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Are you concerned about your skin care products? Whether or not they are ethically sourced? Good for you? Or if they test on animals?  If you are, then you are not the only one.  Over the past four years I have tried my hardest to make a huge transition from generic name brand skin care products to well sourced, and ethical companies. So far I am about 90% there, and  Whole Ingredients, for everyday self care! A beautiful product made out of Vancouver, Canada that is sure to change the way you see your beauty products and the way you take care of your body and your largest organ - your skin.

Hey guys!!! Happy Monday, I hope you all enjoyed your weekends, and enjoyed some beautiful sunshine.

I had an awfully busy weekend filled with all five senses, and emotions.  Today I am channelling all of this energy  to write this post on how eating at Starbelly - as well as all restaurants- can be healthy, and easily made clean and vegetarian! First I will start by introducing you all to this adorable Restaurant StarBelly, located in the South of YYC.  This extremely cute, and chic Open Restaurant and Lounge stole at my heart as soon as I walked in.  It is so open, and welcoming and the lighting really uplifted the room.
EVOO5 Hey again lovelies! I think it is about time we talk sauces, condiments, and oils!  They're so easy to add to food but if you add the wrong ones it could easily be the biggest mistake you are making! Some traditional/staple condiments carry the most added sugar, additives, and unneccessary "calories" - i never use this word, but it is the best way to describe how irrelevant some sauces can make your food- so let me help you make the right choice so you can go and sauce things up in the kitchen! BUT FIRST A FEW TIPS!! I really suggest you all start start reading the labels before you purchase any condiments.  My theory is if you cannot annunciate it then why would you eat it? And, do not over do it.  So not only are you sometimes consuming horrible for you sauces/oils, but you are more than likely eating way to much of them! Less is more.
balance Photo Credit: Lux Media Group Well hello everyone, I hope you are all fit and well. So today I surface some of the questions I am asked most, and the things that I do - everyday - in order, or in hopes to continue growing as a person, but especially as FoodByMaria. Today I am putting myself on the line and telling all of you how I keep my life as balanced as possible, while life continues to throw obstacles, and personal health problems my way. I know this post will encourage all of you to continue following your dreams regardless of that struggles you are faced with on the way. So now that I have got that out of the way I would like to start this personal story, and words of guidance with a quote I read earlier today that really resonated with me.

"Often we have to break down, to break through"


Happy Thursday night everyone! I have the night off so I am all cuddled up on the couch, watching the food network and listening to the Coyotes yip and yap on the golf course where I live.  There is something really peaceful about their howl, I think it reminds me of back home, which makes my emotions very happy.

Since recently I have been feeling very emotional and in tune with my inner voice, I though tonight whilst strong and fierce I could share with all of you the first of many people I plan on sharing with you on the blog. So with no further a due I want to share with you the story of a gorgeous, young woman, Christina Schell.

But before I plunge into this beautiful, raw, and tear jerker of a story I will let you all get acquainted with this stunning girl and let you all embrace yourselves with just a part of her story, here - you can also read about it below, or peak at her biography.


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Good morning beautiful people! Today I am going to touch on something extremely close to my heart, and makes me rather sensitive at times.  I am already crying just one sentence into this post but I just cannot seem to hold in the feelings and emotions associated with personal well being, loving yourself and self esteem.

For years, and I mean years I struggled with self esteem issues.  I can think of dozens of reasons why I was not good enough, and factors that lead me to feeling worthless, invisible and not "enough" for this world.  I think it had a lot to do with the Figure Skating, the constant critics, and judgement placed upon me during my early years.  It was hard growing up quickly, but compared to what I see going on in todays day and age I would say I had it pretty good.

