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Second Phase Injury Rehab Progress and What I did

Injuries. We all have likely had one at some point in our lives. Or maybe we have been dealing with one for years of our lives. Weather your injury stems from sport, work, an accident or just every day life, they can seriously impact your life and day-to-day.

Back when I was 14 years old, I was in a really bad car accident and thankfully I didn’t sustain any injuries (at least not major ones) and three years ago Andrew and I were in a minor accident which left me with a shoulder injury that I still deal with today. Recently some of you asked for me to share my recovery, where I received therapy and what I did to help me on my road to recovery which I’m still on today.


Fast forward to this past summer I was going through massive anxiety, heart palpitations and hormone issues. I thought this all had to do with my book and the fact that I wasn’t sleeping and working way too much (which I’m sure didn’t help).

Where am I going with this? All my doctors concluded the same thing after seeing several specialists. My shoulder injury and trauma from our accident in the past, combined with finally letting go of bulimia through telling my story in my book, are to blame for this summers hell storm. My body was so strong for so long, but when I worked it too hard it wanted to collapse. So the first thing that went was my sleep, then my sanity, then I had anxiety, then I couldn’t eat, then I couldn’t work out, and then BAM. My neck and back felt as though I had fell from a five story building. Everyday was so painful. Everyday I called Andrew crying wishing he could help me and take away this pain.

At the beginning I thought I was sick. We even went as far as getting tested for mercury from my fillings in my teeth, I had every blood test done and everything came back normal. I was healthy and we couldn’t figure it out. The heart palpitations didn’t stop so I still thought I was sick and I wanted answers.

It was when I was sitting at the gym (I went to stretch) talking to my friend Anna, telling her all about my symptoms and everything going on and that’s when it happened. Anna identified something I couldn’t figure out. It has to be an injury but I had nothing recently happen to me. She referred me to out mutual friend Whitney where we discovered that I had some major neck, jaw and back problems… it just felt like a downward spiral. After many appointments (see below a full list) I ended up back in a place where I can work out, go to the gym, lift weights again, train with athletes and I AM EVEN BOXING!

I went through the following appointments and visits to professionals:

  • Anna Iskra from Right to Roam who identified my initial Injury
  • I was referred to Whitney Dakoume at Competitive Edge Sports Therapy who helped so much with the initial process, identifying the issues and easing so much of my TMJ, neck, shoulder and back pain.  Her hands are magic and I highly recommend her for Cranial Sacral Therapy.
  • Dental Life,Dr. W was the reason I went to NUCCA practice.  He identified a massive slant in my neck and recommend I see them right away.  He also checked to see if I had any TMJ and sleeping issues.  I had both but very minor, my neck and back were far more concerning to him.  He suggested sleeping with nose pillows and getting a mouth guard to help with grinding and jaw/eat pain.
  • Vital Posture NUCCA Practice Calgary – Wow. This place! I initially went here to get help with my top two vertebrae (neck issues), which literally ended up changing my life and helping me through so much.  They helped ease my ear fullness, I no longer find myself bed ridden half way through the day.
  • Complete Chiropractic + Sports Therapy – Sheeren, is amazing and she would perform cupping, needling, massage and more to help me feel better and work through my symptoms!
  • The Athele Factory Calgary – I have been going to APC for 3 months and I am a completely different person from when I first started.  I am lifting heavy (er) again and I have my strength back! I work with Jacob on strengthening my lats to help take pressure and stress off my neck and my back.
  • Reset Health Calgary – Breanna is such a dream! She has helped with my headaches from neck/back/chinooks sooo much! I no longer experience headaches unless my neck is having a flare up and she is truly amazing.

Below you’ll see some of the tests and xrays I had done at Vital Posture and they basically explained all my symptoms. I was 21cm out of place, categorized as severe and it was causing me all the side effects I was having (listed below in the second photo).

Injuries can be friggin’ exhausting! I had no idea what was going on in my body and it seemed like no one else knew either. I’m so thankful that I kept trying to get to the root of the problem and took it upon myself to seek out the treatment and doctors that I needed to see. It’s amazing how much injuries can effect so many aspects of your body.

Have you gone through a trauma or injury that has taken you a long time to recover? Share your tips and advice in the comments! I love to hear how other people found relief.

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