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FoodByMaria Cleanses with Juice Because


So these past three days on the Juice Because 9.0 Juice Cleanse have been really fun, and testing for me as I normally eat so much in a day. Surprisingly, but certainly not ironically, I was left full and fulfilled after each and every juice but for very distinctive reasons.

Let me quickly break it down for you:

Do me first: Lenny
Devour Me Second: Peter
Enjoy Me Third: Hank
Save Me For Last: Penny


Peter Hank


So as you can see this Cleanse works by drinking four juices, and then you can eat a lovely and nutritious meal after the fourth juice. The Juices are Lenny, Peter, Hank, and Penny, in respective order.

The first juice of the cleanse was Lenny. As soon as I drank him I noticed was how refreshing he was, and just after sipping half the bottle I felt more awake and alert. It was interesting as I could feel a warmth in my stomach from the ginger and didn’t feel hungry any more after the juice – that means a lot coming form a girl who eats two cups of uncooked oats, and loads of fruits for breakfast. Lenny has a lot of taste and each ingredient is so distinguising especially the lemon, ginger and cucumber. He was just fascinating and he is honestly comparable to consuming a coffee in the morning. Just a lovely burst of energy, and certainly helps wake you up in the morning.

Peter Is the second juice in the cleanse. He is smooth, easy-to-drink, and great tasting. I usually consumed him two hours after Lenny, just before the gym. He kept me rocking out so hard, I don’t think I have had this kind of energy at the gym for a while. I could honestly describe it as “buzzing” you lift weights, and kill cardio. Not only is he energizing but he tastes fantastic, keeps me focused and made me feel like a ninja.

Hank is the third, and hands down my favourite Juice of the four. They are all fabulous but Hank is the man. His beets are sick, he is super sweet and he has a certain smoothness to himself. Hank really promotes wellness and kept me focused during mid-day while I was busy creating recipes and working on my blog. He left me feeling very clear minded, and full to my belly. How a juice makes me feel like I have had a proper meal is beyond me, but hey, ill take it!

Penny is the last juice to be consumed. She is definitely the most different, not only because she is female and sassy but because she sure has an edgy side to herself with her Chia Seeds and Coconut Water. She is totally a refreshing gal to consume just before a nutritious meal. It was a little different drinking Chia, but after the first day I was much more into it.

I also got to try Norman throughout my day to keep me energized and fuelled with protein. He is seriously the sweetest guy ever. His cinnamon taste kept me coming back for more, and wished I could keep an endless supply of him in my fridge! I will certainly be purchasing this guy to put in to my coffees in the morning- I know right, BINGO!


So, overall over the past three days I’ve been consuming highly nutritious and nutrient rich juices… and I feel flipping fantastic! I would lie if I said there weren’t times where I felt a little dizzy, or thirsty but thats the beauty of cleansing, sometimes you have to feel the negative leave your body in order to know it’s working! I highly suggest trying this product, and the fact that you can pair if with my favourite thing ever, FOOD, makes it that much better. Speaking of food I will be posting three simple recipes you can easily accompany with this cleanse that will heighten the benefits and make you reap exactly what your body deserves! Remember to consume loads of water during the cleanse, and remind yourselves that cleansing does not have to be difficult. Ensure to consume all four juices during the day before around 5 pm then enjoy a lovely meal!

Juice Cleanse Birds Eye

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Happy Juicing Everyone!

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