FoodByMaria’s First Birthday!

All photos by: @brehaf

Happy First Birthday to FoodByMaria!

Oh my gosh, did I really just say that? I cannot believe it as already been a whole year since this blog started.

It was a year ago that I was literally scared shitless before posting that the blog had gone live.

It was a year ago I decided to buy a laptop because I figured it would further my blogging skills.

It was just over a year ago I finally grew the balls to tell my family that I was done with accounting.

It was just over a year ago that I also grew a set to tell them I was leaving 7 years of University Education behind to pursue a dream.


A dream. Oh boy, what a dream.  Honestly, I really do not even know where to start with this blog post.  I feel a bit lost for words (that never happens).

I think I am lost for words because for the longest time I have always sold myself short.

I never gave myself any credit.

I rarely forgave myself for my mistakes.

I tried really hard to never be weak.

I was the girl that never lets herself stop, reflect, and enjoy life.

But something over the past year has changed.


I still have yet to figure out what exactly changed, but I know for certain it has to do with the amount of happiness that runs through my blood and bones.  Everyday I wake up and somehow I am more motivated than the last.

I mean yea, we all have our days where we just want to do nothing… but for some reason FoodByMaria has been so fun that I never end up just doing nothing.

FoodByMaria has helped me learn how to be calm.

FoodByMaria has helped me see that I am so hard working.

FoodByMaria helps me forgive myself.

FoodByMaria lets me show my weaknesses (that you everyone who reads my personal posts, they have really helped me).

And lastly, FoodByMaria helped me understand that I was never the only one going through body dysmorphia, and an eating disorder.


Over the past year I have grown into a woman that I never ever thought I would become after 6 years in mental hell.

I do not know how * there were days I really never thought I was going to get better* , but with some miracle my relationship with food has become so positive, and beautiful.

There is no guilt involved.

There is no body shaming,

There is no over thinking meals.

It is just conscious eating, and loving the person I am.


Before I get too carried about talking about how happy FoodByMaria has made me I better change the topic to something more important.

Dreams. Following them.  And why you should always follow your heart.

Since the day I decided to do what I was always meant to I feel free.  I feel like I found some sort of purpose, but much deeper than just a job, or a lifestyle.  Following my dream made me happy, which in turn helped me promote  a healthy lifestyle to others, and engage with like minded people.

Message: If you have a dream, chase it.  You have nothing to lose.  I promise you that the people who truly love you will always support you, and if they do not right away they will come around.  You only have one chance on this little planet, so make it count!


Thank you to each and everyone one of you for making the last year so amazing! I promise to get more recipes to you soon, but first I have a few pretty big announcements to make which I am so excited about! So stay tuned.

Love from Your Greek Food Goddess XOX

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