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I Just Wish You Would Burst – 9 Remedies

Evening lovelies!! I hope everyone enjoyed their Monday. I am currently sitting at home snuggled up in a blanket, that my sister left me, next to the fire place, with a heat pad, big bottle of water, watching The Vampire Diaries.

So for a long time now I have been thinking about the best way I write about something that has been going on in my life.  I don’t often talk about health “issues” with people other than my family, and really close friends but I thought this topic should be addressed as the more people I do open up to the more I realize that this is common health problem.  I am fully aware that this is not something I should be worried about, or something that should scare me as there are so many cases of it all around the world. So I wanted to share with you lovely people how I get on with my day when I feel like I cant because of the pain.

In 2013 I started taking birth control, and this is when everything changed.  My skin began to act up (bless it is finally back to normal), my body started to hate me, and I noticed a weird bloating on the left side of my belly begin to develop.  For the longest time I thought this was from my period, or food… and eventually I just started to think it was my IBS killing me.  It all got too confusing, so I started doing my research and I basically self diagnosed myself with Ovarian Cysts.  I had all the symptoms linked to them, and I just needed something to blame for all the pain I was going through.  But this wasn’t until December 2015… Andrew had just left, and this swelling on the left side of my belly was getting worse so I booked a doctors appointment (there were several other things going on, but it all came down to stress and feeling sad) to finally get an answer.  Surely after a few tests, and ultrasounds they found that Ping Pong sized nugget of a Cyst. I was so relieved, and happy.  We finally knew what was going on.  I did indeed have an Ovarian Cyst.

Ovarian Cyst 1

These bad boys come in all shapes and sizes, there are different types, and they effect people differently as well.  I have met women who have had Ovarian Cysts for years and didn’t even know – gosh I wish.  Since I am not a doctor, and don’t really enjoy going into anatomy details I am just going to break down to you people what I have been doing to help the pain, and hopefully get rid of this guy!

PS ILL TAKE NAME SUGGESTIONS FOR WHEN WE HAVE HIS FUNERAL. I have already named his two past brothers who died last year…. Henry, and Winston.  They were both ass holes.  I cant be 100% sure that they were cysts, but the pain I went through those 2 nights (around 4 months apart) was without a doubt the worst pain I have ever dealt with in my life.  Had me in crippling pain, shaking, and feeling like I could pass out on the bathroom floor. If being stabbed repeatedly in the stomach for two hours was an Olympic Sport I would kick its ass because I handled it like a champ…but it sucked.  I have talked to a couple women who have been admitted to the hospital while theirs burst, and they described the exact same symptoms as me…. so to help all of you suffering from this BS I made a little list of remedies, and things I have been doing to help with the pain! AND IT IS WORKING!


So with no further a due….

Here are 9 ways I am healing myself, and killing this Ovarian Cyst that seems to love driving me crazy.

Hot Water Bottle  – every morning if I have time I will put a hot water bottle on my lower abdomen so ease the swelling, and help with the pain I go through after having my first meal.  This really helps, and the heat is super good for reducing inflammation, and releasing any built up gas you have going on in there that the cyst has blocked from coming out.

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Turmeric Tablets – these tablets are god sent.  I have been taking 1-2 a day for around 3 weeks and the results have been remarkable.  Three weeks I was retaining any and every ounce of water I was consuming, my body wasn’t dealing well with food, any food, ever…and since I eat 6-8 times a day this was becoming a problem.  Now that I started taking these tablets my body doesn’t bloat (maybe once a week), and i feel much less heavy and inflamed.  Not only has it helped me deal with the inflammation from my cyst but it is also super good for helping repair damaged liver tissues.  I use New Chapter Turmeric, and I highly suggest it!

Apple Cider Vinegar – Apple Cider Vinegar seems to be helping shrink my ovarian cyst caused by potassium deficiency. I add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of warm water, drink it in the morning, and evening.  I have been doing this for 6 weeks now, and man is it ever working! It is meant to make the cyst disappear completely so I will let you all know how my doctors appointment goes in 1 month!

While we’re on the topic of water. I use this great filtration system called Berkey for my water to ensure I have all the minerals in my water I want, and all the bad stuff I don’t want is out of it. Check them out here and use MARIA5 at checkout for 5% off! 

Peppermint Tea – Good quality and organic Peppermint Tea has really helped me deal with the pain, discomfort and swelling.  I often have a cup of tea before bed, or after meals.

Beetroot – Beetroot contains betacyanin, a compound in our body that helps boost the livers ability to get rid of toxins that are lingering in our system.  Beetroot also has an alkaline nature which in turn helps balance the acidity in our system.  There combined action helps decrease the symptoms that are caused my ovarian cysts.

I read about how to drink it and this is what I have been doing. I Mix 1/2 a cup of beetroot juice/ or powder with one tablespoon each of aloe vera gel and blackstrap molasses… you’re supposed to drink this once daily but since I drink Apple Cider Vinegar every morning I just do this every 2-3 days.

Himalayan Sea Salts – (I DO NOT DO THIS ONE ALL THE TIME BECAUSE I DO NOT HAVE TIME) I have heard miracles happen when you bathe in Himalayan Sea Salt.  Some women have noticed decreased pain within days, and some say that their symptoms have completely disappeared.  Anytime I do have the time to take a bath I am sure to add salt.  Just make sure it is amazing quality, and that you add it after the bath has been ran, not during.

Sweet Marjoram and Clary Sage Essential Oil 

Sweet Marjoram Oil is really good at soothing muscles aches, and cramps. It is also a great laxative when applied topically with a base carrier oil and massaged over the bowel and intestines.

Clary Sage Oil soothes the nerves, and helps you sleep when the pain gets a bit too much to handle.  I rub one drop, neat, onto my inner ankles, and I notice a lot less pain almost instantly.

Both these oils are amazing, and can also be used in your diffuser to help ease anxiousness, and help promote a calm environment.

Cyst Blend: Geranium and Yarrow Essential Oil Blended in a base carrier oil 

Geranium Oil helps restore equilibrium to your hormones. So basically where there is a hormonal imbalance in your body (cyst) it will help aid your system return to normal.  Geranium also,

  • Balances hormones
  • Relieves stress
  • Reduces depression
  • Minimizes inflammation
  • Improves circulation
  • Benefits the health of your skin

Yarrow Oil Yarrow is also an anti inflammatory oil so it is perfect for dealing with cysts.  

So how to blend: I took 6 drops of each oil, and added it to 150ml of organic massage oil.

