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Plant-Based Cauliflower Soup


10 minutes


35 minutes



Nothing beats a nice, creamy bowl of plant-based soup in the fall/winter. I love how many different ways you can make soup and all the different vegetables that can be thrown into the mix to make new, delicious flavours. This plant-based cauliflower soup is one of my favourites. It’s super easy to make, plus it tastes great and warms my soul.

What’s your favorite kind of soup? Share with me in the comments!

Bowl of plantbased soup with someone taking a spoonful out of it.

What on earth is arrowroot powder?

One of the star ingredients in this recipe is Bob’s Red Mill’s arrowroot powder. Arrowroot powder can be a great replacement for cornstarch. It’s a starchy substance that’s extracted from the root of the topical plant called Maranta arundinacea. Try saying that 10 times fast ;)! The benefit of arrowroot powder however in comparison to cornstarch is that it’s extracted in a simpler, more traditional way, without having to use harsh chemicals. Plus, arrowroot powder is gluten-free and paleo-friendly. A perfect addition to any plant-based eaters cupboard.

Arrowroot powder is incredibly versatile and can be used as a thickener. You can also use it in baking blended with other flours, or can even be used as a coating to help make things like fries crispy and crunchy.

Here is a great guide on arrowroot powder by Down Shiftology.

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Health benefits of cauliflower

Cauliflower can be an extremely underrated vegetable but I love incorporating it into plant-based recipes because it has a lot of fantastic benefits. For starters, it keeps your bones healthy because it contains vitamin C and K. It also helps with detoxing because it contains Indole-3-carbinol, which is a phytonutrient shown to help the liver in its detox functions. Cauliflower helps in reducing high blood pressure and strengthens your immune system. It can even help reduce your risk of cancer. So let’s start eating this wonderful vegetable more. Okay?

I promise you'll love this super simple and delicious plant-based cauliflower soup. It's perfect for the colder winter weather!

Coocoo for coconuts

Lastly, coconut milk is one of my favourite ingredients. I always have a can or two in my pantry because it’s incredibly versatile and I use it in a ton of recipes. Plus, it’s an excellent substitute for regular dairy products when eating a plant-based, vegan diet.

Coconut milk is made from the coconut’s white, meaty flesh. It is generally found in cans or cartons, and can be used for all sorts of recipes. The thicker coconut milk is found in cans and used in recipes like desserts, and the thinner coconut milk found in cartons can be used more like how regular dairy milk would be used.

I promise you'll love this super simple and delicious plant-based cauliflower soup. It's perfect for the colder winter weather!

Coconut milk is also loaded with health benefits such as:

  • Vitamins B, C & E
  • Minerals such as phosphorus, copper, iron, selenium, calcium, manganese and magnesium
  • Assists in healthy bone support
  • Makes a happy, healthy heart
  • Aids in healthy weight loss

I promise that you’ll love this tasty plant-based soup! If you’re looking for some other tasty ways to use cauliflower, you might love one of these recipes:

See the recipe card below for how to make this plant-based cauliflower soup recipe. Enjoy!

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bowls of plantbased soup on counter with hands reaching in for bowl

Plant-Based Cauliflower Soup

  • Author: Maria Koutsogiannis
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 35 minutes
  • Total Time: 45 minutes
  • Yield: 3-4 1x
  • Category: Soup
  • Cuisine: Vegan


This perfect plant-based soup is perfectly comforting and great for fall or winter. Made with cauliflower and loaded with health benefits.



2 tbsp. olive oil

1 1/2 cups sweet white onion, finely chopped

2 large cloves of garlic, finely chopped

1 head of cauliflower, cut into florets

season to taste

1 400 mL can of coconut milk

1 400 mL can of filtered water

1 tsp veg stock paste 

2 tbsp. of nutritional yeast

1 tbsp. Arrowroot Powder – I used Bob’s Red Mill 

dash of olive oil

fresh cracked pepper

fresh dill


Into a large pot add your olive oil and heat on medium for 20 seconds before adding your onion and cooking till translucent and caramelized.   This may take up to ten minutes.  Stir often to avoid burning. After your onions are fragrant and soft you can add your garlic and cook for another 5 minutes. Add your cauliflower, season to taste and cook for another 5 or so minutes. Stir often.

Increase your heat to high, add your coconut milk, filtered water, stock paste and nutritional yeast to the pot and bring it to a boil with lid on.  Once boiling reduce heat to low and simmer till your cauliflower is nice and soft.

Into a small cup add your arrowroot powder and around 1/4 cup of water.  Stir till well combined and slowly add to the soup mixture, stir well to avoid any lumps.  Transfer soup mixture to a high speed blender and blend for around 1 minute or until perfectly silky smooth.

Serve immediately with olive oil, fresh cracked pepper, dash of lemon and some dill!



Lasts in a tight sealed container, in the fridge for up to 3-4 days.

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Jessica Hoffman

This soup looks so creamy and delicious!!

