This is the perfect dish to get you started on your plant based diet recipes! It is simple, delicious, made from both natural foods + organic foods and is extremely flavourful! I would recommend this recipe to anyone but especially those who are afraid of a "vegan" diet just to show them how easy it is to make vegetables - in this case - taste fabulous! This Stir-Fry all starts with gorgeous golden onions, and slowly cooking off colourful vegetables till they're soft and ready to be tossed with delicious spices and stock.
Calling all plant based diet eaters! Calling all natural food eaters! Calling all organic food fiends! Just kidding.  This recipe is for all to enjoy because not only is it healthy, easy to follow and good for you but it is the perfect way to get started on plant based diet recipes. The patties are so easy to put together because all you need is one bowl and your food processor! Then you create your little patties of goodness and leave it to the oven to finish them off.
Living a natural food diet mixed with a plant based diet can sometimes be hard, or so they say.  But I would have to disagree because this 10 minute pasta sauce recipe absolutely blew my mind - it is 100% vegan and damn delicious. It all starts with a perfectly roasted red pepper and more natural foods to heighten the flavours.  Things like creamy cashews and nutritional yeast really add depth to this super simple sauce, and I promise you will come thank me later.  It is THAT good!
tacos Avocados and refried beans are the highlight of this Taco dish!  Vegan Tacos are the perfect natural food recipes for your plant based diet, not to mention they certainly do not miss out on any flavour! It is so fabulous because it is a simple vegetable recipe that takes only around 10-20 minutes to prepare depending on what you have ready! In the recipe I recommend making homemade Guacamole, so here is my fave recipe, ever!
pizzahs1 This was Andrew's favourite Pizza I have made to date.  That is saying a lot guys because as you all know I make a lot of comfort food, using organic foods and natural foods, and you better believe Pizza is one of them.  The Mango Chilli Lime Pizza was exceptionally delicious to Andrew because that man has a thing for crunch and that is exactly what those Harvest Snaps brought to the Pizza game. Need I mention that there are hints of fresh fruit on this pizza? Thats right, those are mangoes!
SWEETPOTATO Curry has quickly become my households go to meal.  It is so easy to whip up, store away and take with you on the go! Filled with nutrients, carbs, healthy fats and flavour this meal will not disappoint. I am always on the go so there is really nothing better than a meal that you can take with you anywhere.  This dish is a true testament that eating healthy and smart does not have to be hard or a sacrifice of flavours.
CHICKPEASANDGREENS Guys, I am having second thoughts! Do you think I really should have called my blog CarbsByMaria? I don't know about you but I am certainly noticing a theme after the past few months.  I would lying if I said carbs aren't my way of comforting myself during these cold months. Speaking of comforting, that is exactly what this Spicy Vegetable and Chickpeas Pasta did and damn did it feel good. This healthy dish is filled with just the right amount of spice and vegetables to satisfy your palette while keeping your body warm and detoxified.
potatosalad By now we all know I have a thing for potatoes and anything carbs but this recipe takes it all to a whole new level.  The recipe is as simple as can be and the turn out is amazing. First I was obsessed with my Smashed Potatoes, then My Greek Potatoes and let us not forget the best French Fries!  So are we really surprised that this Potato Salad is my recent addiction? I think not!
GP Confession Friday.  Thats a thing right?  Well I hope so because I am confessing that I love Greek Style Potatoes and that they make my life a better and more happy place.  Seriously, these Greek Style Potatoes are so crispy and crunchy on the outside while staying so steamy hot and soft on the inside.  Certainly mine and Andrews favourite go-to-snack and can be made in such large quantities to please a whole family for your next feast! Truly nothing better than using a natural, organic ingredient to create a plant based, healthy and nutrient filled dish.
CMT1 Well by now you must be able to tell that I have a thing for pasta and really simple recipes. This protein pasta dish fabulous, flavoursome and easy to follow. It takes you 10 minutes to prep your ingredients, 35 minutes to make and probably nothing short of a minute to inhale. This protein pasta dish is particularly special because it packs so many vegetables, spices and protein all in one.