Massage onto the insides of your ankles, and downwards towards the arch of your foot, around 3 times a day till you notice your symptoms ease up or go away (this is just what I do, if you’re unsure go speak to a specialist).  

Maca Root Powder – Maca is a fertility herb that aids the body produce progesterone and balance the hormones without containing any hormones itself. I add Maca to my oats, smoothies, and treats.  It has a pretty bland taste so you can add it literally anything and hardly notice it is there.  I suggest this super food to everyone!

Phewwww…. ok there you have it, 9 remedies I have been using to get through my day!

As you all know fitness is a huge part of my life, so it was becoming super hard to get myself to the gym, but not once have I let the pain get the best of me.  Although there were times where I literally felt like I couldn’t walk or mentally control my emotions as my hormones are so imbalanced from this I still drug myself to the gym, and every time I felt better when I left…. just goes to show that your brain can quickly take over your body, so always remember “mind over matter”.  You are stronger than you know.

I didn’t start this journey to put half my heart into it.  I give my body breaks when it needs them, and I treat it right 24/7.  Be balanced, keep nourished, and listen to your body.

Sending all my love to you, and I hope someone, somewhere can relate to what I have been going through

Love from your Greek Food Goddess XOX



Hi love–I can totally relate to what you are going through! I have a cyst that has been giving me intermittent pain for the last few months and have started trying to heal naturally with a clean diet and supplements (I am 25 and want to have kids in the future, so chopping off an ovary isn’t my ideal resolution).

I am wondering if you had your doctor’s appointment yet. I would love to know if you saw any improvement in the size of your cyst, and pray that you did! I’ve read on other sites that women with ovarian cysts have had great results after taking apple cider vinegar, and I wonder if you are having a similar experience. PS:

Good luck with everything–your beautiful attitude will get you through it!

PS: I’ve read all over the internet that blackstrap molasses does wonders for ovarian cysts too.

Linda Emily

My sister was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst 6.7 Cms of size and she was in much pain. The doctors advised her to have surgery but it is something that she was not in favour of and she cannot afford the costs.This natural remedy
( http://ovarian-cysts.1remedy.net ) was of big help to us and her pain has reduced very much after a week.


I just found out I have 2 ovarian cyst on each side one 4.8 by 3.2 and other 3.3 by 2.6. I don’t want surgery but am in so much pain that my belly is pulling from the inside and can’t walk.

Tracey Malanowich

I love when people share – I haven’t enough but I actually too found I have a cyst – but on my pancreas – the Hint for the pain – coffee enemas with organic light roast (no joke) Gwyneth Paltrow promotes them on her health site and for good reason – stimulates the liver to cleanse the blood more and it works. As well, lots of green juice and carrot apple juice. As the enemas cleanse the blood of toxins – you must replenish the nutrients – hence a good organic diet. Then add castor oil compresses on your abdomen. Along with the ACV in your diet and , iodine – Lugols brand applied on your skin – stimulates the thyroid and immune system and your body will absorb only what it needs. Iodine helps break down cysts through the immune response. Just some of what I have learnt.

adalina williams

Two years ago, my life was nearly over because i was considering ending it. At 37, i am a mother of two,i was in constant debilitating pain that no doctor had been able to effectively understand and treat.i likens the bladder pain to being both electrocuted and passing kidney stones. Countless CAT scans came back negative. Seeking relief, i was admitted to the hospital every two weeks or so. Opioids took the edge off, though doctors became suspicious.They treated me like a drug seeker and it was just a terrible situation to have doctors not believe that you were in any sort of pain,” i says. “I was very suicidal at the time. The pain medication had taken its toll not only on my body, but also my mind. I wasn’t really living any sort of life. I was lying in my bed 24 hours a day.”i had experienced intermittent pain since my  first menstrual period, eventually undergoing a hysterectomy at age 32 — but the pain continued. i had plans for bladder removal surgery in July 2018 when i discovered Dr UDO herbal medication which helped me to get all my health problems resolved,.DR UDO pretty much saved my life,” He has so many cures to varies of sickness and diseases eg Hiv,diabetes,cancer ,asthma,pneumonia,herpes,hepatitis B,candidiasis,syphilis,genital warts,hpv, ,epilepsy,parkinson,etc,you can contact DR UDO through email address or wwhatsapp.Email….drudoazibahivhealingcentre@gmail.com.     Whatsapp  number…….+2348051075165.

May Bris

Wanted to read your testimony but could not see the entire post. Can you email it to me please?


Two years ago, my life was nearly over because i was considering ending it. At 37, i am a mother of two,i was in constant debilitating pain that no doctor had been able to effectively understand and treat.i likens the bladder pain to being both electrocuted and passing kidney stones. Countless CAT scans came back negative. Seeking relief, i was admitted to the hospital every two weeks or so. Opioids took the edge off, though doctors became suspicious.They treated me like a drug seeker and it was just a terrible situation to have doctors not believe that you were in any sort of pain,” i says. “I was very suicidal at the time. The pain medication had taken its toll not only on my body, but also my mind. I wasn’t really living any sort of life. I was lying in my bed 24 hours a day.”i had experienced intermittent pain since my  first menstrual period, eventually undergoing a hysterectomy at age 32 — but the pain continued. i had plans for bladder removal surgery in July 2018 when i discovered Dr UDO herbal medication which helped me to get all my health problems resolved,.DR UDO pretty much saved my life,” He has so many cures to varies of sickness and diseases eg Hiv,diabetes,cancer ,asthma,pneumonia,herpes,hepatitis B,candidiasis,syphilis,genital warts,hpv, ,epilepsy,parkinson,etc,you can contact DR UDO through email address or wwhatsapp.Email….drudoazibahivhealingcentre@gmail.com.     Whatsapp  number…….+2348051075165.

