TO EAT BREAKFAST (holy sweet mother of laauuuuurrrrd FoodByMaria never used to eat breakfast, WHATTT!?).  Well ya'll would be surprised how many people don't.  To this day I am not really sure why I didn't eat breakfast, and when I did it was usually greek leftovers or something my mom would literally force feed me.