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Vegan Cranberry Cheese Tarts

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20 minutes


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This super easy vegan cranberry cheese tart recipe is so yummy and makes the perfect holiday appy or snack using in-season cranberries!

Nothing says that the holiday season is here than the taste of cranberries in a warm and delicious pastry, paired with vegan cheese. Am I right? This easy mini tart pastry recipe is vegan, butter-free, and makes for the perfect appetizer this holiday season. 

I partnered with my friends at Patience Fruit & Co. to create this yummy cranberry tart recipe that’ll knock your socks off. 

Close-up of vegan cranberry cheese tarts prior to being cooked.

The cranberry filling in a pastry shell for vegan cranberry cheese tarts.

Why you’ll love this vegan cranberry cheese tart recipe:

This recipe is all the things that’ll make you fall in love: 

  • This tart recipe is easy to make (not usually a word that goes hand-in-hand with tarts) 
  • They’re delicious (and vegan of course) 
  • Take only ten minutes to put together
  • They’re easy to make in large batches to get you through holiday hosting
  • Are made with less than ten ingredients 
  • Crowd-pleasers and are perfect for the holiday season

fresh vegan cranberries from Patience Fruit & Co.

vegan cranberry cheese tarts on cutting board surrounded by fresh cranberries.

What’s the deal with cranberries? 

Cranberries are a staple in holiday cooking. Often paired beside your turkey dinner, they are often forgotten about in everything else you whip up during the holiday season. This is so sad to me because they’re seriously so good and versatile. 

I used fresh cranberries for this recipe, and I always reach for Patience Fruit & Co. cranberries when I use them in recipes because they have a strong focus on creating berries that respect nature. They are organic and high quality. No genetically modified ingredients or artificial fertilizers or pesticides, because who wants that in your food? They also ensure they harvest their berries when they are fully grown and their color shines bright because that’s when the health benefits are at its highest. 

One of the best parts about cranberries is that polyphenols are naturally present in them (192.5mg per 55g serving). We get these micro-nutrients are packed with antioxidants and potential health benefits. They say these micro-nutrients can improve or help digestion, weight management challenges, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. So why are cranberries so underrated? That’s a very good question!!

Close-up of vegan cranberry cheese tarts prior to being cooked.

Close-up of vegan cranberry cheese tarts prior to being cooked.


Tips to get the perfect cranberry tart

These tips can help make sure you ace this vegan, yummy tart recipe: 

  • Infuse your oil with garlic! All you do is add 2-3 cloves of crushed garlic to one cup of good quality olive oil and let it sit for a few hours. 
  • Be sure to use good quality cranberries, this is game-changing because you’ll really be able to taste their tartness and they’ll add great balance to these apps.
  • Use fresh herbs that you and your family love like thyme and oregano 
  • Use cool/cold puffed pastry (throw them in the fridge before baking, it cooks and fluffs up better this way) 

vegan cranberry cheese tarts on cutting board

vegan cranberry cheese tarts on cutting board

The star ingredients for the perfect cranberry tart

Like I said, you only need a few key ingredients to make this recipe, under ten, which is awesome during the holiday season because we just don’t have time for complicated! The key ingredients in this recipe are: 

  • puff pastry (don’t forget to get it cold) 
  • garlic infused olive oil
  • onion chutney (I love (Branston’s)
  • vegan mozzarella cheese
  • fresh cranberries 
  • fresh herbs
  • salt & pepper 

.. it’s seriously that easy!

vegan cranberry cheese tarts on cutting board

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Vegan Cranberry Cheese Tarts

5 from 7 votes
This super easy vegan cranberry cheese tart recipe is so yummy and makes the perfect holiday appy or snack using in-season cranberries!
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Course Main Dishes
Cuisine Vegan
Servings 8


  • 1 package Puffed Pastry 2 sheets
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic pressed
  • 8 tsp. onion chutney
  • 8 tbsp. vegan mozzarella cheese
  • 1 1/2 - 2 cups Patience Fruit and Co. fresh cranberries
  • 2 tbsp. fresh thyme
  • season to taste
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  • Preheat your oven to 400F and line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper.
  • Into a small bowl combine your olive oil and garlic.  Season to taste just slightly and stir till well combined.  Let it sit for 20 minutes before using it.
  • Grab your thawed puffed pastry and cut into 4 even rectangles.  Leaving 1 inch on each side and begin to brush on the garlic-infused olive oil (around 1 tsp), then place 1 tsp of onion chutney, 1 tbsp vegan mozzarella, 13-15 cranberries and sprigs of fresh thyme. Pinch each side with a fork (1-inch boarder) and finish by brushing with more garlic-infused oil around the edges.
  • Place tarts in the fridge for 1 hour before baking.  This will help make sure they're nice and crispy and fluffy!
  • Bake for 25 minutes or until perfectly crispy and golden.
  • Perfect addition to your holiday appetizers and small-ish bites plates!
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Marie Pape

5 stars
I’m a big fan of all your recipes and your book and I totally fell in love with this one. So easy, so pretty and so impressive. Didn’t have onion chutney at home so I used fig mustard. Thank you so much for this recipe! It’s one of my new favs.

Maria Koutsogiannis

THANK YOU SO MUCH MARIE! You’re so welcome, please let me know what you make next hun!


5 stars
Delicious, easy to make, and so inviting for the holiday season! What more could you ask for? Thanks for this amazing recipe, Maria!

Maria Koutsogiannis

YESS!! So easy and fun to make…Not to mention, FAST!


5 stars
Made these for our Christmas dinner starter, they were so delicious and everyone wanted seconds! And really quick and easy to make

Maria Koutsogiannis

right, arent they just so easy?!


5 stars
I made these beauties last night. I was a bit nervous because I have never used puff pastry before. It was so easy though! My non-vegan friends gobbled these up and wanted the recipe.

These are going to be in heavy rotation for me over the holidays! It’s a total winner of a recipe.

Maria Koutsogiannis

YESSSS!! This makes us so happy, thanks so much for the review love!


5 stars
These are amazing! Such a fun treat for yourself or your guests! Very easy to reheat, I popped mine in the microwave for a few seconds.

Maria Koutsogiannis

Amazing!! This is so good to know. Great on the go!


5 stars
I made these and they are soooo good! Couldn’t find onion chutney so made a quick version myself. Non-vegan husband loved them.

Maria Koutsogiannis

Yes, Brenna! Way to improvise! Thanks so much for the love. These are such a favourite for us!


5 stars
These are absolutely delicious and a wonderful winter treat! I used the Miyokos mozzarella. Super super easy and so yummy. Going to make them again this week and see if they reheat well!

Maria Koutsogiannis

Thank you so much, Kathleen! They are my favourite!!!

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