Lesley Anderson

It’s been so good reading these comments, have just been thru 3 weeks of horrendous pain! My pain started off as a light throb on my left hand side, 3 nights later I couldn’t sleep because of the pain, it was worse when I laid down, I felt a pulling sensation. I live in the UK, because of Covid-19, all of our medical services are restricted….my doc ended up prescribing liquid morphine and sleeping tablets altho they seemed to think it was diverticulitis(intestine)….I ended up paying for a CT scan privately to get some answers….this showed some common cysts on my left ovary. I ended up at the ER a few days later as I was doubled over in pain, I got sent home but the hospital had me back today for an ultrasound, she couldn’t see the cyst so she believes that it ruptured on Friday and that was why I was in so much pain, have never felt anything like it. I now have a dull pain which I am hoping will ease over the next few days, I’m deffo gonna try the ACV. My cysts were big by any means so I feel for those of you with larger ones….hope you all get some relief soon x

Kimone Jones


I am going through the same thing with covid. A ruptured cysts, unable pain. It like anything I’ve every felt before. Went to the emergency room they diagnosed me with a ruptured cysts but aren’t given me any pain meds because of COVID protocol. It’s been a few days of antibiotics but I’m still feeling cramp especially when I walk around. And immense gas pains, not sure where that came from too. Not sure what to do because this is a first.


Hi all, I’m so glad that I stumbled upon this post. I’ve been trying to figure out this horrible pain I’ve been experiencing for the past few days. I’ve tried halting treat myself for gas or maybe BV. But since I do have a 4 cm cyst this just confirmed that this must be the pain I’m experiencing. I have been taking vitex berry I heard that it helps with hormone Imbalances, but it hasn’t worked. So, I’ll give acv a try, maca root, and those essential oils. Thanks for this post !

Elizabeth R.

Maca works super well! I am peruvian and I bring it over to the states from there and what I have found/ heard from locals is that red maca is best for women’s heath. Take it everyday, it really does work. I got my period after a year of not having it because of maca, your sex drive also goes up.

Melissa Timm

I’ve discovered that I have a lot of gas and acid reflux when I have a cyst

Miss Bliss

I’m 28 and I had a 15cm ovary cyst removed 4 months ago, after being in pain for 7 months. The doctor told me if you have a ruptured cyst, burst or twisted and it causes unbearable pain and vomiting you need to have surgery. I had my emergency surgery during covid (April 2020) i was scared but honestly it was for the best and the feeling after when you know it’s been removed is so worth it. Don’t suffer in silence, keep on at your doctor and if it’s too much go to a&e

Manisha dahiya

Mam I detect an enderomcyst 139mm.230mm.251mm.is doctors suggest me for surgery . I’m 34 yrs old .is mine cysts also can removed by your nine remedies

Sara J

Im 24 years old, I went to my doctor recently because I started spotting after my last period and I found out that I have a cyst 3.9 cm in size on my right ovary. I was put on Ponstan Forte to stop the bleeding and yasmin birth control to regulate the hormones. I’m sceptical about the yasmin as of the potential side effects. I wanted to try more natural remedies to get rid of this cyst

Yvette Gomez

Hi, thanks for the tips I’m gonna start drink the apple cider vinegar right away! I’m 18 and 4 months ago I had a cyst removed (the size of a water ballon) the doctors told me it was very rare for me to develop another one since they only found one. 4 month later… I’m having the same pain in my lower left side I talked to the obgyb and all they said my only option was birth control. I would also like to know if drinking apple cider vinegar helped get rid of the cyst. Thanks for sharing your story

Maria Koutsogiannis

Hey Yvette,

I would go and see a naturopath and get some suggestions from a specialist but everything in the blog post did certainly help but I can’t say for sure if ACV helped get rid of my cysts! Good luck sweetie

Maria x


Hi Maria Is there any update with your ovarian cysts?Is the Apple cider vinegar and all the remedies you posted works ?
Give us an update pls

Thank You


Maria Koutsogiannis

Hello there! My cysts have been cleared and gone for a few years now. All these remedies we’re so helpful but make sure you’re going to a doctor too to stay safe and healthy!


Okay.Did you use all this remedy to clear the cyst and which one is the best remedy you use .
Did you do any surgery or just the remedies you have posted here.


What did you use to clear the cyst

Anne Marie Sophie

Hee Girls, glad to hear I’m not alone. I’ve been experiencing heavy pain attacks (around 30 minutes ) around my menstruation date. I stopped taking birth control 8 months ago and I haven’t had my period since.. the pain started two month ago. My right ovary is super huge according to the scans.. now I’m waiting for the gynaecologist to call me. I was super upset but the doctor calmed me down with his laid-back attitude. Now I want to get rid of this without any medication. I’m drinking apple vinegar every morning and I’m taking the maca root pills. Have some of you tried some type of yoga?
conclusion ; never f* up your hormones taking birth control!!!!!

thank you all for sharing, at least we’re not alone

Chika N

Hey all. I was on the birth control pill for hormonal imbalance and it messed everything up for me. A gynecologist advice to ease up on the pills and allow my body heal by itself. I did and my symptoms started to ease up one after the other even though it wasn’t easy because I was going through a lot but my body adjusted fine. It was the same when I found out I have PMS. I only used painkillers and gradually some of the symptoms disappeared. It’s just the cramps, frequent urination and fatigue now. Found out last year I have a cyst on my right ovary about 4cm. Slight pain. Manageable. Last month I was having this crazy pain on the left side and found it it’s a cyst. The left one isn’t even up to 2cm but very painful. It’s like my body overcomes one challenge and 20 more show up. I want surgery to be the last option. It’s really not easy being a woman. God help us

Mary pagan

hey how u feeling now after the surgery..any pain bleeding .do u went home the same day??

Shauntae Ashford

oh my goodness thank you so much i am in the most pain. i think i can honestly say this is worst then child birth. you described everything i am currently going through.. had it not been for me reading this info from you id be screwed because i dont have the best insurance in the world i was forced wait until then end of the month for an appointment. i feel like i could very well be dead by then.. i am completely useless at home and i have 5 children. i hope this stuff works for me too. thanks again.

Asogwa Lilian Ndidiamaka

I have ovarian cyst and the gynaecologist recommend surgery for me. Can this remedies work for big cyst too.


Hi, so did the ACV work? Please reply 🙁

Aparna Amol

It was indeed a beautiful article on how to deal with ovarian cysts & list of home remedies, and things that one can think of doing to ease out with the pain! AND IT WAS AMAZING TO KNOW IT’S WORKING!


Thank u for posting! I have PCOS and have also recently had to have emergency surgery because one of the cysts ruptured. It was awful. I want to try a natural remedy as I don’t handle the birth control pill. I will start tomorrow on Apple cider vinegar and turmeric tablets!

Meg Danieles

Hi, Today I found out I have 8cm ovarian cyst on my right ovary. I experience longer period and heavy bleeding but no pain so far. The doctor prescribed me with hormonal pill to take for 2 months and see if it helps. Today I want to start living healthy and been reading articles on how to improve my health naturally.

su gate

Meg pls let me know if pain reduced with apple cider vinegar are you going for surgery option or no?

