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29 Delicious, Seasonal Recipes you should make in October

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The fall is here and I can’t believe summer went by as fast as it did! The best part about fall, in my opinion, is the endless comfort food, and of course, the Thanksgiving spreads. As the temperatures begin to dip, having food that warms you from the inside out is super key. Plus, utilizing in-season ingredients in your vegan recipes can make for some of the most delicious concoctions in your kitchen. I wanted to help you out this fall by compiling 29 recipes you should make in October. Enjoy!

Scattered Mushroom pastry bites on counter top.

Snacks and Appetizers

Vegetarian Asparagus and Cheese Tart 
Although the majority of my diet is plant-based, I do believe in giving myself some freedom to eat and give my body what it wants. So this  Asparagus and Cheese Tart recipe is not entirely vegan, however, you can totally make it with your fav vegan substitutes.

Creamy Mushroom Pastry Bites
These Creamy Mushroom Pastry Bites are flaky, crispy, and everything you want and need in a quick snack or appetizer recipe. I love to whip these up (in under 30 minutes) for when I’m having people over, or just when Andrew and I want a little something something mid-day or before dinner. This is the perfect app to add to the recipes you should make in October. It’s so good!

Plant-Based Cheese Ball with Walnuts, Thyme & Cranberries
This Plant-Based Cheese Ball is a perfect example of an easy appetizer or snack recipe you can make for the whole family (or just for yourself).

Vegan Cranberry Cheese Tarts
If you’re going to make one of these recipes you should make in October, it should be this one. Nothing says that the fall season is here than the taste of cranberries in a warm and delicious pastry, paired with vegan cheese. Am I right? This easy mini tart pastry recipe is vegan, butter-free, and makes for the perfect appetizer this holiday season.

Homemade Mini Vegan Sausage Rolls
Warning! Your house is going to smell like a full-blown bakery when you make these vegan sausage rolls. And they don’t just smell delicious, they also taste so so good! It’s like the festive season, snuggled up in a hug wrapped with a puffed pastry. What more could you want?

Side Dishes

Brown Butter & Spice Sweet Potato Casserole
Nothing beats a yummy sweet potato casserole. It’s a classic dish that seriously never gets old. Most people have a recipe that has been passed on for generations, and with this recipe, I’ve taken a classic dish and just added an additional kick to it.

Vegan Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
Who doesn’t love mashed potatoes? They’re so creamy, comforting, cheap to make, and can be loaded with flavors like the onion, garlic, and vegan gravy I’ve added to this recipe.

Garlic Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe
I love brussels sprouts because they’re packed with nutrients and they taste amazing, especially when cooked right. People have this misconception of these glorious vegetables because they were fed boring steamed brussels sprouts as a kid that didn’t have any flavor. Well let me tell you, this recipe will change your perspective.

Easy Vegan Stuffing with Cranberries
Many meat-eaters are used to sausage or something similar in their stuffing recipe, but with this easy vegan stuffing, you won’t need any meat to impress them.

One-Pot Quick & Easy Baked Beans
When I think of comfort food, I think of baked beans, and this is one of my favorite BBQ recipes that are quick & easy, plus plant based.

Warm Kale Salad in a Lemony Mustard Thyme Dressing
You’ve probably never heard anyone describe a salad as cozy, but after enjoying this Warm Kale Salad drizzled with a Lemony Mustard Thyme dressing you’ll be adding it to your weekly winter meal plan. I’ve topped it with a zesty and refreshing dressing made with both fresh and dried ingredients that really give it a unique flavor. Filled with different textures and hearty nuts and fruit, this salad is not only nourishing but very filling.

One of the 31 recipes to make in October, big bowls of baked potato soup.

Soups and Stews

Plant-Based Coconut Curry Meatball Soup
This recipe was inspired by two other recipes you may have seen on my blog before, my Coconut Curry Soup and my Vegan Greek Meatballs with Whipped Feta and Creamy Orzo. I’ve combined the yummy flavors of curry soup with the hardiness of meatballs for this soup with Coconut Curry Meatballs. And boy is it a match made in heaven!

Vegan Split Pea Soup
I just find soup one of the most comforting meals. However, not all soup is equal. For me, in order for a soup to really fill me up and serve as a full meal that keeps me full for longer than an hour or two, I need to make sure it’s loaded with plant-based proteins to keep me going. That’s why I love this Vegan Split Pea Soup because it’s just that. Super filling, healthy, easy, and delicious!

Easy Chipotle Vegan Corn Chowder
You can whip up this creamy vegan corn chowder in 45 minutes! The thing about soup that people don’t tell you is that if it’s made in less than 30 minutes than it likely didn’t get that marriage of flavors that is so key to an amazing, flavorful soup. So 45 minutes is key to making this soup (or any soup) to the next level. Pop the lid on, simmer, and let those ingredients do their thing.