Maria Koutsogiannis

Thank you Jess!

Jenna Bellefontaine

This was so simple to make, yet so flavourful. Will definitely be making this again. Thanks for another great recipe!

Maria Koutsogiannis

Thanks Jenna! Glad you enjoyed this one!

Karen Duffield

This looks so delicious! I’m wondering what the nutritional yeast does? Is this something that replaces something not plant based?

Maria Koutsogiannis

It adds so much flavour! It’s packed full with nutrients and typically replaces what would otherwise be cheese. Highly suggested!

Kelly Horner

Looks so yummy gonna try it for sure. I have all the ingredients typically in the house just wondered what is the brand name of your veg stock paste? Can you substitute Bragga for this?

Maria Koutsogiannis

I use Better Than Bouillon, Braggs liquid aminos wouldn’t work in this case. If you can’t access the stock paste substitute it for vegetable stock and don’t add water!

Rachel Graham

This soup is seriously delicious! So creamy and satisfying. Maria is also a rockstar and was super quick to respond about if it freezes well or not… it does!

Maria Koutsogiannis

Thank you beauty!!! So glad you enjoyed it. Yes, it freezes perfectly!


This soup is so easy to make and absolutely delicious. One of our faves.

Maria Koutsogiannis

Isn’t it just the best! Thanks for the love Lucy! Have you tried the Vegan Lemon Rice Soup yet?

Alexia Tedesco

Five stars on this one! I served it with a bit of Daiya shredded cheddar (cutting board collection) and some fresh bread. Perfect for a quick winter dinner!

Maria Koutsogiannis

YESSSS!!! Girl, this is amazing, so happy you enjoyed this!


We just had this for dinner. It was so freaking delicious! Thank you so much for making such beautiful, healthy and tasty recipes. I’m a big fan. I’ve forwarded it onto my family who do meat free Mondays.

Maria Koutsogiannis

Thank you so much for the love, hun!

Alice Sergent

SO incredibly creamy and delicious. Was super surprised by the texture! Will make this again and again throughout the winter.

Maria Koutsogiannis

Isnt it just the best! thanks for the love Alice!

Nathalia Iole

Maria Koutsogiannis, do you realize what you’ve made?! This is like the base for a vegan clam chowder. WTF – SO good!

Maria Koutsogiannis

Hey!! hahah! That’s hilarious, I wonder if I should try and make a vegan clam chow then? So glad you enjoyed this babes x


What do I do if I don’t have veg stock paste? I do have veggie stock though. Help!

Maria Koutsogiannis

Hello there, you would replace the 400 ml of water for veg stock.

Rachel Senneker

Delightful and simple to make! I made it this morning while big fluffy snowflakes came down and it made for the most cozy lunch. Also, loooove me some dill so that was a great touch 🙂 Thanks Maria for making good food so accessible.

Maria Koutsogiannis

So glad you love this Rachel!! It’s one of my favourites!


This soup is packed full of flavour and so easy to make! Perfect to whip up after a long work day on those cold winter nights. The nutritional yeast adds a wonderful flavour of cheesiness to the creamy goodness of this nutrient packed cauliflower soup!

Maria Koutsogiannis

So glad you enjoyed this soup, Bri! It’s one of my favourites!

Jen Cowdrey

This was the best cauliflower soup recipe I’ve ever made! Very easy and very flavorful! Thanks for sharing another awesome recipe, Maria!!

Maria Koutsogiannis

You’re so welcome my love. So glad you love this recipe as much as we do!


This was delicious. So glad I made a batch so I can look forward to my lunches over the next few days. The dill on top made more of a difference than I thought so I added some extra half way through 😂 x

Maria Koutsogiannis

YES!! Thanks so much for the love, Charlotte!!

Theresa Madrill

Maria has an amazing skill of putting together simple ingredients and making the most mouthwatering dishes. Being vegan has never been easier! I will be making this regularly! I topped mine with some roasted pumpkin seeds!

Maria Koutsogiannis

Yummy! I love the idea of roasted pumpkin seeds!!!! So glad you loved this one as much as we do!

Cara Mia Rose

This is AMAZING! I followed the recipe to a “T” and it is one of the nicest soups I’ve ever had! THANK YOU!

Caitlyn Shivvers

This was delicious!! I just had to share, I read a tip about mixing arrowroot powder, corn starch with cold water to avoid clumps and it really works!! Not sure where I read it but it makes a huge difference! Thank you so much for this delicious recipe!!

Jedidjah Arentsen

Loved it! Never had cauliflower soup before but boyfriend suggested it so I tried this recipe. It was a hot 🙂 will be making again

Maria Koutsogiannis

Thank you so much for your love!


Awesome, and even the kids who put on a face when they usually see cauliflower florets emptied their bowl!! Delicious! Thank you Maria!!

Maria Koutsogiannis

You’re so welcome, thank you DAphne!!!!

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