One of the best part about the changing of seasons is the new foods that we begin to introduce back into our lives. For fall and winter, we’re always looking for comforting vegan foods like apples and cinnamon. This vegan recipe combines both those fall favourites in a tasty and versatile dessert dish.
 I bet you would never imagine you'd see a recipe for how to make chocolate sauce with chickpeas that is healthy and vegan? Well add this sauce to your list of dessert recipes because this might become your new fav. Warning! It's addictive, but disclaimer, it's healthy! Win win.
Who doesn't love a classic chocolate chip cookie? For me, the smell of cookies in the oven is so comforting, and reminds me of growing up, staring patiently at the oven waiting for the fresh cookies to be finished as a little girl. Making cookies is pretty simple, for most people at least, however, making cookies from scratch can sometimes be annoying. You don't always have all the right ingredients, or you simply just don't have the time and patience. I get it, we're not all that into cooking and baking. Then when you throw in some dietary restrictions like being vegan or gluten free, it can get even more complicated!
Guys, I'm kind of obsessed with carob powder lately if you haven't noticed (check out my coconut carob balls recipe here). This ingredient is a truly magical plant-based ingredient. It's a fantastic alternative to chocolate and is loaded with health benefits. Carob comes from ancient Greeks who were the first to grow carob trees. Today however, you'll find these trees all over the world. What's unique about this tree is that it actually has a sex and it takes a male and female tree to produce the carob pods. A single male tree can pollinate up to 20 female trees (he sure gets around.. haha). After pollinated, it takes 6-7 years for the tree to produce pods.
Okay, I know I'm not the only one that's a mega fan of the love affair between chocolate and peanut butter. The combo is just a classic that is always to die for. Any recipe that these two ingredients are in together is guaranteed to be one that satisfies that sweet tooth!
Okay, so to preface this recipe, this is probably the most unhealthy thing on my blog. But hey, I'm pretty happy I've reached a place of balance and happiness when it comes to the foods I eat and the way they make me feel. It's okay to treat yourself!
Okay, I know I'm bias but these are seriously bomb AF! This recipe is not a typical FoodByMaria recipe as it does have butter and sugar but hey, balance is key! This recipe is easy to make, versatile, gooey, and sooooooooooo good that it's making my mouth water just typing this. These brownies are perfect for your next party, or to just make up for a sweet treat for yourself because you deserve it!
Pizza and pie are two foods that please just about anyone, including myself. So what's better than combining the two of them in a sweet prunes and granny smith apple pizza pie? This recipe is the perfect combination of tartness, from the granny smith apples, and sweet, from the dried prunes, a fruit that is in my opinion, underrated.
Holy Guacamole, did someone say Nutty Dark Chocolate + Strawberry Chia Jam Cheesecake?  Yep, I did and this cake is entirely inspired by my childhood addiction. I know what you're thinking, Maria was healthy when she was young... HAHA  NOPE!  I wasn't addicted to vegetable recipes and vegetarian recipes, I was a full on CAKE ADDICT!   I'm not kidding guys I would eat DQ Ice Cream Cake at any opportunity and half the time it wasn't even my damn birthday *sigh* - poor parents .