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Persimmon And Pumpkin Pancakes Now about these guys!! So, for the longest time I would stare at my fellow foodies photos thinking to myself "what are those tomato like things they're having with their breakfast?" It took me awhile to figure out they weren't tomatoes, and it took me that much longer to find out the name of this lovely fruit, persimmon. Seriously, they're like the bad boy hybrid of an apple/mango.  I can't really describe them perfectly, but they're definitely worth a try during this fall season.  Surprisingly I found them at Super Store, in the organic section, and they're very well priced.  I hope you all enjoy this festive version of my traditional Pumpkin Spice Pancakes! Have a great day everyone XXX
Hot Coco Wall With Christmas around the corner I am going to take this opportunity to introduce to you a local, homemade, and just-as-delicously-sweet-as-store-bought-coco to you.  It is indulgent, good for you, and simple to create in your own kitchen!
Pumpkin Bites Most of the time when I am baking, creating a recipe, or thinking of new things to make I am often referring to different experiences I've had with food.  Sometimes I think to myself, damn, I wish I could have that Apple Bake again, so I think about the ingredients that I tasted whilst enjoying the dish, and I recreate it using my preferences and pallet. 
hummus Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, are a part of my Mediterranean roots, used often in Greek, Italian and Middle Eastern, Portuguese, and Spanish cuisines.  Chickpeas are super high in protein and fibre; aid in digestion, inflammation, bone health, cholesterol- just to name a few. There are so many reasons why you should be adding Chickpeas to your daily eating regime, so I have posted for all you lovely this simple Hummus recipe for you to enjoy. Get blending!
Beet And Courgette This salad legitimately took around 15 minutes to make, and less than that to devour! While I was on my three day juice cleanse I was always craving for foods, so I knew that when dinner time came around I should make sure that my body is receiving the best of the best nutrients.  I guess you could say Hank inspired me to add beets to this salad, and wow, were we ever glad we did.
CLEANSE 9.0 juicecleanse9.0 So these past three days on the Juice Because 9.0 Juice Cleanse have been really fun, and testing for me as I normally eat so much in a day. Surprisingly, but certainly not ironically, I was left full and fulfilled after each and every juice but for very distinctive reasons.
Guacamole Instagram Who doesn't love a bit of GUAC??! It is the simplest recipe, and can so easily be added to most meals to create a certain zip and spice! Dip it, spread it or just inhale it.
IMG_9184 My spiralizer has completely changed the way we do dinner in our household. It is just so simple to whiz a few courgettes up, and whip up a lovely sauce to pair it with.  I hope you all enjoy this very unique, yet delicious recipe!
IMG_8836 I don't remember when or why cooking decided to become complicated.  What happened to the days of enjoying a lovely piece of fresh organic tomato, with salt, bit of EVOO, on a good wholesome slice of homemade bread?
IMG_8083 With a little twist, and a  few modifications you can make anything naughty, nice again! Feast your eyes on this delightful Apple Pie Protein Oat Bowl!
IMG_8940 Miss Lucy @LUCY_AND_LENTILS has surely mastered the ability to turn something some what complicated into something so simple! I mean her recipes speak for themselves! Everything she cooks up, posts, and takes photos of are always so beautiful, nutritious and colourful! She can do no wrong.