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Grainy Greek + Macho Man Protein Jar Salads


Hey ya’ll! So I am going to be doing this recipe post a bit differently because I am technically giving you guys three recipes; two salads, and the killer dressing! Lately, if you have not already noticed, I have been on a huge salad- in a jar – kick! They are just so fun to pack full with ingredients, and yummy flavours!  These two salads are inspired by myself, and my other half! I filled one jar with all my favourite things, and the other with all his! At first I was sort of worried that his would not taste anywhere near as good as mine, but don’t you worry, IT SURE DID!

MACHO MAN was a hit – and it packs loads of punch for all my fitness freaks.  We ate them after gym, and they were sooo good!  All we added was a bit of nutritional yeast, and more pepper and we were set! Just shake, and transfer to a bowl! SOOOO worth it, and I totally suggest it as a dinner or work-week meal plan prep sorta thing!

Well, and the Grainy Greek… how could you go wrong?  I just tweaked a few things – sorry Yiayia (Grandma) – for added protein purposes and HOT DAMN was it ever good.  This was is particularly radilicious with the dressing.

NOTE: these jars are huge… they are our “dinner jars”.  I would suggest the regular sized ones for take-away lunches… these big ones are better if you’re staying home and sharing with your family!


I’ll start you all off with this amazing dressing that I added to the base of each jar.

Basil Mustard Dressing (good for around 5 regular sized jars):

6 tbsp of EVOO

2 tbsp english mustard

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

2 cloves of garlic, minced

1 tsp each of salt and pepper

1/4 cup freshly, finely chopped basil  

Into a small jar add all the ingredients.  Seal lid and shake around for about 30 seconds.  The dressing should be really creamy, and a bit thicker… IT IS SOO GOOD!

Set this bad boy aside… now lets move onto the salads.


For the Grainy Greek you will need (I am not going to tell you exact exact measurements because you are the one deciding how many you want to make!) but I will tell you how much I used to make this large Jar salad for two people!

 2 cups cooked Quinoa

2 cups black kale, roughly chopped

1 cup black beans (you cannot see them in photo)

3 tbsp pine nuts

4 vine tomatoes, cut into quarters (THEYRE FROM GULL LAKE SASKATCHEWAN)

1/2 a cup of fresh water cress

3 baby cucumbers, pulled into ribbons with a peeler (this is not necessary)

So literally just add some dressing to the base of the jar, then add all your ingredients! Play with the order but always add the dressing first!  Add enough that its nearly full, but leave room – this is important for when you go to shake it.  Note:  Quinoa might stick so be a bit aggressive when taking a give it an old thump thump! Ha!


For the Macho Man salad you are going to need:

2 cups of black beans

1 zucchini, spiralized

1/2 a cup of walnuts

1 cup of spinach

2 baby cucumbers, peeled into ribbons

4 radishes, cut into thing strips

finished off with a fresh sprig of watercress from the market

Into a jar add the dressing first, then add the rest of your ingredients!!! It is that simple.  Tighten them up well, pop them in the fridge and shake it like crazy before consuming.  I like to transfer my Salad Jar into a bowl before consuming so that I get all the flavours and ingredients in each bite, but each to their own!

I will continue posting loads more recipes like this because I know how important they are going to be come summer, and activity season!

Also, just as a heads up, FoodByMaria will be running a Back To School Recipe Mash-up In August! So email me at maria.koutsogiannis if you are interested, and I will release more information in June!

Love from your Greek Food Goddess XXX



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