You've probably never heard anyone describe a salad as cozy, but after enjoying this Warm Kale Salad drizzled with a Lemony Mustard Thyme dressing you'll be adding it to your weekly winter meal plan. I've topped it with a zesty and refreshing dressing made with both fresh and dried ingredients that really give it a unique flavour. Filled with different textures and hearty nuts and fruit, this salad is not only nourishing but very filling.
This super simple vegan lemony chard and cheesy quinoa recipe is perfect for lunch prep, a side dish, or just an easy recipe to bring to a pot luck or BBQ. The secret that gives the quinoa salad that nutty cheesy taste isn't cheese, because I am vegan after all, it's nutritional yeast. If you've been following me you know how much I love this stuff. For this recipe I used Bob's Red Mill's. The nutritional yeast is mixed with just oil and lemon in the dressing for this salad and provides a ton of added vegan nutrition to the recipe. Bob's Red Mill's nutritional yeast is fortified with B3, B6, B2, B1, B9 (folic acid) and B12. Plus, it's gluten free and a great supplement if you're a vegan or vegetarian.
Pumpkin season is among us, I know, it's sad summer is coming to an end but there's something magical about fall. For this pasta salad I used Bob's Red Mill pumpkin seeds which add a yummy plant-based nutty flavour and crunch to this super simple, versatile and delicious salad recipe.
If you're like me, your life, especially in the summer is chaos. I feel like I'm non-stop and constantly on-the-go. Eating a healthy plant-based diet is always a priority of mine but sometimes you just don't have hours to spend in the kitchen and sit down to eat dinner or lunch. That's why I live for simple recipes like this couscous salad that allow me to get the nutrients I need to fuel me throughout my day, but also isn't going to take an arm and a leg to make on a busy day. Plus, it keeps great in the fridge for meal prep!
Summer is here and this beautiful salad is perfect for a meal on its own, or as a side dish to add some colour to your plate. What's extra special about this salad is that it's jam packed with nutrients from ginger and turmeric tea. Yes, you heard me correctly, I used tea to create this masterpiece of a salad.
It's summer and that means it's time to fill your diet with so many yummy and refreshing salads that are loaded with organic (and healthy) foods that will make your soul happy. So, in the spirit of trying new foods this summer, I was inspired to use a special ingredient that's often overlooked, California prunes.
Nothing beats a great couscous salad, at least in my opinion. This recipe I put together with the help of the star ingredient, California Prunes. This dish will take you straight to Lebanon. However, this is obviously not completely traditional but I was entirely inspired by the gorgeous countries tabbouleh, and I decided to add some extra ingredients like couscous and prunes to add a unique twist to a traditional recipe.
‘Tis the season that your schedule becomes jammed with holiday parties, family commitments and everything in between. It’s also the time of year where temptations of unhealthy food is all around us and we become so busy we lose sight of eating healthy.
Baby! Baby! Baby! Summer is here and damn its hot.  Who wants to be stuck inside making fussy recipes whilst missing out on that Vitamin D? I sure as hell don't.  Bit ironic thats what I do, don't yah think? I've created this dish and its being added to the easiest plant based diet salad recipes list! I used Kalikori Olive Oil - if you click on that link you can ever yourself in to WIN some olive oil for yourself!!