THE BEST DAMN LASAGNA EVER! This meal is going to blow your mind, yes, it takes a bit more time than the usual culprits but it is so worth it! Andrew and I really struggled not to eat all of this after it was made (we had to wait to photograph it), and damn was that ever hard!

When the cool fall weather starts to approach, and the days get shorter, there’s nothing better than curling up in some fuzzy socks after a long day with a big plate of comfort food. Casseroles have literally been around since the 20s and have been known as the one-dish meal that you can cram a whole whack of goodness into (without spending the whole night in the kitchen). This recipe is one of my favourites for the fall and winter because it seriously warms my soul. The best part is that it’s super simple to make and you’ll have leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day! It’s the meal that keeps on giving.
Are you tired of all your fresh, gorgeous herbs always going to waste? Well, I was - not to mention the fact that I am notorious for killing plants and herbs because 1) its too hot in my house and I can't keep up with watering 2) I just kill them, I don't mean to but I am no green thumb.  Anyway, enough about me and more about these gorgeous, clever and time saving Olive Oil Pods! They're the perfect way to quickly add flavour to all your vegan vegetable recipes and vegetarian recipes!  You can jazz them up in class by ensuring you use natural and organic foods (herbs in this case) to make sure you're getting the best quality into each dish.
  Baby it is BBQ Party season and I am damn excited! These Black Bean Burgers are the perfect addition to your next gathering and I promise you that they will be the star of the show.  They are super delicious, nutritious and easy to follow! When asked about these babies you can ensure all your guests that they are made from natural food, vegetarian + vegan and even recommend the recipe for their plant based diet recipes collection! I made these last night for Andrew and he fell in love.  He said that they probably wouldn't have been the same without the homemade "Big Mac Sauce" or  Thousand Island so please do not skip out on that!
The perfect recipe, inspired by my Greek roots and family - takes minutes, uses healthy, plant based (or vegan), natural food ingredients.  I mean just look at this picture, it might be a bit messy, but it certainly screams "EAT ME"! right? Lucky for you I have turned this into one of the easiest plant based recipes, ever! All you need is the gorgeous natural and organic foods, a sauce pan, and a high speed blender!
Easter is right around the corner my loves and I know these baked potatoes paired with their Parsley Cashew Cream accomplice are going to blow your mind! These potatoes are down right heavenly on their own but I highly recommend this dish if you are trying to decrease dairy and are trying to shift towards a more plant based recipe diet. With this dish you don't have to sacrifice tastes to help increase your healthy and wellbeing - cool eh? I mean this cashew cream is made using organic foods, natural foods after all.  How could it be bad? Thats right. They couldn't.
Did someone say Hasselback Potatoes?! Hell yah we did, and they are so good and easy to make.  I feel they are currently the most trendy and sexy way to present the natural food, the potato, and without the stress and fuss!  These bad boys are perfect for a dinner pairing, quick lunch, or even breakfast with delicious lentil in sauce and side of avocado and tomatoes.   The plant based recipe possibilities are endless when you have fun and use natural and organic foods!
This is the perfect dish to get you started on your plant based diet recipes! It is simple, delicious, made from both natural foods + organic foods and is extremely flavourful! I would recommend this recipe to anyone but especially those who are afraid of a "vegan" diet just to show them how easy it is to make vegetables - in this case - taste fabulous! This Stir-Fry all starts with gorgeous golden onions, and slowly cooking off colourful vegetables till they're soft and ready to be tossed with delicious spices and stock.
Calling all plant based diet eaters! Calling all natural food eaters! Calling all organic food fiends! Just kidding.  This recipe is for all to enjoy because not only is it healthy, easy to follow and good for you but it is the perfect way to get started on plant based diet recipes. The patties are so easy to put together because all you need is one bowl and your food processor! Then you create your little patties of goodness and leave it to the oven to finish them off.
Living a natural food diet mixed with a plant based diet can sometimes be hard, or so they say.  But I would have to disagree because this 10 minute pasta sauce recipe absolutely blew my mind - it is 100% vegan and damn delicious. It all starts with a perfectly roasted red pepper and more natural foods to heighten the flavours.  Things like creamy cashews and nutritional yeast really add depth to this super simple sauce, and I promise you will come thank me later.  It is THAT good!