The keys to goal setting are in Organization

"We become what we think about, we are all self made, but only the successful will admit it."

Hello everyone! Every day I am asked "Maria, how the fuck do you do it"?  Typically I answer by saying, "I guess it is in my blood to hustle."  Hours spent thinking about it and I realized that since I was young I developed habits to success! Before we jump into my 5 tips I would just like to quickly get very cheesy with you guys. As you read the list below you may realize that I do not mention one of the most important things to organization, and success...........

In order to succeed, and stay organized you have to believe in yourself.  You have to learn to train your mind to believe in yourself more than anyone ever could.  The power of believing is the strongest gift you could have.  If you are reading this and know that you do not believe in yourself then let me tell you this.  YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. Try your hardest, sweat your balls off, never give up, because I swear something amazing is destined for you.

Sharing the love with all of you again on this Beautiful Wednesday morning.  Talented Calgary (YYC) based photographer @jasonbephoto welcomed me and my photo shoot with opens arms two weeks ago, as we invaded his home, and basically cook over his living room. Nothing would be the same without gorgeous + edgy make-up artist, @sofnotsoph, talented hair stylist @k8ferg, and our handy man dan on the lights @andrewjcamacho.  Thank you all so much for working with my crazy self, and for making me feel as comfortable as possible!
Well hello friends, about time I write about this motivation topic is it not? I mean after all it is my most asked question "Maria, how the hell do you do it? How have you not crashed from being so tired, and involved ALL THE TIME?" Is what I am asked a lot.  I guess I just got used to it but the more I thought about it I realized I am a product of my two biggest motivators.

My parents.  

*Yep, now I am crying*.  These two goof balls came to this country with nothing, and I mean that honestly.

My. Parents. Had. Nothing.  

SWEETPOTATO Curry has quickly become my households go to meal.  It is so easy to whip up, store away and take with you on the go! Filled with nutrients, carbs, healthy fats and flavour this meal will not disappoint. I am always on the go so there is really nothing better than a meal that you can take with you anywhere.  This dish is a true testament that eating healthy and smart does not have to be hard or a sacrifice of flavours.
SBR Do we really need an excuse to treat our other half (lets be real, I mean ourselves)? Ok, good, I am glad we all agree that Valentines Day is not the only day that we should be smothering our bests, family, and loved ones with kisses, hugs and plant based Cheese Cake! Although I do not have a huge sweet tooth I am still so all over this amazingly simply Cherry Strawberry Cheese Cake! It is so simple to make, easy to follow and make without added sugars! Super healthy for you as is it filled with plant-based proteins, healthy fast and yummy naturally sweetened fruits!
udon By now we all know that I love eating healthy food that does not cost us too much time.  This five minute Cilantro Cashew Cream is the perfect dressing, sauce, cheese and spread! I added it to my udon noodles and tarts - but this is just a fraction of the ways you can use this simple and delicious recipe!

Cake Photo Credit: @sobeautifullyreal

Hello all you beautiful people! The time has come that I turn 28! This is going to be a FUND-RAGER PARTY put on by myself (@FoodbyMaria) and Morgan Belle at 80th + Ivy. The event (click here to see Facebook event) is dedicated to my birthday wish. For the second year I have chosen a charity to donate to instead of receiving gifts I don't need. All proceeds for the event will go to Alberta Healthy Services - Calgary Eating Disorder Program. As you know (or might not) I suffered from Bulimia for 6 years and would like to help people still suffering.
GP Confession Friday.  Thats a thing right?  Well I hope so because I am confessing that I love Greek Style Potatoes and that they make my life a better and more happy place.  Seriously, these Greek Style Potatoes are so crispy and crunchy on the outside while staying so steamy hot and soft on the inside.  Certainly mine and Andrews favourite go-to-snack and can be made in such large quantities to please a whole family for your next feast! Truly nothing better than using a natural, organic ingredient to create a plant based, healthy and nutrient filled dish.
CMT1 Well by now you must be able to tell that I have a thing for pasta and really simple recipes. This protein pasta dish fabulous, flavoursome and easy to follow. It takes you 10 minutes to prep your ingredients, 35 minutes to make and probably nothing short of a minute to inhale. This protein pasta dish is particularly special because it packs so many vegetables, spices and protein all in one.
lokai1 How could you not like a vegetable that taste and resemble pasta? I know what you're thinking, you can't.  I agree.  There is really something to be said about getting in your carbs whilst eating such a beautiful and versatile vegetable.  I mean how cool is it that I am using this gluten free veg as a bowl and adding loads of goodness to it to create a healthy, plant based and fast meal?