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The Best Summer Salads: A Recipe Roundup

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Summertime is upon us and there is nothing I like more than a quick, refreshing summer salad recipe that doesn’t involve me having to have the stove or oven on, and it is easy to load up with seasonal vegetables. I’ve put together this round-up of the best summer salads for meal prep, a side with dinner, pot luck or BBQ, or whatever the case.

Multiple plates on table loaded with Simple Vegan Salad Recipe.

Simple Vegan Salad Recipe

In this summer salads recipe, I love the mix of barley and lentils, mixed with the added crunch and benefits of the vegetables, and the texture the dried cranberries add. This salad is an explosion of different textures and deliciousness. Which is the perfect combination for any salad.

Simple Wild Rice Salad


This summer salad recipe is really easy to make with a delicious homemade citrus dressing. I love the mix of wild rice, dried fruit, and healthy, fresh herbs. 

A bowl of Vegan Potato Salad in a serving dish with a bag of dried cranberries in the back.

Vegan Potato Salad with Fresh Herbs & Cranberries

Nothing says summer is just around the corner than a good ol’ potato salad. When I think of potato salad I think of either barbecue in the summer sun or my grandmother’s recipe. What is with grandma’s and making such amazing potato salad? Anyway, this Vegan Potato Salad is, of course, a vegan spin on a classic potato salad recipe. This is one of the best summer salad recipes in my rotation! 
A set of hands holding a big bowl loaded with vegetables with a serving spoon.
The zucchini ribbon gives a nice crunch while the roasted sweet potatoes add a nice hearty texture. You don’t normally see prunes in a salad but I think they are a nice switch up from other sweeter dried fruits like cranberries. One of the best summer salads to make!
A hand grabbing a vegan tuna lettuce wrap off a plate.
Swap out the vegan tuna with mashed chickpeas if you don’t have tuna on hand. Throw this tuna/chickpea salad into lettuce wraps, toss it on a salad, or throw it in your favourite bread to make a sandwich.
Not your traditional salad, but these salad rolls are a great twist on a typical salad recipe. They’re healthy, easy, and the Lime Peanut Sauce is simply the best.
A bowl of Vegan Vegetable Panzanella Salad on a white table.
This salad is really versatile. You can use up leftover bread, plus you can toss any seasonal veggies into this salad. In this version, I’ve used seasonal fall veggies, but feel free to swap them out for summer veggies.
A colourful bowl of fresh vegetables on a table with chopsticks.
This Vegan Cobb Salad is easy, not loaded with calories, but loaded with high nutrition value and goodness. Made with a vegan substitute I love!
Did you ever think a salad could change your life? Well, this spicy Thai sunflower noodle salad might do just that! All you need is 20 minutes, your favourite veggies, and a jar full of the most amazing sunflower seed butter ever. Talk about the ultimate time-saver and healthy plant-based eating on the go! Like I said, LIFE CHANGING!!
Bowl of fresh watermelon, vegan feta, and avocado on white table with pickled red onions in the background.
This super simple, and quick summer recipe is refreshing and perfect for the summer weather or your next BBQ. Whoever doesn’t like the combo of watermelon and mint, hasn’t lived! It is the perfect combination to make one of the most refreshing salads to pair as a side or eat it all to yourself. Seriously, if watermelon is involved, this quickly becomes the best summer salads.
I know what you’re thinking… tofu feta? Wait. What? Yes, it works and it’s soooo good! It’s tangy, gives you a sense of real feta and it’s really fun to make. And this is coming from a Greek girl so you gotta trust me. This may become your go-to for summer salads.
This salad is loaded with zucchini and yummy vegetables, healthy quinoa, and a surprise ingredient, prunes. Trust me, you’ll love this.
Summer is here and this beautiful salad is perfect for a meal on its own, or as a side dish to add some colour to your plate. What’s extra special about this salad is that it’s jam-packed with nutrients from ginger and turmeric tea. Yes, you heard me correctly, I used tea to create this masterpiece of a salad.
This recipe is filled with healthy fats, carbs and greens but the best part is that you don’t have to feel restricted with it. Use anything you have in your fridge and spice it up to your liking. You can also eat it warm or cold. I personally love it warm because the ‘cheese’ gets creamy and the lemon is extremely aromatic, plus it makes it very comforting in the winter months!
The best vegan potato salad sitting on a white plate.
Best Vegan Potato Salad Recipe
This recipe all starts by simply boiling your potatoes to perfection, letting them cool and then halving them so the inside can soak in all the flavour and sauce goodness. The big game-changer in this recipe are the capers.  They just add so much character and tang to this already amazing and simple dish.
This yummy summer salad pasta recipe is jammed with fresh veggies. It can be served cold, or hot. I love it as a cold pasta salad. So good for meal prep for the week.

Grilled Romaine Salad with Lentils + Olive Salsa

This easy-to-make grilled romaine salad recipe is topped with lentils and flavorful olive salsa. A great quick lunch or meal.

Fig, Walnut & Fried Avocado Salad

This fig, walnut, and fried avocado salad is everything you need and more for lunch or as a side. It’s healthy, fresh & easy.

Blood Orange Salad with Red Onion & Mint

This easy, fresh blood orange salad with red onion and mint can be whipped up so quickly, is loaded with health benefits, and great for a refreshing side or lunch.

Big bowl of summer salad with a serving spoon in it.

Shredded Brussel Sprout Caesar Salad

This Brussel Sprout Caesar Salad will knock your socks off. It’ll completely transform everything you thought brussel sprouts and caesar salad could be!

Fresh Citrus + Roasted Potato Salad

This roasted potato salad recipe is different from the classic potato salad you’re used to. This version is fresh with the addition of citrus, and is so flavorful!

Simple Fresh Fig Salad

This super simple Fig Salad is vegan, and such a creative and delicious spin on a traditional salad.

What’s your favourite summer salad recipe? Share below in the comments!

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