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Mindful Vegan Meals

Packed with 75 vibrant and healthy recipes inspired by her journey, including milestone recipes like the first carbs she allowed herself to eat, Mindful Vegan Meals offers a hopeful look at life while overcoming an eating disorder.

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24 Recipe Ebook | $5.99

24 simple and easy-to-follow recipes to help bring you and your family back to basics with food. This ebook includes salads, main dishes, your breakfast favotites and more!

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You’ll find over 140 plant based healthy, nutritious, and simple recipes, colourful breakfasts, simplistic snacks, nutrient-rich dinners, desserts so decadent you won’t believe there’s no sugar in it (yes, that’s a thing, for real!) along with heaps of awesome kitchen-ready features.


The foodbymaria app is free for you to download & browse available recipes. An ongoing subscription is required to access all app content including recipe ingredients, shopping list and meal planner.