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6 Tools to Increase Food Blogger Productivity

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As a food blogger (or any blogger), there is a high likelihood that you are going to have to wear a ton of different hats, and looking for ways to streamline your productivity will be critical. Especially if you want to get paid as a food blogger. These six tools are ones that I’ve used for quite some time now and I still love them A LOT. They make my life a ton easier and make it possible for me to stay on top of all the different things I have going on with my business.

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This is the ultimate email productivity tool and I love it as a food blogger! It’s a Google Chrome Plugin that allows you to send emails later, track responses, and use AI to write better emails. I get a ton of emails and I need to stay on top of them so this is a great plugin for me. It has changed my life when it comes to freeing up time and making room for growth. It helps show me if clients have read my email, allowing me to save time with follow-ups.

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Staying on top of your multiple social media accounts can be hard as a food blogger. Especially when you have a million other things on-the-go. That’s why I love the tool Unum which helps me organize my Instagram feed(s). This way if I have some time, I can sit down and organize all my posts for the week, including captions. So when it comes time to post, it’s easy and seamless. 

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This is my favorite accounting system as a food blogger that I use to invoice my clients. Wave helps you track your invoices, payments, income, and payroll all in one place. For accounting, invoicing, and receipts, you don’t even have to pay to use the service. This is great for those just starting out who want to be as on top of their finances as they can without having to hire an expensive accountant to do it for you. There’s nothing worse then when tax season comes around and you have to dig through emails upon emails, and receipts. This keeps everything organized in one place. 


As a food blogger, we need to do it all, but I’m not a graphic designer, it’s definitely not my strong suit. That’s why Canva is so fantastic. It helps you create assets you need for your blog by utilizing easy-to-personalize templates that look great. The program has a lot you can do with it without paying a membership fee, and I use it to make my media kit, rate sheet, Pinterest pins, etc. 


Lightroom is what I use to edit my photos as a food blogger. What’s great about it is that I can bulk edit photos. So for example, if I have a series of pictures that have the same lighting, etc. I can easily batch edit them and apply the same edits to every image all at once versus individually editing. It does take a little time to learn the ropes of this software, but that’s nothing a few YouTube tutorials can’t fix. You can also use this on your phone or computer, so if you need to quickly edit on-the-go, you have that option. Oh! And you can save presets if you like your images to all have the same aesthetics or you tend to utilize the same edit tools each time you edit. 

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Time Blocking

This is a great tool for increasing time efficiency and getting the work done without distractions. If you want to know how to become a food blogger, this is the secret! Essentially the concept of time blocking is that you dedicate a certain number of hours to just one task, aka you “block off” your time from other projects. I find that if I block off my time to work and focus on one thing, I’m ten times more productive. It helps you focus your attention more, and in turn be more productive. For example, instead of spending a good amount of my time every day answering calls, texts, and emails, and letting those distract you from other things you are working on, instead, set aside a certain time each day for these tasks.

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Do you have any favorite tools that help with your productivity? I’d love to hear about them! Send me a note sharing your favorite productivity hacks!

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