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So, once again by request I bring to all your amazing peeps How To Travel Like FoodByMaria.
CLEANSE 9.0 juicecleanse9.0 So these past three days on the Juice Because 9.0 Juice Cleanse have been really fun, and testing for me as I normally eat so much in a day. Surprisingly, but certainly not ironically, I was left full and fulfilled after each and every juice but for very distinctive reasons.

{everyday we eat to feed, or to fight disease}

Hey guys, so I have had a couple of requests from a few people asking me to talk about what I buy at the grocery store and market.  This post is going to seem long, but I swear this list is the simplest way for me to show all of you what I eat, and how I purposefully set up my grocery trips.
IMG_8446 One of my go-to gals, Michelle Elizabeth Menard- damn that sounds good, asked me to write for her and to all of you beautiful people about what I keep within arms reach of the kitchen, and in my pantry!


Positive Mind. Positive Vibes. Positive Life.

Here are some of my tips to keeping your life positive, and on track with your goals! You are a product of your thoughts so keep it healthy, organized and humble!


Over the past two years I have completely eliminated products from my hair care regime apart from three from Lush (R&B Hair Treatment, Shine So Bright, Hair Doctor). My whole life my mama has repeatedly been telling me "Maria, you have beautiful hair, I wish I could have that hair, everyone does", but me being young and naïve I took her words for granted and dyed my hair quite a lot which led it to not be the healthiest - some may not agree.  It took me awhile to realize the great potential my hair does have, and even longer to realize that the foods, fluids and products that I was consuming and using did indeed have a positive or negative impact on my hair.


Sometimes I miss home, become overwhelmed, get stressed and angry, and yes, that more than often upsets me, makes me sad, or makes me angry. So I eat. And I eat a lot, but I eat a lot of the right things, at the right time.  It is so important to me to eat well, and clean. .. let me stop you right there- eating clean does not mean boring, and plain!

good fats

What are we so afraid of? It's shocking how often people tell me not to eat avocados, or nuts or oils but I have to tolerate watching them eat their food of choice without expressing myself (I chose not to as my passion turns into rage).