Annie Toh

Hi Maria,
Thanks for the 9 remedies.

My gynae just confirmed my ovarian cyst. While I don’t have any symptoms, I am keen to shrink it naturally.

Has your cyst shrunk after the remedies and how long did the improvement take?

Wishing you success in the shrinking journey!!!
Hope to hear from you soon!

Maria Koutsogiannis

Hey beauty! Yes, they certainly subsided with the remedies. This blog post is two years old now so fortunately I have been cyst free for a bit now! I wish you the best my love xxxx

Ashley Langford

So did these remedies complete get rid of your cyst? Or was it something else you did?

Maria Koutsogiannis

These are just remedies I did to help ease the pain and what I hope led to the cyst bursting. I am not a doctor and these are just things I did to help myself.


Than you so much for your remedies, I defo want to try the ACV but what do you mean they burst your cyst? That sounds scary 😥, I thought it’s just meant to shrink the cysts? I have 2 very large cysts (about more than a fist size on each ovary) and wonder how long it’ll take me to shrink them by ACV till they’re gone completely or till I can consider any surgery (the smaller the cysts are the more possible fertility is after surgery). How long did it take you to shrink yours? I don’t want mine to burst that’s too worrying. Please get back to me if you can 🙏🏼 I’m so glad you’re cyst free now and pray that I can be too soon.

Anne O'Toole

Hi Maria i am 53 undergoing tests for a massive cyst 29cm by 10cm – hoping it is not cancerous – but i will try the tumeric tablets and funny alteady drinking the apple cider vinegar – will post you when i find out – and am swollen like a whale – tbank you for your fabulous inspiring informative article from a very getting depressed person at moment

Paula Cascais

Thank You Maria!
And thanks to all of you girls! With you telling your experience with this F*%# Cysts, now I don’t feel like I’m the only one suffering from this.
When I tell my friends that I have ovarian cysts and they tell me that they too had them at some point but always without pain, I feel lonely and scared, but reading all a of you girls, made me feel that I’m not alone, that the pain is real and it’s not me that is weak!!! Thank you all very much! Specially Maria! 🤗❤️


I have just been told I have 1 ovarian cyst 10cm diameter and that I shouldn’t ski (which I’m planned to do next weekend) or run, which I do twice a week. I’m in two minds, while having my period and in excruciating pain because of cyst (I presume) I was told to do exercise, but they are saying I could “twist” it if I do too much exercise. What’s that about ?? Xx

Maria Koutsogiannis

Hello there! Unfortunetly I can’t help too much here as I am not a doctor but what I do know is that you should listen to your doctor or seek a second opinion. A 10cm ovarian cyst is not to be taken lightly so I would suggest asking around for the best doctors and naturopaths. They are quite easy to overcome and cure but the key is to listen to your body and the experienced doctors trying to help you! Sending you love x

Sandy Deen Singh

Hi maria I am very frustrated bcus I have com to no dat I have four ovarium cyst .. I was Rely stress out but after reading des comments I realize I’m not d only one suffering .. I decided to use the turmeric pills an apple cider. I hope it works .. sandy


Thank you so much I am going to give it a try. I am battling with endo and my cyst come and go but any relief would be great.


Great advice women. I have a cyst the size of a grapefruit and are undergoing surgery tomorrow. I couldn’t understand for the longest time why I was experiencing pain. I also felt a lump growing bigger and bigger. I had two full term pregnancies and natural. I’ll post an update after my surgery. 👩‍⚕️👍👍

Nikki Jackson

Hi Maria, I have just been told I have 1 ovarian cyst 10cm diameter and that I shouldn’t ski (which I’m planned to do next weekend) or run, which I do twice a week. I’m in two minds, while having my period and in excruciating pain because of cyst (I presume) I was told to do exercise, but they are saying I could “twist” it if I do too much exercise. What’s that about ?? Xx

Marry Shawn

Your ovary could twist. Mine did at 18 cyst was so big it twisted an had to have emergency surgery. Now I’m 21 with two kids an one ovary an I can feel a cyst on my other on an I still want more kids in the future. But I don’t have insurance to go to the doctor so I’m praying this works. Or else I won’t be able to.


I’ve been diagnosed of a ovarian cyst but my doctor says I should be watching it maybe it would go on it’s own
Please if you know anything I can use or if you’ve shrink yours kindly get back to me
The pain is unbearable


Good day everyone. Molasses with rough skin lemon and raw aloes blended together help removes cysts. All the best


Hi Reshme sure can remove cyst using the above ingred

Dianne Barinque

Hi! I am currently 18 yrs old and my one ovary was removed at age of 14 because of ovarian cyst sizes like a fist. Thankyou very much for your help! I will start to mix a tablespoon of apple cider to my water. I thought it was just for weight loss. Thankyou again! 💖

Lori f

Mix with 1 tbsp black strap molasses

Giovanna Marie

I was just in the ER for a complex ovarian cyst, and I have to say, doctors need to work on their bedside manner when they threaten ovarian torsion! That’s no joke! I’m waiting on results to know how big the thing is and the next steps. This article was a comfort since I know that I don’t need to go under the knife to get rid of the thing, so thanks for writing!

Maria Koutsogiannis

Good luck with it all love!

Danielle Mars

Was the apple Cider vinegar helpful?

Mariana Rodrigues

At age 21, I had a complex cyst with 22cm and I lost my right ovary. Last year I decided to freeze my eggs because I was afraid of loosing my left ovary. The freeze did not work and now I have a cyst with 5cm. I cannot lose my only ovary so I am doing everything I can to reduce it. Does anyone here believe I will be able to reduce it without surgery? Thank you!!

Lori f

You need to be careful with complex cysts as there is a risk of malignancy when complex…..more so than simple…I have one too and had to get a ca125 blood level done ordered by my gynae

Kelly Nicholson

Thank you and God bless you for sharing.

Maria Koutsogiannis

you’re welcome!

Angel leigh

Hi there!
I was wondering I’d this would help with dermoid cysts at all? I’m 27 and have already had a twisted riotered dermoid cyst on my ovary that resulted in emergency surgery, when I was 16, as well as another 3 surgeries. I’m about to go my 5th after excruciating pain and finding yet another 13cm dermoid on an ovary. So if this works it would be amazing


Thank you so much and God bless you. You’ve given so many women who are sufferers a beautiful suggestion and a ray of hope to deal and overcome with this journey. Sending love and hugs..

