Nothing beats a great couscous salad, at least in my opinion. This recipe I put together with the help of the star ingredient, California Prunes. This dish will take you straight to Lebanon. However, this is obviously not completely traditional but I was entirely inspired by the gorgeous countries tabbouleh, and I decided to add some extra ingredients like couscous and prunes to add a unique twist to a traditional recipe.
‘Tis the season that your schedule becomes jammed with holiday parties, family commitments and everything in between. It’s also the time of year where temptations of unhealthy food is all around us and we become so busy we lose sight of eating healthy.
Baby! Baby! Baby! Summer is here and damn its hot.  Who wants to be stuck inside making fussy recipes whilst missing out on that Vitamin D? I sure as hell don't.  Bit ironic thats what I do, don't yah think? I've created this dish and its being added to the easiest plant based diet salad recipes list! I used Kalikori Olive Oil - if you click on that link you can ever yourself in to WIN some olive oil for yourself!!
It's super simple salad time! Can I get a YEEEHAW?  Because we're obviously all super excited about this nutritious salad that takes under 20 minutes to makes and like 4 minutes to eat!  This salad is a combination of BOMBMALICIOUS + FABULOSO and will leave you feeling like the sexy goddess you are.

A large bowl of nutritious goodness awaits you and it is only 30 minutes away!  This on-the-go salad is perfect for busy families, if you're looking to eat better or simply because you love eating anything out of a jar (that's me!).  The salad ingredients are perfect examples of how you can turn natural food into delightful dishes; not to mention help detox your belly from this long weekend!

potatosalad By now we all know I have a thing for potatoes and anything carbs but this recipe takes it all to a whole new level.  The recipe is as simple as can be and the turn out is amazing. First I was obsessed with my Smashed Potatoes, then My Greek Potatoes and let us not forget the best French Fries!  So are we really surprised that this Potato Salad is my recent addiction? I think not!
gyros 2 Happy Easter Everyone!! As you all know it is not technically not my Easter as I am Greek and we celebrate on the 1st of May this year! We did Celebrate Greek Independence Day yesterday though, which is awesome! So I thought I would infuse your weekend with something a bit closer to home for me.  A Gyro.. but done completely different to traditional (sorry mom).  I was inspired to make this a few months back by the lovely Kay, from @kaycerrara!  This mama of two is currently on a flight down to Mexico for some much needed relaxation and chill time.  She is such a lovely soul, an amazing mom but above all a really good friend.  She has stuck by my side through some pretty tough times these past few months, and for that I am forever grateful! You rock mama! Seriously.
threesalads2 Three Simple Salads that are perfect for busy people who still want to eat great, healthy food! There is nothing better than a salad that take minutes to make, and requires 5 ingredients!  All of these salads are gluten, and dairy free. The salads have a long "fridge life" so they can be made at the beginning of the week, and be eaten throughout your busy work-days I  (promise you, these salads are a lifesaver)! What also makes these Simple Salads simple is the fact that the ingredients used in the recipes are accessible, and affordable!

Three Simple Salads that wont break the budget, but that are still healthy, nutritious, and rich in flavour. 

avocadoandmintudon Hey guys! I made another Udon Noodle Bowl! By now all of you must know that I am clearly obsessed with making Udon Bowls! Udon Noodle bowls are just so easy to make, and literally take me under 20 minutes to prepare! The dish is really quick to make, which is a huge bonus!  Why? Well, because easy but healthy meals are super important to me as I am always on the go, and am almost always short for time. If you are always short for time then what better way to fuel your body than with a  healthy, high fat, and nourishing ingredient Udon Bowl to kick off your afternoon!