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How to Naturally Lose Weight – No pills. Let’s do this naturally. For us. For our Health.

First, things first.  I know what you’re thinking: “Maria, this doesn’t seem like your style? You preach self love and you tell people to accept themselves the way they are”.  Sure, I do! I love everything about my message and all my beliefs, but when it comes down to it, I have to listen to my followers and help them. The number one question I am asked is: “How do you stay fit and do you have any tips to natural weight loss?”  Why would I ignore my peoples requests?  Who am I to deprive YOU of some really important information?

Approximately two out of three American’s are overweight. However, there is a difference between being an unhealthy weight and just wanting to be your own personal “target” weight. It’s important to know what a healthy weight is for your height, age, etc. and to acknowledge that no two bodies are the same. And a scale doesn’t mean everything! There are so many factors to your weight, including healthy ones. Are you well-hydrated? When did you eat last? Have you pooped? Heavy, dense bones and strong muscles are great things, but they can be heavier.
What about skinny fat? Is that even a thing? Yes, yes it is. One of the biggest risks of fast (and unhealthy) weight loss is also losing important muscle mass which actually helps you maintain a slightly higher metabolism. Don’t mistake losing muscle “weight” as being healthy. You need to maintain your muscle mass and lower your body fat percentage to what is healthy for your body. 
This is where your doctor can be incredibly beneficial. They can help you determine what a healthy weight is for YOU. Some people are genetically built to be larger, and doctors can help determine what is right for your body. They can also run tests to check your cholesterol, sugar balance, vitamins and minerals, etc. You can be the sexiest human on the planet with the best abs and skin, but could still be at risk of heart disease, diabetes or other major diseases. DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. Those models you see in ads? The majority of them are naturally built to be that thin and most people can’t or won’t achieve that. So remember, you are unique.
So if you know me, you know I had bulimia, I get what it’s like to feel confused, to feel empty and sad at times, with both yourself and your body. I also appreciate that there are people out there that are completely happy with themselves even if they do need extra help. Like I said, if you’re healthy, happy and well-nourished, then it shouldn’t matter. Lets shatter societal norms and try our best to learn to be happy with ourselves, our best selves. You feel me?
Here are some tips to help you naturally, without pills or diets, lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. Note that I am not telling you that you are not perfect the way you are. You know what is best for you, and you know what works for you body and your mind. These are really simple, and encouraging tips to a better, more active life!
1. Be happy with yourself. Confidence and happiness breed positivity. The sooner you love you, the sooner your mind will be in a better place to make those changes you seek. 

2. Stop comparing yourself. You are enough. Stop comparing yourself to skinny models. They’re beautiful, but so are you. You are genetically made to have the shape you have. Work on bettering yourself and learning to love those curves, your no-ass and small tits. You’re fabulous.

3. Only eat when you’re hungry. We often confused boredom and thirst for hunger. Eat when you’re hungry, or when you know you should be eating. How do we help create a hungry body? Work out. Keep moving. Go for walks. Create a very organiezed and scheduled eating pattern. I started eating all the time, but smaller meals, and I found my body would start talking to me.  Maria, it’s 11, eat your snack.

4. Eat all the time. Like I mentioned above. In order to create a hungry body, you need to discipline it. Do not go eat Doritos every meal, I just mean your body is your machine. Fuel it. Keep it happy.

5. Eat breakfast. This post explains why it’s so important but in short, breakfast provides us with energy, nutrients, protein and fiber. The body needs these nutrients and research shows that when you miss breakfast, you’ll be less likely to make up for these missing nutrients later in the day.

6. Watch less television. Sure, watch your shows, do your thing, relax, but there is no need to be glued in front of the TV for hours! Go for a walk, go visit your friends, read a book, stimulate your mind! Take up baking, learn a different sport or activity, go on a date, or have sex! Just be a bit more active and try to keep your mind working. I know it seems stressful and probably the last thing you want to do after a long day, but I swear it works!!

7. Always carry snacks and healthy options with you and stocked in the fridge (I am releasing a meal prep ebook in the next month so stay tuned!).

Here are some easy and healthy recipes to get you started:

Have you struggled with your self esteem, confidence or weight? I love hearing how you helped yourself or what you found helped you get through this stage of your life. Share below in the comments 🙂

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