Fort McMurray Needs Our Help

WATCH FOODBYMARIA LIVE IN ACTION ON CTV NEWS CALGARY, HERE (for some reason it is not letting me link Thursday May 5th segment, so just scroll down again, and click on May 5th! Do not watch May 4th in hopes of seeing me, ha) THE TIME YOU WANT TO BE WATCHING FOR IS 27:29.

Hello everyone, I am writing you this with an open heart, I cannot begin to tell you how emotional these past few days have been for me, and everyone in the City of Calgary, Province of Alberta or World have been.  As most of you already know Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada is in a huge state of emergency, and quite literally in flames – if you do not just turn on the news and you will see what exactly has been going on.  A lot families, close friends, and the people who help fuel the Canadian economy have been left with nothing but the clothing on their back, and their loved ones.  Thankfully no life has been lost in the tragedy, but do need to help the members of this community get themselves back on their feet! So this is where myself, and two lovely girls come in!

We have started this giant fire of our own, but a good fire to collect and help those in need! We have taken it upon ourselves (Adriana Lamb and Alyssa Balaski) to step up and help others, especially Alyssa and Adriana as their families and friends have been directly involved and have lost everything! We are accepting donations of all kind, however things needed/wanted most are the following:

  • Diapers and Baby Wipes
  • Toiletries
  • Blankets/Bedding
  • New Pillows
  • New Socks and Underwear
  • Non Perishable Food Items
  • Clean Clothing

We have a couple options arranged, and it involves two cities – Calgary and Swift Current, SK! Alyssa is traveling to our hometown this weekend in Swift Current SK friends of friends have lent helping hands and Rosenau Transport Ltd has made our people, equipment and operations available to assist in relief efforts with regards to the tragedy unfolding in Ft. McMurray. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Ft. McMurray including all of our staff in this area. Much help and support will be needed as the true extent of the damage is determined. All of your donations will be delivered at the direction of the various official relief agencies. For a list of all of our terminal locations to drop off your donations please visit our website

My girl Cait over at Small + Mighty Clothing is donating a onesie or tshirt for every one sold in the next 2 weeks. Her website is and find her on Instagram @wearesmallandmighty.


As well as for those who are still giving us donations here in Calgary we have a couple drop odd locations:

Northstar Ford on Crowfoot: 9 Crowfoot Cir NW
Northstar Ford Cochrane: 340 Railway St W
Please donate. Once I hear of other drop off locations I will post.


Additionally, Myself, Alyssa and Adriana are currently keeping some donations made from local citizens in our homes until we gather everyones donation and are ready to send out to the Drop Off Locations, or specially to the affected families.

Before I leave you all here is a message directly from the two girls who considered this City their home.

A message from Alyssa:

The reasonings behind this mean more to Myself and My fiancee, Cody Schmidt then you’ll ever know as Fort McMurray was home to me for a few years of my life and home to those that are most nearest and dearest to me. It holds a very special place not only in my heart but the provinces. When such tragedy strikes it’s so important to come together and help those who are in need! I’m determined to make a difference and help anyone and everyone we can!!

A message from Adriana:

As a very empathetic person this tragedy hits me so hard. I have so many friends I’ve made over the years who have lost their houses as a result of this fire. Houses are a material thing but homes are not. I have friends who have lost their childhood homes, the ones they took their first steps and graduated from high school in. I have other friends who lost their homes that they were raising their children in. As a mother myself I can’t imagine the pain of losing the nest that I poured my heart and soul into making safe and loving for my child. My heart aches and breaks by the minute knowing that what these people have lost can never be replaced but I know that if we can come together and donate what we have (be it time, money, or items) we can help ease their devastation and help them start anew. Please do what ever you can to help us support, love, and relieve all the suffering this disaster has caused. Anything will help. Thank you

I would like to extend my greatest thank you to everyone who has helped us orchestrate this process of donating, and contributing to the city and our loved ones.

My whole life I have been more than blessed, and lucky.  It means everything to me that I am healthy, and well. Helping people in this world brings me so much joy and I wish to inspire everyone, everywhere that we only have each other, and that love with always conquer.

Thank you again, so much love from Myself and the girls!

Donating funds is done quickly and easily right on your cell.
call 1-800-418-1111
text ‘redcross’ to 30333 for a $5 donation, which will be added on to your regular phone bill! (You can text as many times as you’d like!)

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