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In the Kitchen with Lucy and Lentils

Hello all!! Hope you are all well, and super excited about the lovely weather here in Canada – I know I sure am! I do not know about you guys but this weather does not exactly spike my appetite as I am always sweating and feeling like I am melting, so I always go for fresh fruit (the ones I am allowed) and simple nutritious snacks, and a lot of them!

So, the other day I was super hungry, and craving a quick treat but high in carbs so I decided to quickly build up this treat! I started by heating up some garlic infused olive oil, and then adding the piece of Vegan Rye Bread till it got nice and crispy.  I went for avocado, watermelon radish and sprouts as my toppings – simply dust with salt and pepper and you are in for the best bites ever!


So as you know by the title of this post I am going to be introducing you all to my soul sister, and number one FoodbyMaria supporter. If you are looking to eat well, feel good and still have time after hustling away in the kitchen then you need to read further! This girl is incredible.

Miss Lucy and I e-met in September of 2015 when she first decided to add me on snap chat… and before we knew it we quickly became close friends.  Although Lucy and I live an ocean apart we still manage to stay connected, and help motivate each other to improve our blogs and IG pages.  Miss Lucy is brilliant, literally brilliant.  She juggles Uni – studies interior architecture, while pulling straight A’s – in England, a job, and somehow manages to fit in time to work on her beautiful blog, and Instagram account! She is nothing short of an amazing human.  Super encouraging, beautiful from the inside and out, and always there to help you through a crap day or moment.

Click here to read more about my girl Luce!

So not only is this gal amazing, but she has recently been crowned The Instagram Queen of Toast and Pittas – I made this up – but legit @Instagram you need to consider it! So with no further a due I am going to show you three of my personal favorite recipes by my love, but do not stop there! Do not forget to check miss Lucy out on IG @lucy_and_lentils and her blog

So lets start with the first recipe I have chosen the…

Vegan Pitta Pizzas


Doesn’t this just look amazing? The best part!? I takes no time at all, and tastes delicious.  Perfect for all you folk on the go, but still looking to eat well, and stay fuelled throughout your busy day!

Second I want to talk about this amazing…

Butternut Squash and Coconut Curry with Spinach and Greens


Oh. My. Lanta.  I remember those were my first thoughts when I first caught eye of this amazing dish.  Filled with healthy ingredients, nourishing herbs and spices and carbs to help keep you energized and alert throughout your long, and tedious work day!  I highly suggest incorporating this dish into your Sunday Meal prep as it is perfect to pack up and send to the office.  Delicious and nutritious.  Need I say more?

So since I save the best for last the third recipe I would like to share with all of you is the…

Chocolate and Fig Tart with Crushed Pistachios and Almond Crust


Yikes!!! Don’t these look amazing? And can you believe they only take 35 minutes to prepare?  I sure can, because I made them – with a different ish filling- and they were fantastic.  These are a lovely little treat to give your kids, or yourself! Filled with yumminess and a perfect low glycemic snack.

I sure hope all three of these recipes have helped you see how amazing, and talented my girl is! Do not forget to give her blog a peek, and show her some love on IG! You will not regret it!

Love from your Greek Food Goddess

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