Chloe Elgar features FBM on an Episode Of Conscious Conversations


Conscious Conversations with Chloe’s Countertop + FoodByMaria

“Get ready for a really raw, light-hearted and fun conversation with this Greek beauty who is all about female power, beast-mode workouts and changing the way that we look at health and goals.” Chloe Elgar


FOODBYMARIA + CHLOES COUNTERTOP collaborated to bring all you beauties a pretty raw, personal, and intense podcast.  This is not my girls first rodeo though, she has done this before, and you can find more of her amazing episode on her website ( Chloe does so many amazing things, and Conscious Conversations is a platform to inspire global awareness and conversation around anxieties, fears and imbalances specifically related to body image, eating holistically and living consciously. She has previously had guests such as Kathryn Budig, Alex MazerolleSteve CurtisEmily Von EuwEmily Nolan (to name a few).

We look forward to her confirmed guest list as well!

Here is a little break down on Chloe before we talk more about Conscious Conversation, and the intention of the podcast!


Chloe Elgar is a Holistic Nutritionist, author, speaker, writer, self-taught food photographer and natural food chef living in Vancouver. Chloe is the founder of Chloe’s Countertop and the podcast, Conscious Conversations.

 Chloe’s Countertop is a personal brand and business, which celebrates truth, authenticity, holistic living and intuition.

Chloe works with clients through her Living True Mentorship, as well as with groups and in workshops/retreats to bring awareness and inspire conversation around body image, intuitive eating and the psychology of eating. Chloe’s first book, Living in Light, illustrates the important concepts and topics of Chloe’s work, her story and is also a plant-based cookbook. Read more about this beauty on her website (

Lastly here is a bit more of a break down on the podcasts intention.

To create a platform that inspires sharing stories and vulnerability. I want to bridge the gap between the top influencers in the world and the communities that look up to them. By offering a voice and a space for conversation and trust- we can realise how close we all are and how similar our stories are. 

I grew up with severe eating disorders and depression and would spend a lot of my time comparing my life to the people I looked up to and wanted to be. It is my belief that comparison is harmful and damaging and can be taken out of context very quickly. No matter who a person is, what they do and what they are known for- chances are that they experience the same emotional memories, stories and moments- as the people who surround them and admire them. 


We cannot wait to share will all of you this episode, and we really hope you tune in this Tuesday to hear me tell you all my story, and how I overcame lifes obstacles!

Love From Your Greek Food Goddess XOX

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