IMG_2091 Hey everyone!! Can you believe it is already February 18th!!!! I can because that means I get to see my babe soon!! Holy hannah, I am usually not okay with time flying but lately I have really been missing being with my other half, so I am okay with it right now. Time can slow back down when he arrives back in Canada (selfish I know, but don't you find the first 3 months of the year really fly by anyway). So on Tuesday I had the day off from work - this is very rare - so I took full advantage of my day and did loads of errands, made some delicious recipes, visited family and hit up the gym and did my 5th day of Intense Cardio.. and afterwards I was REALLLY craving something Asian Dish inspired, so I popped my head into my fridge and grabbed anything and everything I could work with.
Cauliflower Good morning lovelies!!! Here I have for you is yet another desirable, and healthy pizza recipe.  Sorry again for only having one picture of it, but if I am honest I did not have much time these days to take many pictures.  Having two jobs, a blog, going gym everyday, charity work, and more on the go has proven to be quite testing, but it is nothing I cannot juggle - but this is why you only get to feast on one photo (for now, anyway). It is actually quite funny, when I made this pizza I was like "nah, there is no way you're going to eat this all in one go, Maria.  It is huge." Buuutttttt then I did, and then I was like "uh oh".  It was not a sigh of regret or shame but more like holy crap, how did I just do that, and I still feel like a ninja?!?!
Hiya everyone! Hope were all doing good.  Earlier this week I spent a good chunk of time creating some really yummy side dishes which include my newest addiction! The Minimalist Baker "Vegan Parmesan Cheese", its made from four ingredients, and if you're interested in eating more plant based this year then this stuff is so perfect for you! and for those of you who just want to try something new and wicked! You can find the kick ass recipe here.  Just to give you a little break down of Dana, the creator of this amazing site.  She "create[s] simple, delicious recipes that require 10 ingredients or less, one bowl, or 30 minutes or less to prepare".  She stands by this perfectly, i follow her on all her channels including snap chat DanaShultz and she is constantly trying and perfecting super simple recipes!  For everything you need go check out their website at, you can connect with Dana on Facebook, and Instagram as well, and I highly suggest that you do. So like I mentioned above I made this super awesome parm, and I thought well lets see how many different ways I can use this stuff.  So far I have come up with five but I know there are so so so many more ways that this gold dust can be used.
  1. Twice Baked Chinese White Sweet PotatoIMG_1282-1

close up egg plant Good morning everyone! I hope you're all finding time to relax during this hectic holiday season! And for those of you who are.... please do some for me to because I can't seem to find a minute to myself these days.  It's all good though, all in a days work!So as promised here is the recipe for these cute little stuffed aubergines - otherwise known as egg plants my loves!
tots 1 Good afternoon Everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, and didn't work too hard!I've had quite the busy morning trying to come up with some awesome recipes for Christmas, thankfully my girl Katie, from @cinnamonappls came to the rescue as she inspired me massively with these Tater Tots! Initially I was going to use her exact recipe, but like most of you know I struggle doing that, so I decided to do my own thing, while using hints of Katie's flavour palette here and there. You can check out this fascinating girls blog at where you will find her Vegan Tots w/a lovely Spicy Ketchup!
close up yams

Hey friends! As promised, here is the pretty amazing recipe for these Twice Baked Yams & Squash! So delicious, nutritious and seriously tastes like your eating a bad ass-for-you dish! Since the season to over indulge, perhaps eat what you normally wouldn't, and add the butter to literally everything is just around the corner I thought I would help add some positive food spirit to all your Holiday Season plates.  I am all about eating, I mean I eat a lot, but I honestly always eat well.  I believe that our bodies deserve the best, and we are capable of providing ourselves with amazing foods, it just takes a little bit of effort.

cakes 1 Ola Everyone! I hope everyone is doing great, and holding back their drool... I mean these are quite a mouth full. Literally. And figuratively. So I don't confuse anyone, these are little Greek Courgette Cakes - they taste fantastic, are a bit cheeky, but so full of nutrients.  I have chosen to make these Vegan because I like a challenge, and because I feel like if you make something vegan, people who choose to add dairy, or egg to, and can! Because its just that simple to substitute for vegan and non vegan ingredients!
Curried Chic Peas Ola Everyone!  Sorry about the double post, and about disappearing for a week, but I have been trying real hard to keep up with photos for Instagram, and sometimes I get too busy to post for all you lovelies the recipes I come up with!  Please, forgive me - (insert cute face here).
IMG_9184 My spiralizer has completely changed the way we do dinner in our household. It is just so simple to whiz a few courgettes up, and whip up a lovely sauce to pair it with.  I hope you all enjoy this very unique, yet delicious recipe!
IMG_8836 I don't remember when or why cooking decided to become complicated.  What happened to the days of enjoying a lovely piece of fresh organic tomato, with salt, bit of EVOO, on a good wholesome slice of homemade bread?