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Food For Your Hair

Over the past two years I have completely eliminated products from my hair care regime apart from three from Lush (R&B Hair Treatment, Shine So Bright, Hair Doctor). My whole life my mama has repeatedly been telling me “Maria, you have beautiful hair, I wish I could have that hair, everyone does”, but me being young and naïve I took her words for granted and dyed my hair quite a lot which led it to not be the healthiest – some may not agree.  It took me awhile to realize the great potential my hair does have, and even longer to realize that the foods, fluids and products that I was consuming and using did indeed have a positive or negative impact on my hair.

It wasn’t until I moved to England that I realized just how fortunate I was to have the hair I do.  I started feeling bad for people who used extensions because they felt so horrible about the state of their hair.  So I made the choice to experiment with my own hair.  I started getting my hair cut every three months, I stopped using generic shampoo/conditioner, I didn’t have to stop using product because I never have, and I got really creative.

 This may repulse some of you, but those of you who know me know I really don’t care; so here it is, I rarely washed my hair.  I wanted to see what my natural oils could do to benefit my hair. I mean I was probably washing with shampoo and conditioner twice a month, and it never once smelt – for those of you thinking it. I started noticing a drastic change. My hair was much more shiny, stronger, and I think it was even growing quicker.  So I think my point is… LESS IS MORE. Oh and for those of you using heat, that’s probably your first problem if you are struggling with hair health and growth (some may argue this doesn’t have any impact but that is just my opinion). SO with this being said I only blow dry my hair probably once a month, and don’t own any straighteners., I stopped using them before I went travelling in 2012.

Now I get to the fun part, what foods can help your hair!

I eat loads of walnuts, avocados, salmon, spinach, Greek yogurt, oysters, blueberries and poultry. This has literally been the best thing I could have ever done for my hair. The results are ridiculous and I swear by it.

I am not trying to knock salons and studios there are obviously salon products that do work but I prefer this natural way of life, its the Greek way.

Oh, and please ask if you’re interested in some natural hair masks, but in the mean time take a look at what I’m currently using on my hair!

Purchased from Planet Organic, used as shampoo (one of many uses)

Purchased from Planet Organic, used as conditioner

Used as a hair mask, applied once a month!

I hope some of these tips, suggestions, and word of Greek Goddess Hair wisdom will come in handy. I’m here to help so please feel free to shoot me any messages if you have any questions.

xxx love maria

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