squash1 It is a simple Squash + Avocado Salad that you will want to enjoy every night of the week! It is quick, easy and super delicious. Friendly to most intolerances this dish comes in as a plant based and dairy/gluten/sugar free! I would highly recommend this Squash + Avocado Salad if you are tight on time and want to throw something in the oven while you get on with your tasks or errands.
kalecaulisoup It is The Detox Soup you all need! I will be the first to tell you the colour is not impressively beautiful, but the taste is, and the benefits are well worth it.  The soup embodies everything you need in a day for greens, and health foods.  Balanced with healthy fats, detoxifying greens, and richness from the peas and coconut milk. The Detox Soup is plant based, sugar + dairy free, as well as Andrew approved.  We both lead very busy lives so sometimes it is hard to make sure we get our 10-15  servings of vegetables in a day but this soup surely proved us wrong.  If you ever feel like you need a healthy, cleansing soup then you should absolutely try this one!
IMG_1454 Who ever said Pizza was not healthy? Who ever did clearly never tried Buckwheat crust! Holy Hannah, this was amazing.  Different, I will admit, but amazing.  Traditionally buckwheat crust is made using buckwheat flour, but I wanted to try it with cooked buckwheat and flour instead and it turned out great! Once you try this you will open a whole knew world to {healthy} pizza.  It is an easy weeknight staple, and can be made with such delicious, nutritious and colourful ingredients! The beautiful thing about pizza is you can basically put anything on it, and it will still probably taste damn good.  As you can see I have not added cheese, but who I am to tell you what to do! If you want cheese, go for it!
tart Did I read this right? 20 Minute Tarts! Did FoodByMaria - the healthy nut - make Puffed Pastry Tarts? and in 20 minutes? I think I did. I had a mad craving for something salty, creamy, and crispy so I decided to make these super simple tarts.  I genuinely did not even plan on posting this recipe but since I had so many friends, and family ask for it, why not! This dish is plant based, dairy free, and hella-good! Unfortunately it is not GF but I am sure there is a puffed pastry out there for you somewhere!
creampotato-soup Introducing this beautiful Healthy Winter Warming Soup! So easy to make, delicious to eat, and perfect for those cold, cold nights ahead of us! Please do not let the beautiful garnish on this soup deceive you. The Soup is plant based, sugar, dairy, and gluten free soup is much easier, and less fancy than it looks! All you need are your ingredients, a pot, and a good ass blender to whip this bad boy up! Healthy Winter Warming Soup is perfect for Sunday Dinner, or a nice Lunch! Hell, who am I kidding, this soup is good ALL-THE-TIME!
yamsoup1 The perfect Heathy Anti-Inflammatory Soup to help you get through the work week whether you are fighting off a cold, struggling from the weekends festivities, or simply looking to decrease some intense bloating or swelling. This soup is gluten, dairy, and sugar free.  Made using plant based ingredients, and is filled with great nutrients, and vitamins to keep your body fuelled, well functioning, and energized!
potatosoup5 Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone! It is a bit of a chilly one today ain't it? Hence why I found it extremely appropriate to make this beautiful Healthy Potato Soup (not to mention after an evening with family, and friends over eating delicious foods!).  This soup is perfect for uplifting your soul, helps you get in your vitamins and get us all in the swing of this fall-winter we are currently experiencing! This plant based, dairy and sugar free soup was made in 30 minutes; you would never know though! It tastes like it was simmering away for hours with all its amazing aromas and gorgeous fragrance from the fresh dill.
carrotsoup Did someone say Healthy Carrot Soup?  Just in time for fall, and in 20 minutes.  This probably seems like a dream, but I promise you it is reality. All you need for this healthy, plant based and gluten, dairy and sugar free soup is your ingredients, a medium sauce pan, and a high speed blender. Not only is this soup wicked easy, but is is lusciously perfect.  It embodies everything you need in a soup.  I speak on behalf of people who do not like cooked carrots (ME) when I say that this soup is the real deal.  I would never eat Carrot soup normally, but this dish made by Andrew is the one.
pasta1 Did someone say Pasta, Healthy Tomato Sauce, and Chickpeas + Kale in the same recipe? I did!  It is the perfect "gloomy weather" dinner! Speaking of weather, this weather here in Calgary has been ridiculous (I am not one to moan about weather unless I am in England but seriously WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING).  Where is (was) summer YYC? Basically what I am saying is that when the weather is basically shit I crave really homey foods that are healthy, and nourishing.  Similar to this dish!