IMG_2292 Evening lovelies!! I hope everyone enjoyed their Monday. I am currently sitting at home snuggled up in a blanket, that my sister left me, next to the fire place, with a heat pad, big bottle of water, watching The Vampire Diaries. So for a long time now I have been thinking about the best way I write about something that has been going on in my life.  I don't often talk about health "issues" with people other than my family, and really close friends but I thought this topic should be addressed as the more people I do open up to the more I realize that this is common health problem.  I am fully aware that this is not something I should be worried about, or something that should scare me as there are so many cases of it all around the world. So I wanted to share with you lovely people how I get on with my day when I feel like I cant because of the pain. In 2013 I started taking birth control, and this is when everything changed.  My skin began to act up (bless it is finally back to normal), my body started to hate me, and I noticed a weird bloating on the left side of my belly begin to develop.  For the longest time I thought this was from my period, or food... and eventually I just started to think it was my IBS killing me.  It all got too confusing, so I started doing my research and I basically self diagnosed myself with Ovarian Cysts.  I had all the symptoms linked to them, and I just needed something to blame for all the pain I was going through.  But this wasn't until December 2015... Andrew had just left, and this swelling on the left side of my belly was getting worse so I booked a doctors appointment (there were several other things going on, but it all came down to stress and feeling sad) to finally get an answer.  Surely after a few tests, and ultrasounds they found that Ping Pong sized nugget of a Cyst. I was so relieved, and happy.  We finally knew what was going on.  I did indeed have an Ovarian Cyst.

Ovarian Cyst 1

anxiety 1 Good morning beauties, as promised here are my tips to help you all with anxiety. This topic is really dear to my heart, and I hope that even one of these points helps you overcome those moments where your mind takes over your body, and soul! I love you all in one way or another so I just want you to know you are not alone.  We can destigmatize this disease.  The first step is talking, not being ashamed and appreciating that everyone is different. S0 here they are hunnies, enjoy! 1.Be active. Or do whatever it is that helps your mind get off that fact that you're having an attack (yoga, climbing, sewing, dancing, going for a walk... just do what makes you happy). For me fitness has been got god sent saviour.  My anxiety all started while I was in England, and to this day I really do not know why.  At first I thought it was my birth control. Then I thought it was separation anxiety from my home land.  Then it realized it may have been my horrendous job at the time.  Or the travel.  To tell you the truth I could sit here deliberating the reasons for it, but I would never know because you cannot control the uncontrollable.  So thats why these tips are super important once your anxiety comes on.
IMG_1388 Happy half-way-through January to all you beauties! So based on the title of this post you obviously all know today's topic.... my favourite meal of the day.   IMG_1342 I have a confession to make to all of you before I list the five reasons why I truly believe we all need breakfast. I NEVER USED TO EAT BREAKFAST (holy sweet mother of laauuuuurrrrd FoodByMaria never used to eat breakfast, WHATTT!?).  Well ya'll would be surprised how many people don't.  To this day I am not really sure why I didn't eat breakfast, and when I did it was usually greek leftovers or something my mom would literally force feed me.
IMG_3780 Heya!! I hope everyone is having a pretty fantastic Tuesday... speaking of Tuesday, today is Tuesday December 29th!!! Can you believe it? It is mad to think that a year ago today I was leaving Phoenix where Andrew and I spent Christmas with my family. I do not know where the time continues to go, but I really wish it would slow down.  It is really starting to scare me how quickly the years continue to pass.
10853033_587589174706222_1149100474_n Hello from London everyone! How are we all doing? If you are asking me I am finally relaxed, and have time for myself to chill, and just do nothing really - well work related. I myself thought I would have a lot more time to get on post of blog posts but turns out I did sort of miss England.. but shh don't tell anyone.  We have been really busy doing tourist-ish things (as tourist as an old local can be), and enjoyed a night out in London last night where we went to an authentic Korean restaurant followed by Winter Wonderland where I drooled over so many beautiful nick-nacks in the Angels Market!

Hey Hey Everyone!

               BeetElite-Regular   SuperBeetsNEWPKG-web   I want to introduce all you lovelies to these pretty amazing products I discovered a couple months ago.  BeetElite @BEETELITE, and SuperBeets @super_beets are SuperFood Powders derived from Beets. So just to get you all warmed up, I'm going to break down SuperBeets for those of you wondering what this awesome product is!