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About Maria

Hi, hello, welcome!

I’m Maria, A Greek Canadian with a big heart and massive love for delicious comfort food and all things plant-based.


My history battling an eating disorder fuelled my passion for nourishing, body-loving food. Instead of fearing food, I became a creative, bad-ass recipe developer which now feels like second nature. I created FoodByMaria as a platform to share my love for easy, delicious, plant-based eating. We’re talking about the kind of recipes that even the meat-eaters will enjoy. As you discover new ways of cooking and thinking about food, you’ll learn the realness behind my own food-related experiences which I hope inspires you to create your own.


There’s more to all this magic.

Hello you lovely human,

40 years ago, my parents, Sotiris (Steve) & Metanthi Koutsogiannis, immigrated from Greece to this beautiful country. Inspired by my family’s rich history and love for food, I felt compelled to further explore food, healing,and herbs. Shaped around the notion that every day we eat to feed or fight disease, FoodByMaria was born.

Shaped around the notion that every day we eat to feed or fight disease, FoodByMaria was born.
There’s so much for you here at FoodByMaria. Flip through. Dig around. Get your hands dirty. You’ll find healthy, nutritious, and simple recipes. Colourful breakfasts. Simplistic snacks. Nutrient-rich dinners. Desserts so decadent you won’t believe there’s no sugar in it. (Yes, that’s a thing! For real!) My vision is to help people overcome their fear of food. Together, we can change the way people think about feeding their body; we can shatter common food misconceptions and learn to develop strong, healthy, and responsible relationships with food. I’ll be honest: it won’t be easy — I know it was not for me — but little by little, and step by step, we will succeed. With Love,