Oh yes you guys! I made the best damn "Big Mac" sauce using Maille Canada Gherkins and holy shit, IT WAS AMAZING! I know a lot of us have cravings in the kitchen and for some reason mine are always related to dips and sauces, like I could put them on anything and basically replace them as a meal - oops.
  Baby it is BBQ Party season and I am damn excited! These Black Bean Burgers are the perfect addition to your next gathering and I promise you that they will be the star of the show.  They are super delicious, nutritious and easy to follow! When asked about these babies you can ensure all your guests that they are made from natural food, vegetarian + vegan and even recommend the recipe for their plant based diet recipes collection! I made these last night for Andrew and he fell in love.  He said that they probably wouldn't have been the same without the homemade "Big Mac Sauce" or  Thousand Island so please do not skip out on that!
icecreamsandwich Ice Cream Sandwiches in honour of #NationalIceCreamDay! Oh sweet plant based, sugar free, and dairy free heaven can you believe something so beautiful exists without the sugar low, and is still so healthy! I mean I can... but that is because I made these beauties using beautiful whole foods, that are mostly organic, and healthy! The Banana Oat Cookies (the cookies I used for these sandwiches) are so easy to make! Definitely a simple recipe to follow, and leave minimal mess in the kitchen! Do I need to mention that these bad boys are perfect on their own, but clearly amazing when paired with Coconut Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream.
sam2 Did someone say sandwich or double decker bus?  I get the feeling I sort of combined two in one here..but it was well worth it.  Such a crunchy, creamy and texturized sandwich! It combines so many yummy flavours - from spicy, to citrusy and tangy.. it is sure to leave your taste buds wanting more! I think the best part here is definitely the bread, and the tempeh (a plant based, protein substitute).
toast1 Hello all!! Hope you are all well, and super excited about the lovely weather here in Canada - I know I sure am! I do not know about you guys but this weather does not exactly spike my appetite as I am always sweating and feeling like I am melting, so I always go for fresh fruit (the ones I am allowed) and simple nutritious snacks, and a lot of them! So, the other day I was super hungry, and craving a quick treat but high in carbs so I decided to quickly build up this treat! I started by heating up some garlic infused olive oil, and then adding the piece of Vegan Rye Bread till it got nice and crispy.  I went for avocado, watermelon radish and sprouts as my toppings - simply dust with salt and pepper and you are in for the best bites ever!
TIKKA1 Happy Day Beautiful People!! I hope everyone is doing awesome and is hopefully as excited as I am to introduce you all to this amazing new recipe! It is just so perfect for summer, and snaking - I did not try to BBQ it but that is totally on my to do list! So, I made 9 and I have none left... and that was a day and a half ago - insert extreme ponder - I am pretty sure I eat for living, oh well! Anyway, back to the food! This recipe is really easy to follow, it does have a few ingredients you might not already have in your pantry but they are super delicious so totally worth the purchase to start adding different flavours to your dishes.
SweetP Good morning everyone!!! Yay it is Friday! This week has been absolutely incredible here in Calgary in terms of weather.  I think we have skipped spring and jumped straight into summer!! I am completely ok with that, but I do pray for our farmers, so a bit of rain would do us good - looking up - I mean we need to eat, do we not? A few weeks back I came up with this really simple Savoury Sweet Potato Bun for burgers but it is basically they best savoury pancake ever, and, for me, it is a winner for any group date brunch, meal prep, or breakfast!

Recipe: Buckwheat Crust Pizza

Good morning beauties!! I cannot even believe that the title of this post is what it is.  I got an email last week from a super sweet girl interning at Food Network Canada asking to partake in an article she is curating.  Bronwyn is putting together - click the link ---> 8 Expert Tips for For Instagram, and she has asked Notable Instagram Canadian Foodies to partake! Can you believe she asked me? I cannot.  I am so honoured, truly honoured.  There is really no other word to use to describe how I felt when I read her email.  Well I cried.  So if an-emotinal-mess counts as a word then yep, that is it! So obviously I said yes, and have come up with three tips and tricks to having an attractive Instagram feed!
IMG_2874 Happy Tuesday Nuggets! I hope you all enjoyed your Easter Long Weekend and are right back into the swing of things! So the past 6 months have been quite the journey for me... tired, sleepless nights, spent dreaming up ideas, creating, and working my bum off.  I am not ashamed to say that I have worked very hard to get where I am, but I could not have got where I am without the support of my immediate family, friends, and boyfriend.  I am utterly grateful for all the words of wisdom, leadership and countless amounts of effort from each and everyone one of you who continue to push me further into this journey. I honestly don't know where to start with thanking everyone so I am just going to leave it at that.  You know who you are, and I thank you so much for being here for me throughout the past months.
IMG_2452 Happy mid week ya'll!! I hope everyone has enjoyed their week so far! I have been quite busy working, creating, working out and working.. ha.  I don't have a lot of time to write on this post to I apologize ahead of time for making this post super short, but I am sure you guys do not mind anyway.