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How to Get a Good Nights Rest

Nearly seven out of ten Americans experience sleep problems and while some changes in your sleep can be biological like aging, physical diseases, pain, etc., others can be associated with mental health disorders like depression or anxiety. However, commonly, sleep issues can also stem from bad habits and bad sleep hygiene.
Sleeping is not just about resting or taking a break, it’s actually essential to our physical and emotional health. Proper sleep also helps us recover from illness and injury and not getting enough of sleep can be associated with health issues like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and depression. A lack of sleep can severely impact our daily life and eventually, our health.

Experts say that seven to eight hours of sleep each night is ideal. However, this number can change based on your age and person. For example, a newborn should get around 14-17 hours each day of sleep, where a senior (65+) should get around seven to eight. Check out this chart to get an idea of how much is good for you.
Lets face it, sleep is so friggin’ important and it’s one of my favourite things to do. I know when I haven’t had enough sleep because it changes my mood and my every day life. However, we all go through times in our life that make it harder to get a restful night of sleep. For me, it’s when I have a lot going on and/or I’m stressed out. My anxiety can also prevent me from resting my mind when it’s time to go to sleep. For me, I don’t drink alcohol or coffee, and I don’t take melatonin, the natural supplement many people have become attached to so they can get a good night sleep. Yet, I’ve had sleep issues since I was a young girl and was diagnosed with night terrors which affected me until I was around 11.

Over the many restless nights I’ve had, I’ve found some things that really help me ensure I get a good sleep.



1. Power down
Put your phone away, sleep with it in another room and just try really hard to chill (easier said than done and do as I say not as I do). I am not going to sit here and lie to you. I fucking find this very challenging. My work is my phone. My bills are paid with my phone. I am my phone. It’s hard, but I have been successful so far since FoodByMaria was first born!
2. Don’t nap
I didn’t think adults still did this. Why would you nap then wonder why you can’t sleep at night you bitches? You’re probably not tired. Cut them out. They don’t help your sleeping and they make you feel like shit when you wake up!
3. Save the bed for sex and sleep
Do not watch movies in bed. Do not eat in bed. Do not chill in bed. YOUR BED IS WHERE YOU SLEEP, SEX and READ. That’s it. Have sex wherever the hell else you want but just make sure your mind knows that your bed is a place where you rest and sleep. It’s really important. The second I hit that damn pillow (unless I am on my period or anxious) I AM GONE! Like bye bitch, I am sleeping and i’ll be up at the crack of 5:27- 6:13 am.
4. Re-evaluate your pillow, bedding and mattress
Go see a chiropractor, doctor or sleep therapist. Evaluate your neck, see if its neutral, get your back checked and do a full on re-evaluation of your bed situation! THIS SHIT IS IMPORTANT PEOPLE! You spend a lot of hours in your bed at night, make sure it’s a good one.
5. No coffee
But if you love it then nothing after 2:00pm. Coffee keeps you awake and it kinda fucks with your sleeping patterns. If you already have issues sleeping, then I suggest cutting out caffeine for a bit just to see if it helps! Also, if you’re like: “OH MY GOD WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITHOUT COFFEE?”… take vitamin c, b12, b complex and just chill. You’ll be fine. Read this blog post if you suffer from acne, some of these vitamins may not be for you. Try powders like rishi, chaga and cordyceps instead.
6. Turn your phone onto night mode as soon as the sun has set
Be gentle on your eyes, that damn blue light is not doing you any favours when it comes to sleeping. You can also look into anti-glare glasses and screens!
7. Create a routine so you help your body clock turn on
Go to bed at the same time every night (within moderation, don’t give up your social life just so you’re home and tucked in bed by 10pm). To help establish a routine and get your body into a really well oiled machine state of mind – this is a game changer for me. If I go to bed before 11 and am up by 630-7, I feel like a re-birthed ninja Gandhi that have the best bowel movements, am full of energy and I’m ready to take on the day with a kick ass smile, fierce attitude and an unstoppable mind-set. 
8. Take magnesium and use lavender essential oils
Magnesium relaxes your muscles, helps you chill and is really great all round and lavender is magical. Research shows that lavender helps ease anxiety and insomnia. In one study, it even showed that adults who used lavender essential oils ranked their quality of sleep by 20%!
9. Don’t eat late meals
Try not to eat at least three hours before sleeping. This goes for drinking lots of water too. I drink sooo much water, but I try to drink less just before bed, that way I sleep throughout the night without a pee break! Also, eating late puts your body into full digestion mode… so when your body is trying to digest food while trying to sleep, it doesn’t work. Your body focuses so hard on your tummy that is sets your mind and body to a wide-awake-state and that really messes with your sleep, digestion and eating pattern
10. Make sure your room is comfortable, cozy and not too warm
Lastly, make your room a god damn haven. You want your room to be your spiritual goddess area where you know you are at peace, in love and completely at ease. I love having fairy lights, Himalayan salt lamps, plants, art, books, fluffy bedding and candles all up in my room. It’s the best vibe people! Calm space = calm sleep.

BONUS tip: don’t fight sleep. 
If you’re tired at 7, then go to bed. Your body clearly needs it. Then when you wake up, try and think about why you were so tired. Did sleeping so early work? How do you feel?

Do you suffer with sleep? What are your tips and tricks? 

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