My Favourite Frying Pan of All Time for Cooking Plant-Based Meals!

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My Favourite Frying Pan of All Time!

Okay, as someone who lives in the kitchen cooking up my plant-based recipes, my tools and kitchenware are obviously one of my most prized possessions. It’s so important to me to use tools that help enhance my cooking experience, make my life easier, and cooking more enjoyable. So let’s talk a bit about this unreal frying pan which is seriously, no lie, the best cooking pan I have ever used to make mac and cheese.

T-fal is a brand that I’ve been using and trusting for years now, so when they presented me with a culinary challenge to cook something hard (on your cookware) to make, I was ready for it. I have their Extreme Titanium frypan as a kitchen staple and I used it while making this yummy mac and cheese recipe you can see in my pics. As you probably know, if you’ve tried to make mac and cheese before, it often is a recipe that gets so stuck to your dishes and pans that you end up having to soak your dishes for days to get them clean again, and ain’t nobody got time for that!

Why I love this pan!

This pan is scratch-resistant and non-stick. T-fal has combined durability with their expert non-stick performance which means that sticky foods like mac and cheese will easily release from using this baby. Making clean-up and plant-based cooking so much easier! What I also love about this pan is that I can still use metal utensils when cooking with it without having to worry about scratching the fancy non-stick coating.

T-fal has seriously created a dream of a cookware and it makes me want to make more and more plant-based recipes like mac and cheese which can be a pest for the clean up afterwards. It is no stick, no fuss, doesn’t require that extra arm grease (I go to the gym for a workout after all) and it’s a really great experience overall to use in my kitchen.

Do you have any kitchen tools or appliances that you seriously couldn’t live without? Share them below in the comments, I’d love to hear about them!

Catrina Whitehead

I got my cookbook yesterday and all I can say is wow!!! I am itching to cook something already.

Maria Koutsogiannis

Hi Catrina!

That makes me so happy1 If you find time please leave a review on amazon if you enjoy the recipes!!


Hi Maria,
(Long time follower)
Aren’t you concerned about using Teflon products and their negative health effects? I’m in need of new pans and I was hoping to find your opinion on the safest (green) cookware.

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