Creamy Spinach & Gnocchi Soup
Move over Olive Garden. I’ve been inspired to put a vegan spin on a classic dish and created this creamy spinach and mushroom gnocchi soup.

Close-up of Italian Wedding Soup in white serving bowl.

Vegan Italian Wedding Soup
Creating such a classic, the traditional recipe can be challenging and a lot of pressure. If you’ve had non-vegan Italian Wedding Soup, then I want you to be equally as blown away by this VEGAN Italian Wedding Soup.

Creamy & Easy Baked Potato Soup
Baked potatoes are one of the biggest blessings we have on this earth. Okay, that’s being dramatic. However, baked potatoes are damn good and so versatile too! For this recipe, I’ve taken a baked potato and made it into a yummy Vegan Potato Soup.

Easy Vegan Ramen Recipe
I’m not sure if I’ve told you before but I am obsessed with ramen. I think the addiction started when I was really young because I had a small love affair with Ichiban… didn’t we all?  Anyway, fast forward to my 30’s, plant-based eating days, and living through Calgary’s cold winters I now have the perfect Easy Vegan Ramen Recipe to share with you all!

Easy Vegan White Bean Chili 
There is nothing like a warm bowl of homemade chili in the wintertime. Am I right? This Vegan White Bean Chili is a yummy twist to the classic dish that we’ve all grown up on in the colder weather.

Vegan Bean & Lentil Chili
Chili is such an easy and budget-friendly meal to make for the whole family. Plus, it can easily be put in the freezer if you want to meal prep or save some for one of those too-busy weeks. This vegan lentil chili recipe was made with three different beans and Bob’s Red Mill lentils, which means it’s jammed with nutrition.

One of the 31 recipes to make in October, this Truffle Vanilla Vegan Mac & Cheese in a serving pan on the wood counter.

The Main Course

Easy Vegan Sausage Pasta
This Vegan Sausage Pasta is everything you need in a comforting fall pasta and more. The mix of veggies, apple, and wine-infused creamy sauce, is seriously a dream. Whip this up for a quick dinner for the fam, meal prep, or your next dinner party.

Easy Vegan Pot Pies
This pot pie recipe is easy and better than ever. I used ingredients like white beans, wild rice, and red wine to really bring out an earthy, smooth, wintery flavor of a traditional pot pie, and I must say this was bang on!

White Truffle Vanilla Mac & Cheese
Nothing says the colder weather is here to stay than a creamy big bowl of yummy vegan mac and cheese and this recipe may be one of the best versions of mac and cheese I’ve tasted yet. This is the perfect recipe you should make in October, I promise.

The Best Vegan “Meat” Sauce
This vegan meat sauce is going to knock your socks off. I promise. It tastes better than the real deal and I wish I was joking. It’s so easy to eat more plants and I just made it that much easier with this vegan meat sauce recipe. So you’re welcome!

Vegan Shepherd’s Pie
A traditional British shepherd’s pie is usually the complete opposite of what you’d think a vegan or plant-based dish should be, good thing I like a challenge! This hearty version of a vegan shepherd’s pie is super easy to whip up any night of the week and is packed with nutrients and bursting with flavor. Nothing says fall more than this perfect recipe you should make in October.

Cream of Mushroom Pot Pie
Fall is one of my favorite seasons. The air is crisp, but not too cold, the leaves are all shades of pretty colors, and you feel ready to embrace warm, comforting meals like this easy mushroom pot pie recipe that is the perfect fall dinner for the whole family.

Vegan Apple Crumble with perfect sunlight shining in onto the serving dish with vanilla ice cream.

Sweet Treats

Vegan Apple Crumble
This easy Vegan Apple Crumble screams fall and is one of my favorite recipes you should make in October. It may not be healthy, but it’s damn good for your soul. It’ll warm you up from the inside out with the perfect in-season apples made into a classic recipe with a vegan twist.

Easy Vegan Apple Cinnamon Muffins
I love muffins for a quick and easy grab-and-go breakfast or snack. They’re great to have on you for a post (or pre) gym snack, or if you are running your kids around to play dates and extracurricular activities (maybe in 2021?) and need something that will hold them over until dinner. These Vegan Apple Cinnamon Muffins are flavorful, healthy, and so yummy!

Gooey Vegan Cinnamon Buns
Okay, so to preface this recipe, this is probably the most unhealthy thing on my blog. But hey, I’m pretty happy I’ve reached a place of balance and happiness when it comes to the foods I eat and the way they make me feel. It’s okay to treat yourself!

Let me know what your favorite recipes you should make in October are below in the comments.

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