Maria Koutsogiannis

You’re so welcome hun!


My daughter 19 years old found cyst 5.9 cm ovarian cyst ,it was 4.9 cm before 2 months ago but no symptoms,does apple cider and turmeric works please,worried mom.

Ruchi singh

Hi I have gone through the same situation Around 3 years back and the only option I was told was surgery . But thanx to my God sent another gynaecologist she convinced me to wait and start her medication and I tell u guys it helped me completely . Though the chances of reoccurrence is certain but it’s tendency is found in certain percentage of women but still medication is much better than surgery bcoz even surgery is not a permanent solution. With my proper medication the huge problem of has subsided and the heaviness on lower left side is gone. If you guys want to know the medication she had prescribed me plz do lemme know. I will me more than happy to share .


Myia Johnson

What was the Medicine? I’m in a similar situation


Hi Ruchi, thank you for being so considerate. I am in a similar situation as yours, mine from 3cm it has been grown to 5cm pls I will like to know the natural remedy you used. Thank you

Lori f

Hi I have. Complex ovarian cyst 4.1 by 4.4 by 4.8…..could you please share what the medicine is

Emma Martinez

Hi Maria how long did you take the apple cider vinegar?

Nakaweesa Ruth Phionah

Please dear can you share with me the medication.


Hello I’m glad to know what medication did you took to shrink or remove the cysts .

Thank you

Maria Koutsogiannis

Everything I did is listed in this post. I also recommend going to a doctor to ensure everything is all and well.


Please May I know what medicine you take for your cyst? Thanks


Pls share the medication I also have same prob


May I know the medicine you take for your cyst?

Oyie clara

Hello dear….please I want to know the medecine…thanks

Bekee Maryann

Pls I want to know the medication


Ruchi tell me medicine name

Anthonia Uwalaka

Pls I want to know because am battling with an 11cm oarian cyst. Thank you

Martha Fernandez

Hello Ruchi please let me know the name of the medication.Thanks

Kolade Olubukola

Pls I wish to know d medication pls

Dusta. OTTS

Would like to know medicine


Hi Ruchi, can you plz send me your doctor name, address or number plz?? Or you can also send me the medicine name?? These fibroids are really spoilling my life so plz help dear…


Hi Ruchi, can you plz send me your doctor name, address or number plz?? Or you can also send me the medicine name?? These fibroids and cyst are really spoilling my life so plz help dear…

Oyie clara

Hello Ruchi….please help me with the name of the medicine


Yes! Please I would like to know. Thank you


Hi Ruchi Pls can you let me what medication is as I have 8cm cyst.


Hello what is the natural medication you use for your cyst pls

Anuragi sharma

Hi ruchi
Please can you send me your doctors name and phone number.
Iam in a similar situation.i live in Jaipur.
Doctors are recommending surgery ASAP.


Pls prescribe the medicine.. I need them too


Hi Ruchi, may you please share the medicine. I have a 7cm one on my right

vanessa Salinas

What medication was it that helped rid you from cyst?

Lori Falconi

Hi ruchi what medicine is itw



Good of you MARIA….. I will try it
May Allah bless you more as u help others to overcome the problems…


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Isabella Perennis

Hi, I think it’s important to add that large ovarian cysts can be extremely serious. When I was 27 I had a cyst rupture. It caused internal bleeding and my left ovary needed to be removed. If I had ignored the pain and not gone to the hospital I could have died from septicemia or blood loss, as this cyst had become infected as a result of me ignoring the pain, and being too mobile.

I recently had another that twisted and again caused internal bleeding. I lost a significant amount of blood, and if I had ignored it, again, I could have died. This time I was smarter and listened to my body and got help immediately.

It’s important to manage these things with a good attitude, but also extremely important to listen to your body and when you’re in excruciating pain – to take that as a message to listen.

Maria Koutsogiannis

Of course! As stated in this, I am no doctor and you should always consult an expert before doing this. They are serious and need to always be handled with care.

Marie Anderson

I’m 46 and went in for a regular pap exam and came out with apparently uterine tumor that may be cancerous, so they say and a extremely large cyst on my right ovary. I’m still in shock I don’t want surgery at all. I have diabetes rheumatoid arthritis high blood pressure. Covid going around and now you tell me I have all this. I just cried. I don’t want surgery. I ask for alternative methods. Anything but surgery because I’m scared to hell. I’ve read there’s so much more I can do other than letting them cut on me. Hearing and physically reading these stories gives me hope that I’m not alone. It’s a scary thought. But once I found out last week. I’m just happy to have read some form of hope. I appreciate y’all so much and wishing you all nothing but the best. I will definitely come through and tell you all of my process.


So what did cure your cysts? Can you tell us what else any other items you took to get well? Or did you have them removed surgically? I am still not clear and I don’t see your update. I am trying to get well and would really like to know the details given the original post.

Lilli Stergioulas

Hi ladies! I’m no expert but I thought I’d share my experience with an ovarian cyst and how I got rid of it naturally. It was painful and uncomfortable so I went to the doctor after a couple months, that was useless they basically said i needed survey or could wait for it to bust. I did some of my own research and my naturopath told me to cut out sugar and dairy completely! I did so and it went away within a month. If anyone is still struggling with this issue i’d definitely suggest trying no sugar and dairy and just all round a healthier diet. It worked for me! Xx

Kiara Ponce

What kind of cyst did you have? I have a dermoid cyst 20cm.

morning morgan

2 years ago I decided to have an ultra sound to determine why I suffered such debilitating menstrual cramps, my gyn only found a very small ovarian cyst and sent me on my way with some advil. a year later I started having chronic urinary type infections and on the 3rd visit was told I had a huge fibroid or cyst. I immediately had another ultra sound and found the cyst had grown to 7.5 centimeters. My gyn than wanted to do immediate surgery and explained that if they can’t drain it that most likely I would need a hysterectomy. When I asked why and how cyst occur, his only answer was that it is complicated. So I went home got on the Internet reviewed hundreds of web sites and found no reasonable explanation for cyst formation until coming upon a testimony on how Dr. Uwenbo cured a woman from the ovarian cyst. At this point I was in chronic pain from the cyst pressing against my bladder, and had developed chronic odor in my urine for 6 months that even the antibiotics could not cure. I contacted Dr. uwenbo and he told me that his herbal medicine can get rid of the cyst. I ordered for the herbs and he prepared it and sent it to me through UPS Courier service and I got it after 4 working days.. I started taking the medicine as prescribed by him… I took the herbal medicine for 21 days. After using the herbal medicine for just 3 days the odor and pain started to diminish. after 3 weeks of taking the medicine, I went back to my gyn and I had another Ultra Sound, the Cyst was no longer found. it’s been more than 6 months I took the herbs and I have no symptoms everyone tells me I look a 100% better, I sleep better and feel fantastic. and the best bonus of all I HAVE NO MORE MENSTRUAL CRAMPS.You can reach him on; dr.uwenboherbalhome@gmail.com, WhatsApp/call +2349052309005.. You can also reach me by email on mongmartha01@gmail.com



