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Travel With FoodbyMaria

Hey guys!

So, once again by request I bring to all your amazing peeps How To Travel Like FoodByMaria.

I want to keep this post simple, so once again I am going to do it in bullet points… so lets jump right in!

  1. Bring loads of Water along with you if you’re traveling by Car.  All of you know Big Red (my 2L water bottle), and he comes with me everywhere.  Obviously, when travelling by air you cannot bring water with you past security.  So what I do is bring Big Red with my empty, and then I either fill him at a water fountain, or I kindly as the flight attendant to fill him for me.  They usually don’t mind, just be kind.
  2. If you’re vegan and fancy a coffee on the road, bring a large cooler so you can fill it with all your lovely creations, meals, and almond or coconut milk for your hot drinks! The only way this tactic can work via Air is if they sell Coconut milk past security, so cross those fingers.
  3. So, this tip is really basic, but I do think it is really important.  While your on the road, time doesn’t stop, you still have to eat at your regular time.  So if you usually eat you lunch at one, then eat your lunch at one.  Your body, skin, and digestive system endure enough stress while traveling, so don’t confuse it by putting it into fight or flight mode while on the go! Our body wants nourishments consistently, so the sooner we all realize we need to dedicate ourselves to our well being, the sooner we can start developing wicked healthy habits for our spirits, bodies, and the people around us!
  4. Prep meals for the journey, as you would if you were going to work.  Think about how long your journey is going to be, then plan accordingly.  I’ve planned for a drive back home, and a bit more as if I was flying to London (LIKE I USED TO BE ALL THE TIME!)

My Hummus, and Guacamole are both perfect ideas to pack into your cooler.  Just simply chop up     some carrots, peppers, celery, radishes – you choose guys, and seal them tight! Perfect for on the road or an in flight snack!

Guacamole slider


           Another supper dooper awesome recipe for snacking whilst on the go are these amazing Raw Bites! I promise you if you’re prepared and make them the night before you’re journey you will not regret it.  They’re so nutritious, delicious, guilt free! I suggest eating these when you need energy for the hours ahead, or if you just can’t wait any longer for your dinner when you arrive at your destination!

Pumpkin Bites

So for lunch what I usually do is pack a Healthy Lettuce, or Rice Paper Wraps. I have yet to post my wrap recipes, but I will do soon, I PROMISE! So instead you can make Salad in a Jar!  So, I suggest you jam pack one of your jars full with your usual salad ingredients.  It stays super fresh on the go, and it will be nice a cold for youth enjoy when you reach for it out of that cooler.  In my bowl I have Spinach, Tomatoes, Peppers, Olives, Basil, Quinoa, Pomegranate and more! Just use your imagination, and get filling.

Salad In A Jar

Hopefully some of these recipes, and ideas are enough to kick start your next journey! Make sure to plan accordingly, and pack the right amount of food so that you don’t have to buy out!

Lastly, if you are planning on bringing a cooler with you on your next fight, please inform your flight attendant.  Food waste is so sad, so do your part and let someone know that you will not be enjoying your in flight meal.

Have a awesome weekend guys!

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