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Money Mindset for Food Bloggers

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Let’s talk money! Yep, the topic that most people say you should avoid bringing up. However, one that is very important for food bloggers if you plan to be successful and make a business out of your blog.

Not enough people are talking about money, especially women, and it’s a huge miss. In the past, it used to be seen as a tacky topic, but the world is shifting and the conversation must be heard in order to learn and grow. 

I personally have no problem talking about money. Talking about my goals, dreams, and how far I’ve come with my friends, family, or inner circle, is one of the reasons why I believe that I have grown to where I am, and how I continue to grow. Being comfortable with talking about money is super important and to be clear, I don’t mean going around and telling people how much money you make. It goes much deeper than that.

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I’m talking about:

  • Knowing your value and asking to be paid accordingly for your work
  • Checking your bank daily to know where your money is going
  • Hiring the right people to advise you on your money
  • Setting goals around earning and saving your money 

Take a good hard look in the mirror and think about your relationship with money. How do you talk about it with yourself, with others? What words do you use? How does it make you feel?

What are the benefits of talking about money as a food blogger?

As I mentioned above, I truly think that we all need to be more comfortable with this topic, because there are so many great things that can happen when you do. Talking about money can ensure:

  • Accountability
    If you say you’re going to do/make something, you better do it. Putting it vocally out in the universe holds you more accountable.
  • Awareness
    Being able to openly discuss finances allows you to be more aware of it.
  • Valuable lessons
    When you speak up you can learn pretty quickly if you are making too much, too little, or should be doing something differently.
  • Transparency aids inequality in the workplace
    This one doesn’t need explaining. We all know there is a gap between women and men’s wages.

Food blogger, Maria, sitting on her bed, working at her computer.

What are the biggest money rituals for food bloggers?

There are some money rituals (aka habits) that I like to follow as a food blogger that I think would be pretty helpful for new and aspiring food bloggers to follow. They’ve definitely helped me. 

  1. Hire a financial advisor who deals with investments. Mine makes suggestions on how I can save, grow and invest
  2. Talk with your bookkeeper on a monthly basis regarding monthly investments. If I have any questions (for example, helping me choose which car to buy based on monthly costs and write-offs I’m eligible for), this is where I go. Overall they help me look at my growth (both short and long-term) and help me better understand my finances and where I stand financially
  3. I believe that money is an exchange of energy. I spend, tip, treat, and gift people when I can, and when appropriate. In my opinion, the more you spend and invest on yourself, the more you will earn and grow. IMPORTANT! I don’t mean to go shopping, I mean hire a damn financial advisor!
  4. Check your bank accounts at the end of each day. Money accountability is important. Knowing where your money flows helps you better understand your expenditures and where you need to tighten up (or loosen up)
  5. Set goals on a more long-term basis versus short-term. As long as I meet my quarter/year goals, I don’t stress because it’s normal to have a bad week or month
  6. Prioritize savings and understand how quickly your wealth can grow incrementally if you just set aside SOME money every week or month
  7. Restructure your mindset and perspective around money. Understand that money is yours, and it’s important. You can earn whatever you want, you just have to put in the work, invest in yourself, and think long-term

Some more of my favorite money mantras for motivation:

Say these out loud, write them down, hang them on every wall of your house. Whatever you have to do to channel this energy when it comes to money.

  • Shortage and scarcity are illusions of my ego
  • I allow money to flow easily to me
  • I have channels in place to receive more money
  • I choose to believe I deserve to have plenty of money
  • I work in partnership with the universe to create an abundance
  • Money is always magnetizing itself to me
  • I will do good with my money.  Share it. Invest it. Create magic with it.

What are your money mantras?

Share below in the comments!

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