I have an ovarian cyst it’s complex will the herbal remedy you took work? Are they pills?

jennifer clement

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Thank you Dr. IHIBOR , Be kind enough to share as you received


Whats the name of medication? Please i need help with this cyst


I had 11cm ovarian right side then at 7 months follow up it was 17cm.its functional cyst my symptoms are bloating and heavy bleeding on 2nd day of period.im taking apple cider vinegar pills also I’m on yasmin birth control.really thought that would help to shrink it but it’s gone bigger.can I just leave it as it is hoping for the best or what suggestions from experience please
Thank you

maria erica

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I just wanna say that I have used apple cider for just under a week and my pain has gone from a 10 to a 3 within days drinking it 3 times a day table spoon with warm water. I’m going to keep going until all pain has gone and continue it for 3 more weeks afterwards. But thank you so much for this without reading what you put up I would of gone for my 3rd surgery which I didn’t want to do as my right ovary has basically stopped working from the last surgery I had. I had my doubts about this but I can’t believe it actually worked!!!!! PLEASE ANYONE WHO HAS CYSTS TRY THIS AND SEE HOW YOU GO BECAUSE IM NOW ALMOST PAIN FREE I CANT BELIEVE HOW SIMPLE IT WAS. FIRST TIME IN A LONG TIME IVE actually enjoyed sex! I’m so glad I done this

Lyndsey Porter

I was diagnosed with a cyst 3 weeks ago and I’ve never felt pain like it. Its massively affecting everything I do. I can’t walk without feeling everything pull inside. I’ve finally been referred to a gynecologist to see what they can do about it. I’m going to try the apple cider vinegar but would like to know what strength tumeric capsules you suggest to take please? Thank you.


Hey I was diagnosed today with a 5cm ovairian cyst and am in so much pain! Did you try the apple cider vinager, if so did it help? You can email me at tream1987@gmail.com and we can talk about your experience with it. I’m in a lot of pain right now


hello guys, I recently was diagnosed with a ovarian cyst of 5cm (left) and fibroid of 6cm at the right sight, I have been advised by my doctor to have surgery, and now doing some research to verify what can help, I will start from today cut off totally sugar, diary and all kind of not organic meat, wondering if this can help. I do not want to have the surgery because and suffer inappropriate sinus tachycardia and dont know what complications can have in the surgery.
Maria I will follo up your remedies, and let you know how it will go.
if you have any advise please let me know, for those how would like to write me here my email: melymel28@hotmail.com

Emesekwe chisom

Please what is the product of apple cider vinegar or is it any product thanks

Candice Huckle

I had no symptoms at all till my cyst partially burst. The pain was excruciating. I spent 2 days in hospital getting poked with needles and running all kids of tests just to be sent home and told to take tylenol. They obviously don’t know how painful it is. Even after it burst it was still over 8 cm. Will have to try your remedies. It’s been 5 days of pain now. Hopefully something works.


For pain I recommend magnesium supplements. I take 400mg magnesium glycinate before bed(its also a good sleep aid) It does help with some pain, in fact if i stop taking it, i feel all the feels the next day! I hope this helps, good luck 🙂

leonice alarico

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I’m so glad I saw your vlog. I’ve been looking for an answer with all of my questions. I’ve been suffering from this pain for almost a year already and all I have is a pain reliever. I’m glad to hear that apple cider can help ease the pain. Lot’s of love 🙂


Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I just started university this past September which triggered all the stress possible for me. I got diagnosed with a pretty big cyst apparently- 2.5cm(!!)(We’re now calling him Ralph) in November. I thought it was my appendix because the annoying pain was around that area.
The doctors at the hospital literally just told me to go on the pill to prevent getting more, no treatments or any info of how they were formed, they just told me to wait it out(que eyeroll)
Since then I’ve struggled to find a good regimen on what to take, but you condensed all the info I’ve been reading into one blog, and you personally managed to get results- awesome! Another supplement I’ve been taking is DIM in the form of I-3-C so the body breaks it down- cures all my pimples lol but if you eat too much sugar they’ll reappear. It’s supposed to balance out the healthy estrogen from the unhealthy estrogen we get(from environment or not organic dairy and other things like tap water). I’m definitely going to be using as much things as i can from this list. Thank you so much. 🙂

Margaret waithera

I have the same 18 by 8 ovarian cyst which medication dd you use kindly…m stressed.


From my understanding there is no medication to take according to doctors, but I don’t really know. I take magnesium, i-3-c and I’m hoping these remedies will work along with a healthier diet(Apparently cruciferous vegetables help with hormonal imbalances) . I also find working out to be effective in getting it to burst or leak out a bit- it hurts a bit more but it works I suppose. For pain, use epsom salt baths along with magnesium. Hope this helps!

Chika N

Thank You Hannah. I work out everyday and for the very 1st time my cyst on the left hurt as hell. Maybe I should go so a scan to see if it might have ruptured. Also I read about DIM from Dr Berg and have been wanting to get it. Expensive but if it will help with my PMS, I’ll gladly get it.

Rayo Emuesiri

Hi Rushi.pls I wd like to know d med ur doc prescribed. Txx

Hannah G.

I stupidly ate everything I am food intolerant to this weekend. I HAD to: restaurants just reopened due to Phase I of that which shall not be named. I’ll be interested in trying some of these band-aids which I hope to try to edit-undo my indiscretions.

As for prevention, I learned that my cysts were directly related to my diet… which was frustrating because I was doing everything right (paleo diet, normal body weight, daily CrossFit, etc.). My gyno discovered cysts and said the ONLY fix is hormonal birth control. I refused. Taking things into my own hands, I knew something overall was wrong with me, and not just PCOS… symptoms were numbness on left side of face, IBS, inflamed/flaky lips, coughing, arthritic-like joints, tired after eating, anal bleeding, reoccurring yeast infections, etc. I appealed to my insurance (read The Insurance Warrior by Laurie) to pay for a REPUTABLE holistic doctor I saw, rather than go along with my PCP’s referrals to an allergist, gerontologist, and dermatologist.

