IMG_7988 Best way for me to kick start my day is with this staple oat bowl recipe! I eat it probably 5 times a week, and I promise you its pretty impossible to get sick of! With all it's benefits it will sure keep you coming back for more, you'll see!
IMG_1299 Pancakes are what make my world go round, and I can't get enough of them. These pancakes pack flavour, with no added sugar or dairy,  with chia seeds, ground flax, and spelt flour. Just what you need to fuel your day. 
Breakfast for Energy Have fun with your breakfast! I know this will get me threw today's INTENSE gym session, what will you do to help your body threw today's activities?
IMG_7657 Who doesn't love pancakes? They are perfect for those lazy Sunday mornings in the early season of winter when you just cant quite make it out of bed, but you want to eat the best for your body, and provide a vitamin packed breakfast for those that matter most to you.  After,  grab a book, brew a lovely cup of tea, and enjoy a big 'ol stack of pancakes. Life doesn't get much better.