The holistic doctor gave me a blood test (KMBO FIT test) which revealed I had over 15+ food sensitives… broccoli, raspberries, oregano, turmeric, obvi gluten/wheat, CANDIDA, brewer’s yeast, milk/dairy, salmon, and practically all meat besides turkey, duck, and game meat. Within a couple weeks, all of my symptoms were gone. I told my gyno I no longer had ovarian pain and suspected it was because of my newly discovered food sensitives. She told me diet and the reproductive system are not connected and that diet would not change it. I GOT A NEW GYNOCOLOGIST.

I do not have any symptoms any more (unless I eat the foods I shouldn’t). Not saying this will 100% fix you, but food is medicine and “healthy” diet may not be healthy for everyone. Listen to your body… and ditch doctors that only trust their text books. Science is not hard facts, it evolves!

javion mason

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Appreciate your for sharing all these. I was diagnosed with a huge cyst just a few days ago about 1.5L. I’ve been requested to do several tests already to prepare me for an operation however I will try to do these remedies and hope it will help me as well. Thank you!


Having read your comments, I have started taking one turmeric tablet a day for the last two weeks and it has improved my situation. It helps with the pain and bloating.

Kiiza shallon

Hi I had several pains toward my periods but latter I was told that I had an ovarian cyst. If I take only apple cider vinegar can it shrink my cyst cause it’s painful and I can’t afford surgery


I took care of cysts & fibroids naturally

Anthonia Uwalaka

Good morning ma’am, how Please?


Pls girl how did you do it

kimberly terry

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Finally, I found a site for my daughter!! She was in hospital with a burst cyst and now we are wondering how to manage this situation in future. Thank you so much for sharing. God bless.


Than you for all the advice!! My daughter had a cyst removed about 3 years ago and had one Fallopian tube removed from a 11 cm twist
We didn’t know about it, comes on fast
She has now 2 small ones the other night one popped with pain, they are 2cm I have been doing the ACV, turmeric, beet root fresh garlic smoothies and vitamins no pain for a week so far! We go back in a week to see if it got smaller and not grown Lots of prayers for everyone and do your checkups they are sneaky! She is 24


Please keep us posted on your daughters status, praying she recovers 100%


Thank you so much! I hope everyone heals from these cysts! It’s been 10 days using all these home remedies, I put them in a smoothie for her along with her probiotic and vitamins, thank God no pain only some back aches I am hoping that it has not gotten bigger when we go back if this is the reason for her looking better and feeling herself then please please try these natural ingredients!! We will do surgery if we have to but I’m trying to kick this to the curb! ❤️


Oh hopefully good news today! My Daughter has some period cramps last night and woke up to her period I sm hoping that the cyst is gone!
No pain!! I am praying that her body is healing and going back to her cycle! Making app to do ultra sound, we did Epsom salt bath last night
And morning with beetroot smoothie! Please try these natural remedies and I pray all of you are free from these!! Be patient and take a few days not months to watch your body! I think all the juices and vitamins have gotten rid of toxins!!
Than you all for listening!! I sure hope to have more Grandbabies in future!! Luv to all you Strong Warriors!!! ❤️


Oh hopefully good news today! My Daughter has some period cramps last night and woke up to her period I sm hoping that the cyst is gone!
Thank you all for your Prayers! Here’s to all you Strong Warriors!!! ❤️ Be patience and listen to your body and what it needs! Keep Juicing!


Hello ms Desiree, hows your daughter going? Hope she be healed, we pray for her..


Hi Ladies! Thank you for your well wishes!
It’s been a crazy month, we did go back to the hospital late night with some back pain
She’s a tough cookie! They did exam and saw that there was no reason to do ultra sound
Since everything seemed to be gone! Thank God and prayers are Amazing!! No more dude pain she got her period and now she is getting back to normal with her body! I believe the juices and smoothies we did helped with detoxing and dissolving the 2 cysts! 2cm
I ruptured and the other to! We do have follow up visit for ultra sound next! We used beetroot, turmeric, lemon, honey, garlic, fresh fruits
ACV also we keep giving these through the month
Do they don’t return!!! Bless you all and hope you all heal!! ❤️


Hi Pls can you confirm what size cysts she had, as wondering if this will help on bigger size cysts and this is major concern for women. Thank you

Karen Lions

Can someone tell me what causes these cyst .. I see hormone imbalance but is there..other causes and can we think of .. diet .. herbs.. herbs .. that may prevent them to begin with
Pretty certain I have one left side


Wow. Im just happy to stumble upon this thread. I recently found out i have 10 cm complex cyst. Scheduled for mri on 18th. Kinda scared since my mother had this and grandma and both their reproductive organs were removed. I started taking Acv. It does seem to help with bloating maybe. I never really mind the symptoms before being diagnosed. As they say ignorance is bliss. But i realized that when i wear tight pants, there’s this uncomfortable feeling. And back pain. Now i know.


Hi! I was just diagnosed with a complex cyst of 4.3cm, I go for an MRI on February 20. Did you got your results from your MRI? I’ve been drinking Apple cider vinegar everyday twice a day for like 2 weeks now and feel a bit better. Let me know how did it go for you? 🙂


Hi everyone,
I found out I had a 3.5cm ovarian cyst in October all I’ve been given from the GP is co codamol and that it will just go away. I’ve been on agony since October have privately paid to get scan done and got told the cyst is now 4cm but the pain has been unbearable. To the point where I am
Sobbing on the floor trying to find a position where the pain eases. I’ve been put onto cerazette the pill which I’ve
Taken for 1 week but my pains have not gone, my stomach is swollen my lower back aches and I really don’t know if this pill is even helping

alisha Kay

Hi guys hope you are all well. Can a 8cmx6cmx7cm disappear by itself other than rupturing? I’m so scared! xx


Hi, may i seek your advice on a dermoid ovarian cyst of 7cm? Was told to go for surgery but i am adamant not to. Anyone tried alternative methods and had it reduced?
Thank you.

Marie Anderson

Me too I’m adamant I’m not having surgery I just won’t let them cut me because mine is the size of a melon near a cantaloupe/honeydew melon size. I plan on doing any and everything possible to shrink this on my own. I’ve cried enough it’s time for action and take control of my body. I will definitely let you all know my update. It’s been 3 weeks since i posted. I’ll be updating on my progress. Thanks to everyone who share their stories!!!! I know there’s something to shrink it. If something gets big I’m sure it can get small.

Sharon Byron

Hi Marie, I am in the same boat as you – cantaloupe size. When it’s that size, as you can probably feel, it rises above your navel an is very disconcerting. All of my doctors are angry that I haven’t had it removed. It has been slowly growing over 20 years and when it got to 8cm my Gyne wanted to remove it. Now it’s more like 19cm and I was actually scheduled to have it removed via laparotomy at the Mayo Clinic but they canceled due to Covid. I tried most of the above remedies like ACV and Lugol’s iodine to no avail. I almost manged to have an interventional radiologist drain it and then inject ethanol so it doesn’t return but he changed his mind after talking to my Gyne. It’s fluid-filled cyst but what they call a complex one. I’ve see it onon imaging and it doesn’t look very complex to me – just a thin wall or two running through middle. From my research, aspiration with ethanol is the least invasive way to go. Alas no one will accommodate me so once I get a vaccine I will reschedule the surgery. I even have a smaller cyst on my other ovary. Time for these babies to come out and reclaim my flat stomach.

Marie Anderson

Thank you so much for telling me this and sharing my story ok. I’m trying so far Apple cider vinegar I have totally changed my eating habits. I have bought Moringa and let me just tell you the black seed oil claims of curing everything but death. Well it better stand by it’s name. I’ve drink it 2 teaspoons at night. I rub it on my belly on the spot the ovary. I use a heating pad and hot water bag. It’s crazy I feel better and want to know it’s working. So I bend and stretch. I’ve never been pregnant before but I can tell y’all that something is going on because I said let me start bending more touching my toes I’m 46 years old and my cycle always been off. So as I’m stretching and once I did that I started feeling good. Maybe an hour later of using the bathroom omg a fresh line of blood and a few clots was coming out. I said you are not wanted or needed and you must vacate my body. It happened for about a week. Don’t know if it was a period or not. Crazy thing is I know my cycle but it was like you just cut yourself more of fresh blood anyway. I’m doing the castor oil pack
Heating pad. 2 teaspoons of black seed oil with the black seed oil pill. Apple cider vinegar 2 teaspoons with water morning and night. I drink the moringa tea. I bought a dress measuring tape to measure if I’m losing inches. Eating right and exercising. I’m taking turmeric midday every day. I rub that right side often. I’ve read so much on healing naturally. I need you all who on this journey like me to look at the foot chart. I have always suffered with heal and foot pain due to standing all day at the hospital. So my sister is a massage therapist and she gave me a book. My inner right ankle been swollen for awhile sure I’ve gotten foot injections soaked it rub it all kinds of things to ease the foot pain. Well guess what it’s connected to my inner right ankle underneath it…. my damn uterus and ovaries. It blew me away I always remember my mom saying take care of your feet it leads to everything in your body! I’m working on that!!! I have a DERMOID CYST that will leave my body! I tell you all one thing everything I’m doing so far got me feeling the best I every felt!!!!
I don’t hurt to try💯I’ll be adding ginger to my diet next. More probiotics to eat away at the sucker!!! Overall stay positive that it will change for the better.

Sharon Byron

Please keep us posted on your progress. When is your next ultra-sound? So yours is a dermoid cyst. I had a uterine fibroid – actually still do – but I had it embolized through a minimally invasive procedure. The procedure cut off the blood supply to the fibroid and to a certain extent the uterus. The fibroid shrinks as a result and kind of dies on the vine. Mine went from 11 or 12cm down to 6 or 7cm which I consider tiny. In either case, an ovarian dermoid cyst or a fibroid (both of which contain things like hair, skin, teeth) I do not consider a diseased state of being. To me they’re just a collection of extra cells and as long as they are not causing symptoms I would leave them alone. My fibroid got to the point where it was resting on the neck of the bladder making it difficult to pee. One time I had to go to the ER and be catharized. At that point, taking it out, or shrinking it, was a must. I love playing mad scientist and using my body as one giant lab rat. Very stupid and dangerous on my part, but it is who I am. I tried the Braggs apple cider vinegar for one year and then the iodine for one year. Neither worked to my satisfaction. Though my ridiculously huge ovarian cyst causes no symptoms I do not like the bulge or the fact that when I lay flat on my stomach I can feel it and it hurts then. Like the fibroid, I do not consider fluid-filled benign cysts part of a disease process anymore than I would consider a pimple on my face to be a disease. I had my fun trying to shrink it, now I want my bikini body back. A woman has to have priorities. Good luck!!!


What kind of cyst did you have, I was told I have a dermoid cyst 20 cm but that that kind can’t shrink? Does any one else know other wise

Pamela Holtel

I am 66 and have cysts on both sides. The right one is 11x11x9 I guess it the size of a baseball. I want it removed but because I had a colostomy in 2007 and a reversal and then a hernia repair on the right side my adadoman is full of mess. Thge oncologist said it would take 3 doctors to get my overies out. 2 doctors would have to break down the mess without going through my intestine. Then the oncologist could remove the ovaries. Then the other 2 would have to reconstruct the mess. It sound like l ice or death. What should I do. The oncologist want to have an aspreration and biopsy done but the surgeon back out telling there was no possible way he could reach the cyst he said it so frightening to me I almost want to say no thanks. But these things are making me sick and starting to block my bowel movements. What should I do. pholtel@aol.com.

Kiak Wau

I am 25 years old and I have a cysts on my left side which is been removed last year and right now am experiencing the same symptoms on my right. Thank you for the 9 remedy I’ll try my best to follow it and be prepared for what ever happens.


Thank you for all the comments and stories…very comforting. I have a 3cm cyst and it is very painful. I have had a period for 3 weeks and still going and my cramps have been horrible.. I have had cysts for 11 years and I am going to try this… Has caused me to bloat and I think it has helped aggravate anxiety or just caused it. Went to the ER at the beginning of the week.. the doctor was rude also a man so maybe he just doesn’t get it…haha… hard to deal with. I cry all the time I feel like my hormones are in control and I just feel out of whack and weak. My appetite is not good nothing sounds good really. I have been asking God for help because I need it so much. Going to try this, I believe it will help, I feel very encouraged… Thankyou…btw I love the name Maria I used to name all my dolls and barbies Maria…God bless thankyou for the blog…glad I found it.

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